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What is mitap

Send clearly makes it difficult to figure out how to do it, and even contacting them is difficult.

I would like to close the meeting group that I am organizing and stop paying. How it's done?

Meetup now make the process a lot easier to get through yourself without having to send them an email to do it for you.

They still recommend contacting your members and trying to find another member to participate as an organizer. If you still want to completely close it:

Go to your Meetup group homepage and select “Step down” as the “Organizer” option in the “My Profile” drop-down menu.

From there, select the reason why you are inferior to the Organizer, then click "continue." On the confirmation page, scroll down and select “Or completely close this Meetup and don’t let anyone activate as“ Organizer ”.

If you need to manage a plan of contributions to the Organizer or to unsubscribe, go to the Page page.

The easiest way is to go to your meeting url and add “/ close /” at the end of it.

Features of mitap

The main idea of ​​a mitap is the presence of common interests and the possibility in real life to exchange thoughts, ideas and other information on the topic of a mitap.
Unlike other formats, a mitap is always spontaneous, flexible and rather unpredictable, because not only specially invited people can take part in it, but also everyone who knows about the event.

4 mitap rules - do, learn, share, change:

  1. Dobecause without vigorous action your dreams will remain just castles in the air.
  2. Learn those who know the answers to your questions and know how to turn fantasies into reality.
  3. Share what you know and know how to do.
  4. Change yourself and the world around you will change.

Most meetings are held among specialists of any industry, but this is an optional condition. People can meet at the meeting, who are united by various hobbies, ideas or needs. For example, IT meetings, information about the topics of all planned - both paid and free meetings is published on the Mitapa page.

Typically, such meetings take place once a month in the evenings after work, but sometimes they meet at the mitap weekly, and even in the morning. Live communication on the mitap lasts 1-2 hours. This time is enough to discuss and do all the most important.

As the venue of the meeting, open public places, coworking, office space, bars or cafes are chosen - it all depends on the capabilities of the organizers and the desire to create a certain atmosphere of the meeting. The main thing is that those present can freely move from the interlocutor to the interlocutor.

Who is the main at the meeting

The uniqueness of the mitap is that all members of the community are the main ones for it. Of course, every mitap has an organizer, maybe a sponsor and even a guest star. But they are assigned a secondary role, because people gather for a meeting not for their sake, but for communication with each other.

The event is always non-profit. Organizing a meeting is useless to rely on the promotion of goods or sales growth, although a certain PR component in them is quite acceptable, but you need to know the measure and not undermine the trust of those gathered.

Main rule

Mitap is a free format. The organizers can only set the direction and invite several speakers with short speeches, but then people organize themselves in a way that is more convenient and interesting for them. Communication can take place both in the form of a collective discussion, and alternate speeches at the microphone.

Who needs mitap

Mitap is needed for those who are interested in creating a company of like-minded people. Meetings of this kind are indispensable for organizers of communities or groups on social networks, office workers and IT companies, and just people who are connected with a common problem. Also, mitaps have proven themselves in those cases when you need a brainstorming session to solve an important issue.

It is better to ask in advance how similar meetings were organized and held with others. There are quite a lot of sites on the Internet where information is laid out not only about planned mitaps, but also about already held ones. The most famous of them are, and Also special pages on social networks.

For whatever you plan to collect a mitap, time and money for it will never be wasted. At the meeting you will learn something new, broaden your horizons, solve sensitive issues, gain the necessary skills and find new friends.

How it works

Thanks to users gaining brand experience, sponsorship opportunities and community building tools from scratch, Meetup Pro makes it easy to find people and communities that match your goals. All the search work is done by our algorithms, and you can focus on maintaining contact.