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One Direction: where it all began (VIDEO)


I want to bring to your attention the idols of millions of girls around the world. I think many of you have heard about this English-Irish boy band.

One Direction formed in the seventh season of the British show The X Factor. The five young men Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson then separately snapped, claiming to be in the solo category, but they were not interesting as solo performers. After the invitation of the invited judge Nicole Scherzinger, they were united in a group, thus falling into the “Groups” category. Subsequently, the group worked together for two weeks to get to know each other better and practice. Harry Styles decided to name the group One Direction, as he thought that the name would sound good at the performance. One Direction finished third, only ahead of Rebecca Ferguson, runner-up, and season winner Matt Cardle. Then it became known that One Direction signed a record deal with Simon Cole's Syco Records. One Direction debuted with the single “What Makes You Beautiful” in September 2011, which won first place on UK Charts and became the most pre-ordered single in the history of Sony Music. Entertainment In two months, the video for the debut single gained more than 24 million views on Youtube.
The video for the second single “Gotta Be You” in two weeks gained over 6 million views on Youtube.
The release of their first album, Up All Night, took place on November 21, 2011. The album topped the charts in sixteen countries. Up all night entered the UK chart at number two, selling 138,631 copies, and became the fastest-selling debut album on the UK album chart in 2011. In the U.S., debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, making One Direction the first band in UK history to be number one in the U.S. with its debut album.

After their crazy popularity and success, One Direction was named the new revival of the term “Boy Band” and conquered the United States and Britain.
And here is another One Thing clip:
In May 2012, One Direction began recording a new studio album. Take me home in Stockholm. The release of "Take Me Home" was released on November 12, 2012.

The single “Live While We're Young” featuring the new album achieved worldwide success, ranking first on the charts in Ireland and New Zealand and making it to the TOP 10 in every country in which it was presented. Sales on the first day of release amounted to more than 314,000 copies, as a result, the single was marked as the fastest-selling single of the British group and took third place in terms of the number of downloads among music groups. And here is the video for Live While We're Young:
Recently, a video was also released for the second single of the second album “Little Things”:
And just yesterday at 24:00 a new video for the single "Kiss You" was released. The Kiss You clip has gained nearly 5 million views in 12 hours:
Well, now catch the pictures of the cute One Direction members
Curly and with charming dimples Harry styles

By the way, Taylor Swift fans now know him. Yes, yes, it is with her that he meets. However, literally today / yesterday, rumors appeared in the media that they had parted and that it was PR (which the fans were aware of from both sides).

Half British, Half Pakistani Zane Malik:

Meets Perry Edwards member of Little Mix

Always elegant Liam Payne:

Meets Dancer Daniel Pizer

Fun and romantic Louis Tomlinson(my favorite =))

Meets Eleanor Colden

Pretty blond Niall Horan and while he is alone

In conclusion, I want to give some facts about One Direction:
1. For the first time, the debut album of the British group took such a high position in the American chart that it was noted in the Guinness Book of Records.
2. One Direction has been recognized as a band that has revived the concept of band fighting and as an integral part of the new “British Invasion” of the United States.
3. According to Nick Gatfield, chairman and chief executive officer of Sony Music Entertainment UK, One Direction is a $ 50 million business empire (including selling albums, paraphernalia, and concert tickets).
4. The Huffington Post proclaimed 2012 the Year of One Direction.

I didn’t even know that they are so popular ... Good luck to them))

I have long since left the age that is their target audience, so I can’t objectively judge)) In general, it’s completely impossible for me, but this is normal.
I more or less of modern boy bands like The Wanted, they are older at least)

By the way, One Direction and The Wanted are at enmity and rival, but if I'm not mistaken, Shiva Keyneswaran is friends with Niall (both Irish, right?)

if in my car their songs are played on the radio, I don’t switch. their music does not carry much semantic load, but pleasant voices and melodies.
just as long ago out of the age of their target audience)

in the 7th season of the BRITISH factor, well, you can’t squint like that, author!

Eleanor Calder, not Golden.
Thanks for posting.

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Full Name: Niall James Horan

Niall was born in the city of Mullingar, which is located in Ireland. Only 20.103 people live in Mullingar and one of them has already become famous throughout the world. Producers - could it be worth looking for a couple more pearls there?

Niall's parents are Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan. He also has an older brother - Greg. Alas, the parents of Horan divorced when he was only five years old. The children lived between the houses, however, a few years later they decided to live with their father in Mullingar.

The makings were visible to Horan since childhood - he sang in the school choir, which participated in events before Christmas.

Before becoming famous on the show The X Factor, Horan was already actively involved in creativity, and even performed as an opening act for Lloyd Daniels. In general, since childhood, he began to play the guitar.

It should be noted that Horan has a great musical taste, according to him, he is a big fan of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Eagles and Bon Jovi.

Born January 12, 1993 (Capricorn)

Full Name: Zain Javadd Malik

Zane was born in Bradford. The population of the city is 293,717 and it is only 14 km from Leeds.

In Zayn, the blood of several nationalities was mixed at once. His father, Yasser Malik, is a British Pakistani. Mother Tricia Malik (before the marriage of Brennan) has Irish and English roots. Malik has an older sister, Donia, and two younger ones - Valia and Safaa. As a child, Malik had problems communicating with his peers because of his mixed origin, but where is he now and where are those who turned their nose?

According to Malik himself, he grew up on street, city music and R&B and rap styles. Arriving “for experience” at The X Factor, he became famous all over the world, like that Malik experience!

What you need to know about Malik?

  • He smokes, though he claims to end this habit and may have quit
  • He is a Muslim. He does not hide this and is proud of what Debbie Schlussel criticized for accusing him of promoting religion among young fans. In turn, conservative Muslims criticized Malik for his insufficiently serious attitude to Islamic doctrine.

Born: August 29, 1993 (Virgo)

Full Name: Liam James Payne

Liam was born in Wolverhampton, England. Apparently, Payne wanted to please his fans faster and was born three weeks ahead of schedule. His parents are Karen and Joff Payne. Liam has two older sisters - Ruth and Nicola.

Until four years, Payne was, alas, a regular visitor to the hospital, where doctors gave him 32 injections in the morning and in the evening, he had a problem with one of the kidneys. However, becoming an adult, Liam became strong and actively engaged in sports and even engaged in boxing. He was also engaged in music, which later brought him much benefit, as they say, the result is obvious.

According to Payne, Justin Timberlake and Gary Barlow influenced his work.

Born: February 1, 1994 (Aquarius)

Full Name: Harry Edward Styles

Harry was born in the small town of Evesham (Total 22,304 people). However, already in childhood, he, together with his parents and older sister, moved to Holmes Chapel. His parents are Ann Cox and Des Styles. Parents divorced when he was seven years old, then his mother remarried. At 16, Harry worked at a local bakery.

As a child, Styles loved singing, especially Elvis Presley and The Beatles. As a child, Styles began to get used to the awards, being the leading singer of White Eskimo, he won local competitions.

In 2010, Styles, like other members of 1D, came to the show The X Factor, where the birth of the miracle group

December 24, 1991 (Capricorn)

Full Name: Louis Troy Austin (Louis Troy Austin)

Tomlinson was born in Doncaster, in a small town in England, with a population of 127,851 people. By the way, if you are planning to visit the homeland of a musician, you need to order tickets to the airport with a beautiful name - Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield.

Louis could now play under the name of Poulston or Austin, but he took the name of his stepfather - Mark Tomlinson. The parents of Louis, Joanna Poulston and Troy Austin broke up when the singer was very young. Louis has as many as five sisters!

Before Tomlinson became famous, he could be met as an employee of the cinema, at the football stadium of a local club, as a waiter. However, even then it was clear that this was temporary - Louis gravitated to creativity. So, he participated in some musical productions, one of which led him to try himself on the show The X Factor.

Tomlinson also appeared in the movies, where he appeared in the supporting role of Fat Friends, and after shooting he began to attend the school of motion picture art. Following Fat Friends, he got a small role in the film “If I Had You” and “Waterloo Road”.

What happened in 2010, we think, is not worth describing in detail. Tomlinson came to The X Factor and ... lost. However, the defeat helped him become one of the greatest musicians at the moment among young performers: together with other guys, a judicial decision, they tried to create a group and, without becoming winners in the reality show, defeated all competitors in the real world: fans fill the halls, buy up tickets in seconds and are ready to wait 24 hours for pets.

He no longer works in the cinema and is considered one of the richest young people in the UK, but you can still meet at football. Tomlinson is not just a fan of the native club Doncaster Rovers, but also his player! Louis signed a semi-professional contract with the club, which allows you to occasionally take part in matches of duplicate teams.

“This is unbelievable. I am a big fan of football and grew up in Doncaster. Becoming a part of the club is my dream, ”Louis said.