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How to make garlic paste


Winter is a time of colds, although in our northern country, not only in winter, you can grab this "sore." And very often garlic helps us to survive in such weather. True, the sad thing is that sometimes, looking into the refrigerator or where this natural wonder is stored, we see that our “doctor” began to deteriorate: to dry, to germinate, to rot. What to do? A new crop is still far away. I personally always have large stocks of garlic - for 3 families, and therefore I cannot allow it to deteriorate. And if there are no other options to save it, then I make garlic paste from it. Cooking it is very simple, it is tasty, appetizing. Besides,
in this form, garlic can be stored for a very long time. Moreover, he does not lose his healing and fragrant qualities. And also, garlic paste can be very easily added to dishes. This recipe is widely known. I cook it like that.

Servings Per Container: Undefined
Calorie content: High calorie
Calories per serving: 340/100 g

1. Peel the garlic. Tip. To clean it faster, put the cloves in a bowl, pour warm water for 5 minutes. The cleaning speed will increase significantly.

2. Rinse the peeled garlic, dry it a little, fold it into a blender, add oil and chop it thoroughly until it is puree (you can also use a meat grinder).
3. Add salt (no need to add), mix well.

4. Put the resulting paste in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Everything.

Use as needed as ordinary garlic, or, for example, cook just such a delicious pasta, which my family loves.
So, we take a couple of pieces of bacon (200 grams) or cheese, grind it in the same way with a blender or in any other way. I add, it is necessary to grind very well. Add a couple of tablespoons of the finished garlic paste (if you wish, you can even more) and once again go through the “duet” with a blender. The result should be a smooth, soft paste. Salt and pepper the resulting paste from lard (cheese) and garlic (if salt or lard is added to garlic, be careful - do not over-salt). You can add other spices you love. Do not forget to mix the pasta well again so that the spices are evenly distributed on it.

Serving such an appetizer from lard (cheese) with garlic can be done immediately, but it will become tastier if you let it brew in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. We like sandwiches with this wonderful pasta. And with the soup - just an overeating!
It's just that you can not only save garlic, but also cook delicious and healthy pasta.

Description of the preparation:

Garlic Paste Recipe:
1. Peel the garlic. Pass the cloves through a press or grind in a combine.
2. The resulting mass is mixed with salt. It is necessary that the salt is dissolved.
3. Then, while stirring, slowly introduce water, lemon juice, half a cup of oil until an emulsion forms. Enter the remaining oil slowly and do not forget to interfere.
4. Place the paste overnight in the refrigerator to mix tastes.
That's all, the pasta is ready!

Approximately 500 g of garlic paste comes out of the indicated amount.
Store in closed containers or a jar in the refrigerator.
The paste is stored in the refrigerator for more than four weeks. Of course, if you do not eat it earlier.
You can use garlic paste everywhere - for making sandwiches, pizza sauce, for baking meat and as an independent sauce for cold and hot snacks.
I often add garlic paste to soup or stews. In general, this is a universal paste and is convenient because it is at hand for a long time. No need to peel, crush garlic again and again.
My husband says that the classic recipe for garlic paste came to us from Armenia. Well, thanks to the Armenians for the wonderful recipe!
By the way, if desired, you can add greens to the paste (and if you plan to use it quickly).
Enjoy your meal! Be healthy and eat delicious!

Another recipe for garlic paste is for thrills.

From the tops of garlic, from which normal people make wild garlic, we make pasta. Such a snack piece that can be spread on bread, toast, pita bread, etc.

This dish is characterized by the sharpness and aroma of garlic. It is preparing very fast.

To make a paste you will need: garlic tops and salt.

1. Garlic tops, which are collected when they begin to curl. Wash and dry.

2. Pass them through the blender. Add salt to the resulting paste. Mix.

3. Put salt to taste. The more salt, the longer the product will be stored. Salt here acts as a preservative.

4. We spread the resulting paste in jars and store in the refrigerator.

You can serve pasta at a barbecue or for lunch. With croutons of brown bread, this pasta goes great.

You can also make cheese and garlic paste by rubbing cheese and mixing it with our pasta.
What do you make of garlic tops? Pickle and make wild garlic?

3. Ginger and garlic paste

This "snack" is very useful in the winter and is perfectly stored in the refrigerator.

Ginger-garlic paste is usually added at the beginning of cooking in preheated oil and can be used to prepare various soups, sauces, meat dishes (this paste will give the meat spiciness and piquancy), fish and vegetables, and various marinades for fish, vegetables and meat.

And garlic and ginger - aphrodisiacs, increase potency, relieve frigidity and infertility.

• Ginger root - 100 gr.
• Garlic - 150 gr.
• Chili - optional.

You can cook garlic paste separately and ginger separately, and take the amount needed by prescription.
1) Peel the garlic and cut lengthwise into several pieces.

2) Prepare ginger: peel, scraping it with a sharp knife.

Or, using a teaspoon, scrape the peel from the ginger root, thus preserving more pulp and removing only the skin, then rinse the peeled ginger root slightly under running water.
Cut the root into small pieces.

3) Cooking ginger and garlic paste:
The proportions of ginger and garlic can be arbitrary, but this is ideal: garlic - 60%, ginger - 40%. And in the sold versions of this paste there is another option with chili: a couple of peppers - and the paste will sparkle with other colors!

So, put the pieces of garlic and ginger root in a blender bowl, and grind to a homogeneous mass at medium speed. You can also entrust this operation to the meat grinder, but the blender turns out smaller, piquant and pasty. In order not to kill the blender, cut the ginger into small pieces and pass through a meat grinder. Instead of a blender, you can grate it with a fine grater.

That's all - the pasta is ready.

We use it wherever there is a combination of ginger and garlic in dishes, in marinades, in the lubrication of ready-made chicken, in sauces, you never know where. in winter we love her just for bread and butter and with hot cabbage soup or borsch - tasty and healthy!

Put the prepared ginger and garlic paste with a tablespoon in a clean glass jar and tightly close the lid. We put in the refrigerator for long-term storage: not a single bacillus dares to break into this kingdom of volatile, and any microbe will immediately fall from the onset of an aphrodisiac!

If you cooked a lot of ginger-garlic paste - do not worry.
It can be stored for a very long time in the refrigerator and used as a marinade for chicken and other meats, added to different sauces and seasoned with different dishes.
That is, use where the ginger root is indicated in the recipe.

Garlic paste has several advantages in use:
• A natural product that has retained all the nutrients
• Ready to eat and not requiring additional processing,
• Has a long shelf life,
• Does not change color during the expiration date.

Why you can use garlic paste:

Ingredients and How to Cook

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ingredients for 5 servings or - the number of products for the servings you need will be calculated automatically! '>

Weight of composition:100 gr
Calorie content
330 kcal
Protein:5 gr
Zhirov:28 gr
Carbohydrates:19 gr
B / W / W:10 / 53 / 37
H 100 / C 0 / B 0

Cooking time: 30 min

cooking method

Gather garlic arrows just before making garlic paste, so that the stalks are fresh, crisp and juicy. Then carefully inspect the harvested crop and select unsuitable spoiled shoots, cut off dried areas. Sealed tops with garlic seeds also cut - they are too coarse for future pasta.

Rinse selected garlic arrows with running water to remove dust and dirt. Tilt in a colander, drain water and dry the arrows well.

The washed shoots are randomly cut into medium pieces (there is no need to cut very finely). Put the garlic arrows in the bowl of a food processor or blender and grind them to a puree state. You can use a conventional meat grinder, but take the smallest nozzle or pass through the meat grinder 2 or 3 times so that the paste has a uniform consistency.

Put salt in the resulting paste and mix well. Salt for these purposes is better to take ordinary stone. Other spices can be added to taste.

Then add aromatic olive oil to the paste and mix all the ingredients. You can grind it again using a blender or meat grinder, but not necessarily.

Wash the glass jar well and rinse with boiling water. Put cooked pasta from garlic arrows in a clean container and put it in the refrigerator for storage for six months.

Now, even in the cold winter, you can add such a paste of garlic arrows as a seasoning in hot dishes, prepare sauces and salad dressings based on pasta, and pickle meat in it. Or you can just spread garlic paste on a piece of black bread with bacon and eat a delicious sandwich with homemade rich borsch.