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Fishtail Elastic Bracelet


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From February 14 to 17, the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center will host the 21st International Needlework Formula Exhibition.

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  • Rubber weaving is a new hobby!

Rainbow Loom is a relatively young hobby: its history barely lasts several years. It began with a Chinese-born immigrant Chong Chun Ng, who put together a prototype loom for his daughters. After some time, production has acquired an industrial scale.

You can weave hair ornaments, bracelets, earrings, animals, rings, key rings, pendants, scarves, toys, clothes from bright elastic bands. Kits are safe, age limit: children over 5 years old, due to the presence of small parts. Weaving from gum is quick and easy, besides it perfectly develops fine motor skills of the hands.

The plastic machine is essentially a board with three rows of miniature pegs, on which you need to put on rubber bands, link them together, creating beautiful nodules using a special hook that looks like a knitting one. Varying the principles of weaving, using different colors of elastic bands and combining them with each other, you can come up with an infinite number of objects and accessories.

Instruction Bracelet Inverted fishtail.

1. Position the machine so that the pegs face upwards. You will need two pegs. Position the first rubber band by making one crosshair (“8”). Place the other two rubber bands on top without twisting them.

2.Using a hook, throw one end of the lower rubber band through the peg so that it is on top of the other two rubber bands. Do the same with the other end of the lower gum. Then place the new rubber band over the previous ones without twisting.

3.Hook a hook on the edge of the lower elastic band and again throw it over the peg, on top of the two upper elastic bands. Do the same from the other side.

To make a regular Fishtail bracelet, just repeat the steps above until you get the bracelet of the desired length. And we will continue to create an inverted fishtail bracelet.

4. Crochet the middle elastic band and throw it down so that the lower elastic band is in the middle.

5. Crochet the ends of the middle gum and throw it over the pegs over the top gum. To make such a bracelet, it is necessary that there always are three elastic bands on the pegs. The technique of creating an inverted fish bracelet is similar to the usual fish tail technique, the difference is that the lower gum “swaps” with the middle one. Continue with this technique until you reach the desired length. The ends of the bracelet must be connected with a C or S-clasp.

How to weave a fishtail gum bracelet?

To begin, set the machine in front of you with the open side of the columns toward you. All rows of columns must be at the same level (not staggered). Weaving fish tail is performed on two extreme columns.

Take the blue elastic and put it on two columns, twisting the "eight".

Then put on, without twisting, the yellow and then the blue gum. Subsequently, when weaving a fish tail, alternate the colors of the elastic bands. You can also use three or more different colors. At the same time, weaving is performed in the same way, just gum need to be evenly alternated to get a beautiful effect.

Now take the hook from the kit. Crochet the bottom blue rubber band on one side and pull it up, releasing between the posts.

Repeat the same process on the second side. The sequence of this step does not matter in this weaving, that is, you can always start from the left column or from the right, as it is more convenient. It should work like this:

Lower all the elastic bands below. Put on the columns the next elastic band of the required color.

Now again hook the yellow rubber band first on one side,

and then on the other.

Continue to weave until the desired bracelet length.

How to complete the weaving of a fishtail bracelet?

At the end of weaving, you should have two rubber bands on each column.

Remove the bottom by pulling the hook in the middle, in turn, first on one side, then on the other.

Now change the half of the remaining gum from one of the columns to another. Like this:

Hook the S-clip with one hook on both parts of the elastic.

With the second hook of the S-clip, hook the initial rubber band, which was the “eight”. Remove the bracelet from the machine.

Wear the finished bracelet with pleasure and sign up for new workshops!

Watch the video workshop on weaving a fishtail bracelet on a machine:

How to weave a simple fishtail bracelet from elastic bands

This is a very simple weaving, resulting in a stylish thin bracelet made of rubber bands. You can weave 3-4 such thin bracelets, and then weave them together - you get one big thick bracelet.

You can weave a simple Fishtail bracelet on a classic loom, on a small Monster Tail loom, or on a slingshot. For weaving, you will need 2 columns, and you can use them on any tool. How to weave this bracelet - you choose, the result is the same bracelet. For weaving, you can choose elastic bands of the same color, alternate 2 or 3 colors, or weave from all different elastic bands.

The weaving pattern for the Fishtail bracelet is very simple.

1. We put an elastic band on 2 columns with the figure eight.
2. We throw the second gum without twisting the figure eight.
3. We throw one more elastic without twisting. If weaving from two colors, then alternate elastic bands.
4. Fold in the center of the lower elastic band on the right and left.
5. We throw the next gum, throw off the bottom.
6. We continue to weave to the desired length.

Double fish tail - how to weave?

Another variety, more complex weaving is a double fish tail. If a simple fishtail is made on two columns, then a double fishtail is braided on 4 columns. Therefore, you can weave this bracelet both on the classic Rainbow Loom loom and on the small Monster Tail loom.

You can make your double fishtail gum bracelet a two-tone, one-color or weave it from all the gums of different colors.

Double fish tail - how to weave? Double fish tail - how to weave?

Watch how to weave a double fishtail in the video:

Triple Fishtail Weave - Triple Fishtail

An even more sophisticated kind of gum fish tail weaving. The bracelet has a second name - triple fishtail. Weaves such a bracelet on 6 columns. If you want to weave a wide bracelet, then a triple fish tail is perfect for you. You can make the bracelet monophonic, use alternating 2 or 3 colors in the bracelet, or use all elastic bands of different colors in the bracelet.

All patterns that can be made on a triple fishtail bracelet, you can see in our article - Rubber bracelet: triple fish tail - photos, diagrams. There you will find videos and weaving patterns for this bracelet.

Triple Fishtail Weave - Triple Fishtail

Quad-fish or fish tail - how to weave?

We complicate our weaving! Now you know how to weave a simple fishtail bracelet, you know how to make double and triple fish tail out of elastic bands. But this is not all varieties of fishtail made of rubber bands. There is even more difficult weaving! This is Kvardrofish fishtail. How to weave such a bracelet?

Quad fishfish is a bracelet made of elastic bands, which is braided on 4 columns. It turns out a circular bracelet. And there is another kind of a round fishtail bracelet - Hexafish, which is woven on 6 posts.

You will find a detailed scheme for weaving a Quadrofish and Hexafish bracelet in our article - An elastic bracelet: fishtail Quadrofish and Hexafish - photos, diagrams.

Quad fish or fish tail

Gum Bracelet Weaving - Fishtail Rocket

Bracelet Rocket - a kind of weaving Fishtail. You can make this charming cute bracelet in various ways. And on the classic Rainbow Loom, and on the small Monster Tail, and on a slingshot. In weaving, only 2 columns are used.

Gum Bracelet Weaving - Fishtail Rocket

How to weave a Bracelet Fishtail Rocket, you can watch the video:

Rubber Weave Fish Skeleton Bracelet

Original weaving from the marine theme - a fish skeleton bracelet. You cannot make this bracelet on a slingshot, because you need 4 columns. But it will turn out to weave it on the classic Rainbow Loom loom or the Monster Tail mini-loom.

It turned out a very beautiful combination of colors - the base of the bracelet is black, and on the sides there are multi-colored elastic bands. As a basis, white or other colors of elastic bands will also look beautiful. On the sides, you can do not all different colors, but some 1 contrast.

Rubber Weave Fish Skeleton Bracelet

Video of weaving a fish skeleton bracelet:

Inverted fishtail - how to weave on a slingshot?

On the slingshot you can weave very cute bracelets. Such original weaving is obtained only on a slingshot. The same two columns as on the machine, but it’s more convenient to hold the slingshot in your hand. Therefore, all fans of the marine theme in lumigurumi, pay attention to the weaving of the bracelet - Inverted fish tail.

Inverted fishtail - how to weave on a slingshot?

Video weaving bracelet Inverted Fishtail made of rubber bands: