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How to unlock number 900 on phone


One way to get a mobile phone at a low price is to buy it directly from a mobile network operator, that is, to buy a so-called contract telephone. Mobile operators offer these phones at a very low price. These phones go under the contract, limiting the work only to the operator’s network and for a specific period of time, which is indicated in the contract. However, these phones can still be used on other networks. You only need to unlock them. Keep reading and you will learn how to do it.

Sberbank Mobile Banking service - how to unlock via phone via SMS or online

A mobile application from the largest bank in the country is an excellent way to monitor the movement of money on a bank card, receive one-time codes to pay for services of various companies and much more through a simple and intuitive menu on the phone. However, sometimes customers find that the service has become unavailable. How to unlock Sberbank’s Mobile Bank via telephone in order to renew payment for services using a plastic card, if the blocking occurred automatically or through the fault of the client - more on this later.

Why the Sberbank Mobile Banking service is blocked

A popular service can be blocked for several reasons. You can pause the SMS service yourself. In addition, the service may be blocked by Sberbanks themselves. Mostly this is due to non-payment of banking. When you change your mobile operator or number, the service is also automatically turned off. At times, the system may block the service on its own, considering the client number to be inoperative.

These reasons are the main ones, because of which the management of the service becomes unavailable. It is worth mentioning that the service is disabled when the card is blocked in case of loss or loss of a cell phone. In any case, you need to understand why the shutdown occurred in order to determine the next steps. We offer to understand what to do in each specific situation in order to restore the service.

Service cost per month

It is important to understand that if there is no need to use banking, then it is more expedient to disable the SMS service, since it is paid and a certain amount is debited from the account every month. You can use the lock if for some time it is not planned to use the service, for example, when traveling abroad. According to official information, users of the Economical service package do not pay for service, but 2 options are available for them: operations on the amount of money on the balance - 3 rubles per request, and information on the last 5 operations - 15 rubles / request.

For holders of the Full package, the monthly banking fee for the first 2 months from the moment of connection will be 0 rubles, then the following amount of money will be debited to the holders of bank cards on a monthly basis:

  • "WORLD" social,
  • Maestro Social,
  • Maestro "Momentum",
  • Maestro Student,
  • Maestro,
  • Visa Electron "Momentum",
  • Visa Electron,
  • PRO100 "STANDARD".
  • "MIR" is a classic,
  • MasterCard Standard "Momentum",
  • MasterCard Standard "Youth",
  • MasterCard Standard "MTS",
  • MasterCard Standard,
  • Visa Classic "Momentum",
  • Visa Classic Aeroflot,
  • Visa Classic "Youth",
  • Visa Classic “Give Life”,
  • Visa Classic.
  • Gold MasterCard MTS ",
  • Gold MasterCard,
  • Platinum MasterCard,
  • Visa Gold Aeroflot,
  • Visa Gold “Give Life”,
  • Visa Gold,
  • Visa Infinite
  • Visa Platinum “Give Life”,
  • Visa Platinum.

How to restore Sberbank's mobile bank via phone

Many are interested in how to unlock Sberbank Mobile Bank via phone. There are 2 main ways to do this. In the first option, it will be possible to resume work after sending an SMS message, in the second, you will have to contact a support service representative who will provide assistance and resolve this problem after several questions. Now let's look at how to unlock the Mobile Bank service via phone in each individual case.

Unlocking each card is carried out separately. First you need to create an SMS message and send it to 900 short number. The text looks like this:


UNLOCKING SERVICES - a command that can be written in the following options without using a space:

  • 05.

AAAA - last 4 digits on a bank card,

VVVV - control information.

With the correct formation of SMS on the phone will receive the answer of the following plan:

Call to the operator of Sberbank

How to unlock Mobile Bank via phone if SMS failed? To do this, call 8 800 555 55 50 to a call center. Before the call, you should prepare, because the specialist will need to provide the details of the identity document, bank card, secret word, etc. after which the client will be informed what actions must be performed according to the instructions to unlock the banking.

How to unlock Sberbank online

If Sberbank’s Mobile Bank is blocked, you won’t be able to use the Internet to unblock it, because in order to restore the service, you must enter confidential information that can be accessed by cybercriminals through an open channel. The same problem is inherent in unlocking Sberbank Online. And if you can unlock access in mobile banking through an operator or SMS, you need to visit a bank branch in the neighborhood where they will help solve the problem.

Login details

You can use your personal account on the official website by entering the username and password. You can get them in two ways:

  • at self-service points, terminals and ATMs using a valid bank card,
  • by sending an SMS to number 900 with the message PAROL AAAA or PASSWORD AAAA (where AAAA is the last 4 digits of the card). In this case, the Mobile Bank service must be activated.

Unlock Mobile Bank Sberbank

How to unblock the Sberbank Mobile Banking service in other possible ways? You can contact the nearest office of a banking institution at the place of registration and fill out an application for the resumption of SMS service. If the lock occurred due to lack of funds to pay for the service or when changing the phone, we suggest using the information below.

Ways to quickly unlock Mobile Banking services

Sberbank of Russia offers all its customers with a card account a profitable Mobile Banking service that allows not only quick and safe payments, but also control the financial balance. You can connect the option absolutely free, which raises the credibility of a financial institution in the eyes of its customers. It often happens that the SMS service is unavailable. But there are many ways how to unlock Sberbank Mobile Bank quickly and without extra time.

Reasons for blocking service

SMS option can be blocked for various reasons:

  • The service may cease to be active due to a lack of cash on the card, when the bank is obliged to write off a monthly payment for using the service. Check balance. and replenish the account so that the option does not have to be reconnected at the bank branch.
  • SMS service may stop its work due to blocking directly by the bank. You can identify the cause by contacting the consultant operator using the contact number 8-800-555-55-50. The contact center operates 24 hours a day, so you can call at any time. Do not forget about the stage of identification that you need to go through, having passport data and an active bank card. You also need to know the code word. indicated when filling out documents at the time of issuing the invoice.
  • The user himself can block the service, for example, by accident.

Unlocking the Mobile Bank is a simple procedure, but requires attention and a responsible approach. Experts identify several correct ways to solve the problem, but before trying to perform recovery manipulations, it is important to familiarize yourself with the recommendations and rules of the system. Do not try to randomly unlock or disable the option through the phone, any error can lead to financial losses and other negative consequences.

Important! It is necessary to distinguish between the concept when the SMS service is blocked or completely disabled. The first option refers to the temporary suspension of the service, and the second - access to the service is completely closed.

If the service is completely disabled, then you can restore it only using the terminal / ATM, calling the Contact Center (8-800-555-55-50) and visiting the branch of the financial institution in person (it is important to have an active bank card with you. Passport and phone) . Re-enable the option using the Sberbank Online service will not work.

Service unavailable due to lack of funds

If the Mobile Bank was blocked due to the lack of the necessary amount of money on the account to pay for the tariff plan, then the problem can be eliminated quite quickly. Refill your account and the service is activated automatically.

It is noteworthy that the monthly fee for the tariff plan is debited on the day the option was activated. If you think about this in advance, for example, install a thematic reminder on your phone, then blocking can be avoided and an unexpected shutdown will not occur.

Unlocking the Mobile Bank service via SMS to 900

The Mobile Banking service is associated not only with a card, but also with the phone number of a client of a financial institution. For various reasons, for example, due to the loss of a card or phone, the account holder runs the risk of losing money, falling into the hands of fraudsters. In order to save your account, it is important in a critical situation to timely block it.

In the event that the Mobile Bank was blocked at the request of the client, you can restore the option by contacting the operator-consultant in any branch of a financial institution.

If the bank's client decided to block the SMS service for some reason using SMS to the number 900. then unlocking can be done the same way. Send a message from your mobile phone to the number 900. with the text "UNLOCKING SERVICES 1234 7777".

SMS format:

Where Where 1234 - the last 4 digits of your card number, 7777 - digital control information.

Digital control information must be recorded in the contract when issuing a card account. It can also be found at an ATM or by calling the hotline. After an attempt to unlock via SMS to the number 900. A notification with the status of the service will be sent to the cell phone.

Important! If you do not fully understand how to unlock Sberbank’s Mobile Bank by phone, it’s best not to experiment and turn to a consultant operator in any branch of a financial institution. In this case, assistance will be provided professionally with a guarantee of security.

Unlock SMS service through Contact Center

Often, customers of the aforementioned financial institution have a question, whether and how to unlock Sberbank's Mobile Bank through the Contact Center. It is not difficult to perform such a manipulation using your own phone by calling the Sberbank call center for free at 8-800-555-55-50.

In order for the call to be effective and the question of how to unlock the Mobile Bank service has been resolved, it is important to prepare passport data and a card number. which is assigned a service that needs to be unblocked. A specialist consultant may ask for any data, including the code word indicated by the client when filling out documents for processing a card account with a bank. If all the information provided to the operator during a telephone conversation is correct, then the consultant will try to choose a convenient method of recovery, and activate the service manually.

Sometimes it happens that you can’t unblock the service using the Contact Center. What to do in this case, the operator-consultant will tell.

You must contact any branch of a financial institution with a passport, an active plastic card and ask a question. The specialist will help you figure out how to unblock the Mobile Bank service, introduce you to tariffication options and all the advantages of SMS service.

It will be necessary to write a statement indicating the surname name and patronymic, passport details, phone number to which the card is connected, a word code and a card number. You can also learn directly from the operator how to unlock the Sberbank Mobile Bank through a telephone, ATM or self-service terminal, if such a need arises in the future.