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About Weather and Weather Icons on iPhone and iPod touch


Russian users are massively complaining about problems in the operation of the Weather service on the iPhone. The crash message they publish on Twitter and other social networks.

Judging by the complaints, the problem is that the service does not show the weather in Russian cities if it searches for these cities by default. Some users complain that city search doesn't work at all. Users abroad did not report a problem. Some Russian users claim that through the VPN service is working fine.

The problem affects different versions of iPhone and iOS. The first complaints were received from users of the recently released second beta version of iOS 12.4, but then owners of devices running iOS 12.3 and other OS versions joined them. The presence of the problem was confirmed by users of the iPhone 7 and iPhone XS.

According to CNews reporters, “Weather” really doesn’t work only if the service independently determines the location of the device. If you drive a city manually, the "Weather" is triggered. The problem hit the devices selectively - some iPhone users report that they have everything in order.

The service does not work both on a cellular network and when connected to a fixed Internet via Wi-Fi. That is, the problem is hardly related to geolocation using a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

At the time of publication of this material in the Russian division of Apple did not answer clarifying questions CNews. Resource writes with reference to knowledgeable readers that Apple has problems with a certificate for the "Maps" service, which is why the problem does not depend on the version of iOS.

Recall that in March, “Weather” on the iPhone attracted media attention when it stopped showing Crimean cities. Prior to this, the settlements of Crimea were defined in the service as Ukrainian, however, on March 20, any opportunity to add a Crimean city was lost. The situation forced the State Duma to seek clarification from Apple.

Other Apple Services Issues

Note that yesterday users from different countries complained about the malfunction of the AppStore application store. They reported that they could not go to the store or download any specific application. The problem was observed for 3-4 hours, most of all it manifested itself at about 4:00 Moscow time.

According to DownDetector, the failure was most pronounced in the United States and Japan, with European countries in second place in terms of intensity. At the same time, complaints were received about problems with FaceTime and iMessage.

Apple acknowledged the failure, noting on its website that between 03:06 and 06:42, “some users” may not have been able to make purchases on iTunes and the AppStore.

Work with the program "Weather"

To open a program, click its icon. To see the hourly weather forecast, swipe from left to right under the desired day. By scrolling the screen below, you can find out other weather forecast information, such as a weekly summary or chance of rainfall.

To view the weather in another city, swipe left or press the button to open your list of cities. To switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, scroll to the end and press the button.

Data in the Weather program comes from The Weather Channel. If the weather information is not accurate, you can click the icon in the lower left corner to go to the weather service website.

Add, delete and reorder cities

To add a new city to the list, follow these steps:

  1. Click then.
  2. Enter a city name, zip code or airport location.
  3. Touch the desired city when it is displayed on the screen.

To remove a city from the list, swipe the city panel to the left and click "Delete". To change the order of cities in the list, press and hold the desired city and move it down or up.

Why can’t you add a city?

This can happen for several reasons:

  1. If the program simply does not find the city and writes that "the search did not return results", then, alas, at the moment there is no way to add this particular location. This often happens with small towns and villages. After all, as I wrote a little higher, the service is American - they simply are not able to know about absolutely all the settlements in Russia and other countries.
  2. Infinitely impossible to add cities - there is a limit after which it will become impossible. Currently, the quantity limit is 20 pieces.
  3. To display the weather in the place where you are now, check "Settings - Privacy - Geolocation Services - Weather". Check the box next to "Allow access to geolocation".

By the way, when adding a city, try writing its name in English letters (transliteration). Suddenly, he will be found this way?

The weather is not updated or displayed

However, the inability to add a city to display the temperature is not so scary - you can always see the forecast in nearby settlements. Much worse when the weather is not displayed at all and does not work.

Here's what you can do in this case:

  • Perform a hard reboot. Suddenly, this is a normal “glitch” of the program and after restarting everything will go away?
  • Check your internet connection. Switch from cellular to Wi-Fi and vice versa.
  • Go to the site from where the iPhone takes weather data, and check its performance (there is a link at the beginning of the article).
  • See if the geolocation service is enabled ("Settings - Confidentiality")?
  • In some cases, the weather will not be displayed due to failures at Apple itself (how do I know the current status of the company's servers?).

Another important point! If you have an iPhone with very old firmware, then the weather forecast may not be updated due to the fact that Apple has changed the “provider” of temperature data - Yahoo has replaced What to do in this case? Update iOS to the latest current version.

Removed the weather - what to do?

In fact, it is impossible to completely remove the program - only the icon is erased. However, even if you accidentally did this, then everything can be easily fixed - just go to the App Store and type the word “Weather” in the search bar.

The very first result will be the desired application from Apple. Download it.

Incorrect temperature

This means too large deviations in the indicators - for example, on the street 10 degrees of heat, but at the same time the iPhone shows +50 heat. Where does the difference come from? The thing is, in what units the temperature is displayed:

  1. Run the Weather program, open the list of cities and in the lower left corner you will see a switch between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. Switch to the desired units - the weather will become “normal” and all anomalies will disappear.
  2. Also, be sure to open "Settings - General - Language and region" and see in which units the temperature is displayed by default. Suddenly, someone joked and put Fahrenheit? :)

As you can see, incorrect weather indicators (too large degrees) do not indicate any problems with the iPhone - you just need to fix the settings.

How to change pressure units in a standard weather application?

However, various metamorphoses can be seen not only with temperature, but also with the display of atmospheric pressure. We are all used to the fact that the unit of measure is a millimeter of mercury (mmHg)

But what if the iPhone displays pressure in millibars (mbar) or hectopascals (hPa)? In order to change units per millimeter of mercury, you need:

  1. Open "Settings - General".
  2. Select "Language and Region".
  3. Set region - Russia.

Everything. We open the weather, we see the correct and familiar to all of us figures of atmospheric pressure in mm Hg. Hooray!

Wind speed and visibility in miles - how to return kilometers?

The solution will be exactly the same as in the case described above. If you don’t understand where the miles came from in the standard application, and you really want to change them to kilometers, be sure to check which region is set in the iOS settings? If necessary, replace it with the Russian Federation.

Perhaps these are all the problems I know about the Weather program from Apple. But if the author has missed something or you have questions, then write as quickly as possible in the comments - we will understand and look for a suitable solution!