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How to become attractive to girls?


Girls looking for handsome?

The appearance of the partner is important for the girl, but not as much as for men. This man can fall into the girl’s appearance, her legs, chest, figure or butt, but women are not so naive. Girls almost always choose a partner with reason, and do not succumb to instincts and sex drive.

You can be cute, but not even associate words. Women avoid such men. An ordinary man who knows how to flirt, make laugh and be pleasant in communication will conquer a girl faster than a dumb handsome man. If a man is terrible in appearance, he can always pump up in the gym, become more well-groomed, dress neatly, pump up a sense of humor, charisma and sociability. The ugly appearance of men is easily leveled by other qualities that girls will dry on it.

Are girls looking for the rich?

Women are excellent and sensitive investors. They are not invested in unprofitable or risky cases. Sometimes they even easily change course if they see a better offer within sight. Women can be accused of self-interest, but life is short, and nobody wants to interrupt in poverty. Even you.

Women are looking for a man who can be a reliable partner who will attract a family and children. Therefore, promising and active men with money and goals in life are chosen. And nudity and apathetic romantics, without a desire to achieve something, remain alone. Money and career are the equivalent of a man’s strength.

Girls are looking for competitive men

Girls do not choose the most beautiful and do not want to marry the richest man. Girls choose the richest of the beautiful and the most beautiful of the rich. Each girl seeks a balance of qualities of the men who make him. The more competitive the male, the more attractive he is.

The more benefits a man has, the better. Cute face gives points. Athletic fitness and muscles also add. Money gives an advantage. Charisma adds. Intelligence is appreciated. Any positive quality makes a man cooler. But to be pumped up and poor is bad, as well as rich and dead. Girls seek balance and balance of all qualities. Girls choose the most balanced, in their opinion, man.

How to become more attractive for girls? Stop calling girls whores and do nothing. Become competitive and there will be no end to girls.

What qualities in boys attract girls?

To begin with, do not look for flaws in your appearance. She does not have to be perfect. Wrong facial features, the wrong shape of ears, nose, small or huge growth - girls pay attention to this, but do not concentrate.

Agree, not only to girls, to any person, but to yourself it is unpleasant to communicate with an interlocutor who has greasy hair, wrinkled clothes, smelling socks or dirt on shoes.

If you are neat, able and like to dress stylishly, take a shower every day, but girls still bypass you - the reason lies in other things.

Girls like these men's qualities in boys - nobility, responsibility, care. They repel and infuriate anger, dishonesty, and quarrelsomeness.

The ability to make decisions, quickly navigate in a difficult situation - these are valuable masculine qualities, which the girl will certainly notice. Being with a person who possesses these features, the representative of the beautiful half of humanity feels comfortable and protected.

An important role in communicating with a girl is played by such male qualities: politeness, good manners, manners.

Profanity is ubiquitous today. Guys consider themselves cool, showing their bravado, rudeness.

Girls are refined natures, and it is important for them that there was a well-educated guy next to him, for whose words he would not be ashamed, for whose actions and deeds he could be proud of. She will not want to leave such a person, the girl will strive to maintain and maintain relations.

No girl likes whiners and "sissy sissies." These qualities position you as a failure.

But even in this case, be moderate. Inappropriate jokes on any occasion will turn you into a jester, having lost your charm.

Where to start change to attract girls?

Start the change with looks. Take care of your hair, do not avoid water procedures. If necessary, whiten and cure your teeth, get rid of acne or blackheads. Such simple procedures will turn even the most ordinary guy into an attractive man.

If you can’t cope with these problems yourself, contact a specialist. A few visits to the beauty salon, dental office and the result will be on the face, more precisely on the face.

Go through your clothes. Get rid of indistinct things of incomprehensible color, throw out clothes from cheap synthetic material. Use tracksuits as clothing for sports, not for walking with girls.

Leave in your wardrobe or get cotton or linen t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts. Give preference to classic jeans, trousers. Pay attention to thin knitted sweaters.

Get eau de toilette, personal hygiene products with an unobtrusive slight smell of wood, musk. Carry chewing gums, an oral freshener. Take a daily shower and do not wear the same clothes for weeks.

Attract the girl’s attention with your self-confidence and self-confidence. The girl should feel that she is calm and comfortable with you. But do not decide everything yourself, let the girl participate in your joint affairs. You should feel the core, and not the desire to take the lead in your own hands.
Give attention signs. Make pleasant surprises, give presents. Do not think about the value of the gift, the girls do not need expensive presents, your attention is important to them, regardless of the date. Do not present standard sets, figurines. It’s better to give a wild flower, your favorite candy, a good book and other little things that will really give her pleasure, and will not be presented for the removal of eyes “if only”. An important role in attracting girls is played by romantic signs of attention - do not neglect them.

Learn not just to listen, but to hear. You can attract a girl, delving into her interests and hobbies. But do not overdo it, communication should not become a monologue, maintain a conversation, set the tone and themes.
Be interesting and multifaceted. Get carried away by something exciting, go in for sports, have a favorite hobby. Let you always have ideas where to invite a girl to have a pleasant and interesting time for both. Just don’t tell about all your hobbies when you meet or at the first date, let there be an eternal understatement and some zest, so that the girl each time opens you for herself from a new unexpected side.

But do not forget about objective self-esteem, it is impossible to be perfect in everything. Find your original starting point and work in this direction, pulling out the hidden qualities that are promising and in demand among girls, not forgetting the selected tips.