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Why dream of flying


In dreams, absolutely everything is possible - and especially desirable, breathtaking for everyone are flying in dreams.

It is difficult to put into words the feeling of flying, and most importantly, it is impossible to repeat in reality, except on an airplane, helicopter or some other kind of flying vehicle.

Such dreams are infrequent, and are extremely important for a sleeping person. However, in order to understand what dreams of flying in a dream, it is worth recalling the details and conditions - they affect the interpretation of sleep.

It is important how you flew, on what you saw around and below you, below. All this has a separate meaning, and only remembering the details and nuances of the dream, you can ask a dream book about what dreams of flying - and get a valuable answer.

The most common options are as follows:

  • You fly on any kind of air transport: airplane, helicopter, balloon.
  • You fly yourself as if by magic.
  • Fly on a broomstick.
  • You fly in the form of an angel or a bird.
  • Fly on the back of any animal.
  • Fly over the water.
  • You are flying in the clouds.
  • You fly from one object or structure to another, you can not hang in the air for a long time.
  • In a dream, you fly up and down sharply.
  • You can also fly alone or with anyone.

In addition to the “scenery” and dream conditions, what other feelings and emotions did you have while dreaming - fear or joy also plays an important role in the interpretation? This can affect the decoding of sleep, and change it. Let’s see what it is like to fly to - and what to expect from such a pleasant dream?

How was the flight?

First of all, remember how you made the flight. Helicopter or airplane flight is one thing, but magical air travel on a broomstick is another matter.

1. No one will be surprised by a dream in which they had to fly above the ground by plane or helicopter. If you flew with joy, looking down with delight - happiness awaits you.

If you were a pilot on the plane, or it was your own helicopter, it means that you will be the master of your life. Almost everything is subject to you; you are at the helm. A helicopter in itself means your personal life. If you dreamed of a helicopter that could not take off, difficulties or illnesses would come to life.

2. A dream in which you are fortunate enough to fly above the ground or water, laughing and enjoying the flight, Miller’s dream interpretation is interpreted as an expectation of joy, happiness, fulfillment of desires. Your inner freedom does not allow any negativity, you are a happy and self-sufficient person.

3. But flying high above the ground in broad daylight - such a dream speaks of your frivolity, a frivolous attitude to life. Perhaps this is an indication to you of the fact that it is time to grow up and take responsibility for your own life?

4. A dream in which without wings you had to fly up and down, then take off, then go down to the ground, indicates your good and honest intentions, desire for work. It will be rewarded, do not hesitate.

5. If you fly up, higher and higher, this means that in real life you have to work hard on something. But it will be a joy to you, besides it will bring very good results in the very near future.

6. According to the dream book, flying down, falling to the ground - promises danger, remorse, regret. Think about the steps that you take in life, you should be more careful and wiser.

7. Eif you dreamed that you suddenly realized the ability to fly without wings, and began timidly trying, making attempts - this is a clear hint that in real life you overestimate your capabilities.

Miller's dream book advises in this case to think about their real capabilities, and act accordingly. Otherwise, disaster cannot be avoided.

8. According to the dream book, flying in dreams, experiencing fear and doubt is a warning that you will have discord in your career or work, some serious difficulties in business. But you will overcome them if you are not afraid.

9. If in a dream you fly high not just like that, but in the form of an angel or like a bird with wings - this is a serious dream, which means reassessment of life values, thoughts about the great and eternal, a new stage of spiritual development. You may be awake with thoughts of death, but you can achieve spiritual growth and develop further as a person.

10. According to the dream book, flying on a broomstick in dreams is a vivid symbol of the fact that in reality you have strong hopes for something, or for someone else. And flying on a broomstick means that you draw your vitality from this faith, it helps you live and move.

However, think about whether you believe in illusions, in what is not. Still, flying on a broomstick is a myth, and you risk being lost in illusions in reality.

11. It happens that in dreams you have to fly high above the ground in your own bed! This means that in reality in your real life something will soon come up that is unusual for you, atypical, extravagant. Perhaps some kind of too bright person, or an extraordinary situation.

12. And if you were able to fly in a dream on the back of an animal, this directly indicates that in everyday reality you correctly and profitably use your own strengths, talents and knowledge. Keep doing this and you will reach very great heights!

13. If the flight in dreams happened with someone, this is a reflection of your loneliness and desire to receive support, mutual understanding, help. You need a friend - look for it in reality, around you, but not in your night dreams.

14. But flying in a dream in a whole group of the same “flyers” is a symbol of the fact that you are burning with an acute thirst for freedom, you cannot realize yourself in everyday life.

Where did you fly?

It is extremely important to remember not only the way of flight, but also the “scenery” of dreams - where did you fly and what did you see around?

1. If you flew from one object or building to another, could not soar for a long time without stopping, this means that in reality you are afraid of people, afraid of close contact.

2. If you fly very high above the ground or water, so high that you do not see the topography of the earth and the outlines of objects - this is an allusion to the spiritual world, which is very interesting for you. Material is not interesting to you, but do not get lost in the illusions, do not forget that you live in reality, among people.

3. To fly in a dream above water is a warning that there is a danger for you to get sick. If there is a rough sea beneath you - the danger is quite great, but even if you fly over calm water - be careful that you are not overcome by an ailment.

4. To fly over a river in a dream is a symbol of the fact that you dream of overcoming yourself, of self-awareness, and you are close to realizing your dream.

5. If you fly over the mountains, Miller’s dream book promises that you will overcome a life obstacle, remain the winner, the leader.

6. But the flight over the city symbolizes your dreams of glory. However, in addition to dreaming, it is worth making some efforts - do not forget about it. Otherwise, dreams will always be dreams, and you will have no choice but to fly in a dream.

7. If you flew in your dreams in the moonlight, this indicates your dreams of great happiness. However, fortunately you can strive to do something for a happy life in reality, and not just get lost in beautiful dreams, remember this.

8. If your night flight took place among the clouds - it is obvious that you crave fame, recognition and universal love. Try to be a little more modest, perhaps your self-conceit is too high.

Flying in dreams is often pleasant, dizzying, give a lot of emotions. But each dream book will give one advice - live in reality, do not get lost in dreams, no matter how magical they may be.

Try to analyze your night flight, interpret the dream in the right way and, most importantly, draw conclusions. After all, dreams can not only give moments of joy, but also help to build a happy life in reality.

You can do it, you just have to be careful and not take at face value everything you have heard and read, without competent analysis and analysis of your situation. Author: Vasilina Serova

The dream interpretation is universal

I dreamed that you were flying without additional devices - in the spiritual sense, you have reached a new level. These changes will entail life changes. But you need to be prepared for some difficulties.

If wings grew that made it possible to fly, then a person who saw such a dream acquired inner freedom, and he undoubtedly made the right decision.

Fly with a ball, airplane, etc. - It is worth paying attention to the direction and meaning of the dreaming means of flight. When there are any internal obstacles, it is dreamed that it is impossible to take off - analyze your life to get rid of them.

Flying into the abyss is a fall, you give up something, go on about your weaknesses. Stability - direct flight.

Esoteric dream book

According to the dream book, to fly in a dream without extraneous devices - you use your abilities correctly.

Flying on wings or with a propeller dreams of buying technical equipment: a boat, a TV, a car, and more.

Are you flying on a magic carpet-plane, or maybe a bird? Get ready, you have a long journey.

To fly in a dream - why dream? Planning in a boundless and cloudless sky - dreams will come true.

Take a fall in flight literally. If you manage to wake up in the process of falling, you will certainly overcome the problems.

Disappointment awaits you if you fly on black wings.

Flights of a person under the age of 20 years mean his physical growth. In elders, spiritual, mental growth occurs.

Dream book of Veles

According to the dream book, you fly in a dream to success, waiting in business. Good dream. It promises wealth, joy, recovery to the patient, harvest.

Fly high - to change or fallacy. Fly low in a dream - to the road.

Flying up is for luck and joy. Flying down is the danger of failure. Fly very far? This is a harbinger of love or long expectations.

Wanderer (Terenty Smirnov)

You fly alone through the air - achievements or achievements in personal or professional life, in creativity, in the spiritual world occur or await.

Too high flight - pay attention to your claims and ambitions. They may be unreasonable. The collapse of some plans is not excluded.

If you are keen on demonic teachings, you may dream flying on an animal or on a broomstick. This indicates a loss of soul. May be the beginning of spiritual temptation.

Fly on the bed - some unexpected and original turn is possible. The flight takes place in heaven - a dream reports on self-knowledge, spiritual revelation. But serious events such as illness and death are also possible.

For some reason you fly very often. This means progress in spiritual practice.

Dream interpretation of Felomen

Soar very high in the clouds - have a tendency to fantasize, neglect of reality.

The flight ended in a fall - you have to accept defeat. Increase your effort for your next flight.

Your spiritual powers are awakened if you had to fly from the ceiling.

Act at the behest of your heart, ignore the advice of others if you were flying low above the ground in a dream.

Evidence of increased sexuality and increased vitality is a flight outside the premises.

Dream interpretation of flying in a dream in a balloon according to the dream interpretation is a warning so as not to be missed by someone who gives you increased attention signs. Follow the right path if flying in an airplane.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

Did you see the sun in flight? Do not be afraid, you worry in vain. Everything will be fine.

Take it as a warning if flying over dirty water. Be sure to give yourself as much attention as possible, do not let people around you use you.

Your desires will come true if you often see how you fly on snow-white wings over green thickets.

Had a dream of being shot at you in flight? Be prepared that obstacles created by enemies will appear on your path to prosperity and well-being.

Do you fly between cities and for some reason descend to the church dome? You will have to fight for your principles and views. Why dream that you fly over the ruins? This is a sign of some kind of failure associated with others, or boredom.

What can be done in OS

So, you went into a lucid dream. First you need to look around in the space of sleep and try to perform several actions that are familiar to you. Those. those that you do in ordinary life. For example, walk around the room, take something, sit down, get up, look at your own hands.

What can be done in a lucid dream? Everything is the same as in ordinary life, but the sensations will be somewhat brighter. This is due to the fact that in this state a person does not have such strong mental blockages as when he is awake, and therefore everything is perceived more directly and more deeply.

Perhaps this is similar to how children see and feel the world - their pure and still unclouded consciousness perceives everything brightly and vividly. As adults, we gradually lose this ability - the colors fade, everything becomes familiar and monotonous.

Also in the OS. At first, even simple actions in it are enough to get an unforgettable gamut of sensations, but gradually you get used to it and want to try something else.

Therefore, after you get comfortable in the space of a lucid dream, you can move on to the special features that it provides, for example, try flying or passing through walls.

You can also communicate with people with whom in real life there is no way to see each other, find answers to various questions and travel to different places. This, of course, is far from all, however, I think that for the first experiment this will be more than enough.

Well, let's get started.

Learning to fly

And we will begin, perhaps, with the flight. I think many people dreamed of at least once feeling like a bird - to fly above the ground and soar selflessly in the sky. In the OS, this is possible. For me personally, this is the main way of moving in a lucid dream.

This is convenient because it is quick and easy. In addition, flying in a dream gives an unforgettable experience that is incomparable with anything. How to do this?

I will say right away that for some people this happens by itself, intuitively. Others have a bit of practice. For example, the first flights were very easy for me, but at some point difficulties suddenly arose with this. Having successfully overcome them, I learned to fly easily and freely.

In fact, the flight itself usually does not present any particular problems, but the moment of taking off from the ground, taking off and lifting for the first time can be difficult. Here some “stoppers”, that is, blocks in the mind, play a large role. A person cannot immediately believe that such a thing is possible at all, and this attitude is capable of blocking the action itself.

In order for everything to work out, it is necessary to distract from the thoughts “I can, I can’t, it’s possible, I won’t succeed”, and pay attention to some object that you would like to reach. For example, it could be a tree or a house somewhere in the distance.

Simply put, grab a target for an object. Even better if you understand why you need to get there. For example, you have a task - to take something, pick an apple, see what is inside the house and so on. However, even a simple focus on the object will in most cases be sufficient.

Suppose you select a tree as an object. Next, you will need to look at this tree and jump and help yourself with your hands - that is, literally wave them like a bird flapping its wings. In this case, you need to keep in mind the intention to fly to a tree.

For some it comes out without problems the first time, someone needs to try it several times, but usually it turns out pretty quickly. As soon as you take off and gain altitude (which, incidentally, can also be adjusted), continue to wave your hands, but do not do it with too much effort.

In general, in all actions in a lucid dream, too much effort should be avoided, however, it is necessary to maintain sufficient concentration and intention. This state will come with experience, you only need to practice.

What difficulties may arise

During the flight, as I wrote above, there are usually no problems, but sometimes the following difficulties may arise:

  • begins to “drift” to too high a height
  • the ability to control the flight path is lost - you cannot turn, go down or go up
  • it is as if you are caught in an air stream and carried forward or backward

All these sensations, of course, are not very pleasant, and can even cause a feeling of great anxiety, but you need to relax and just let them be, to surrender to this flow, and then after a while you can leave the “turbulence zone” and continue your journey again. In the worst case, you just wake up and that’s it.

You can try to fight the flow - sometimes it succeeds.

In general, I can recommend that you keep at “medium” altitude during the flight so that you can see the terrain over which you fly. При этом не опускайтесь и слишком низко — если вы будете лететь над самой поверхностью, то очень скоро окажетесь стоящим на земле, и тогда придется взлетать заново. На среднем же уровне комфортно лететь и гораздо удобнее регулировать сам полет.

Как приземлиться

Для того, чтобы приземлиться рядом с выбранным объектом, достаточно в процессе полета расположить свое тело под углом к поверхности и плавно спикировать вниз.

Personally, I also had no particular problems with the landing, but twice I landed too swiftly, literally fell to the ground, and woke up both times. In this case, I did not feel any pain or much fear, but after that I try not to rush and lower myself to the ground gradually.

Perhaps this is all about technology.

Flight methods

You can fly as you like. I tried to fly, holding a stick in front of me with both hands and controlling it like a wheel. You can fly in any position, even in an upright position, although, in my opinion, this is somewhat more complicated.

You can fly in a sitting position, and sometimes it’s even more convenient to control the process. You can fly on something - this is comparable to how to sail on a raft. During the flight, you can tumbling, spinning around its axis, in general - to do everything that comes to mind.