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Marriage with a minor in Thailand


Thailand is a friendly and open country for grooms of foreigners. And if we don’t like when men of other nationalities marry our Russian beauties, then this is not the case in Tai! That is, Thais men will not look at you scornfully and despise you for marrying their compatriot.

And now to the main topic of bride redemption in Thailand.

How much does it cost to marry a secret, what is the amount of the ransom ("Sinsot" in Thai). Plus about what types of brides, in what amount are estimated by parents.

To begin with, I’ll say that I have been to many weddings, where only Thais married and where the farang (white foreigner) was the bridegroom, and so the ransom - everyone paid sinsot!

The bride ransom tradition came from the poor region of Thailand, Isaan, and spread very quickly throughout the Kingdom.

Weddings without a syncot (ransom for a bride) are a rarity, but still happens in about 5%. This happens when:

- Thai - the bride has no parents

- the bride’s true love for the groom, and he has no money

- the bride’s family is wealthy, more inclined towards the Western lifestyle, and, along with Thai ones, easily welcomes and follows Western traditions. And it will be enough for the groom to buy a wedding ring with a diamond.

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Let's go back to the amount of the ransom, and as you understand, squeezing into 5% so as not to pay sinsot is very difficult, so below the points how much and what kind of Thai brides you need to pay. The cost of marrying a Thai woman - types of brides in Thailand:

- Cheapest foreclosures these are prostitutes. Thais themselves rarely marry them and basically attach themselves as gigolos. For the same prostitutes, Thai men marry for love, too, paying parents a synsot, but not a big one, about 50 thousand baht. As for foreigners, even a prostitute will have to pay a ransom. Depending on the age and beauty of the Thai butterfly, you will have to pay from 100 thousand to 300,000 baht.

And if you refuse to pay a ransom for a prostitute and you pull, living in the so-called “civil marriage”, then everyone in the district will despise you for lack of money (they don’t understand the other), and your beloved will buzz that you fuck her poor parang and soon you will part .

- Good Thaibut not very educated. For example, they work in hypermarkets, services and other posts that do not require a lot of intelligence. The ransom for such brides will be 100 - 300 thousand baht. Thais will naturally pay 2 times less than a foreigner.

- Young, beautiful, smart studentswho study at prestigious universities. Thais pay 300 thousand - 1 million baht for these. The foreigner must prepare 500 - 2 million baht.

- Held Thai girls under the age of 28 years. Not yet giving birth and were not behind her husband. Occupying a high position in society, have a prestigious job, graduated from university. Then in this case, even Thais pay a minimum of one million baht and higher. A foreigner will be able to marry such a secret with a ransom amount of 2-3 million.

Good luck to everyone and most importantly. so that there is enough money for a ransom, for your beloved Thai girl. Of course, such that you should not be thrown in the future, you need to find, and to make this oh how not easy. Even Thais are thrown after paying sinsot, another month later, but they don’t return the money.

I’ll write a lot more about marrying Thai and other traditions, but for now we’ll read other interesting and useful articles by

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Is it possible in Thailand to marry a 15-year-old

As I already said, with the secret Cream, we continued to correspond in Line and after my departure to Russia. At first I thought that her name was Kim, it was she who pronounced the English word Cream)) I thought that she was 19 years old, she told me so in Pattaya.

Word for word, Cream asked me if I would like to marry her. Yes, I didn’t mind. I demanded that she go home to her Ubon in the village, and wait for me there. Since she worked in Pattaya for only 2 weeks, I could close my eyes to this slip in her life - which of us is not sinless ...

The next day, she asked if she would stop me if she was younger. Well, I figured that somewhere around 17 probably, I say that everything is ok, no problem. Taika admitted that she was only 15, sent a photo ID card. When I found out, all my anger turned towards her parents. How can I send my own child, who has not even finished school, to work in Pattaya?

In Thailand, official marriage is allowed from the age of 20, with the consent of parents it is allowed from the age of 17. This refers to the official, with a list in the documents, such as registration in our registry office. But Cream is only 15 ...

By the way, just recently I wrote an article about sex with minors, and the topic of marriages with such girls is also mentioned there, there is historical data, so my position on this issue is expressed clearly in that article, the section “Examples from history”.

It is clear that we can arrange Thai traditional marriage (an analogue of the Russian wedding in the church). This is not recognized by law, but between all Thais it will be considered that we are husband and wife. Such a marriage, I think, and at 15 the village will arrange)) they do not care: farang pays, parents agree, there is a good reason to get drunk, what else is needed ...

But I think there is another problem. If the farang publicly announces its relationship with a minor, then it is likely that, at the knock of some caring next of kin, the police will appear on the very wedding night to take the groom for an ass or for a warm, wet udder. And then - either a huge ransom to the wife’s family, or a trip to Bangkok Hilton for a very long bad time.

Nevertheless, until the visa and legal issues have been resolved, we secretly discussed the cost of syncot. Cream, referring to the parents called the amount of 1,500,000 baht, and gold 5 baht weight. They value their girl dearly)) I lowered the price tag to 100,000 baht and 3 baht of gold. For waiting for me at home, Cream asked a monthly maintenance of 30,000, then 20,000, and finally 15,000 baht. I also brought down this price tag to 5,000 baht per month. I wanted to say secretly with the words from the Private dancer: “Do you want to live in Udon, or buy it?”

Then there were long negotiations on the size of the syncot, where I lowered it to the standard 100 thousand.

Cream, unlike my Moo, did not have to persuade for a long time. She immediately left Pattaya for her village. Apparently naive, and still trusting the farang, she decided that I would get married right tomorrow. I postponed our proposed wedding for 3 months, when she is at least 16. Actually, I don’t have any extra money or free time to go to Thailand now.

Another reason is that now I talk with another secret, and I only keep Cream as a spare, and, admittedly, an unlikely option. Yes, I had to send secret 5000 baht. I understand that this money has been thrown to the wind, since with Cream most likely nothing will work. I’m not sure that I’d risk going like this on a knife blade, marrying a 15-year-old in Thailand. But at least I pulled the girl out of Pattaya, returned home, maybe she will change her mind. Although I did a good deed, to karma plus)))

In the village, Cream became bolder, began to consistently ask me to build a house right now, buy a car, or at least a telephone. So far, everything has been refused)) I tell her that everything will be, but only after the wedding. Here is a photo of the house - they live very poorly. Even the floor is earthen. If, of course, this photo her houses. But I don’t think she is cheating here.

It’s not even a fact that she will really live at least a month at home. But let's see. About the visa, Taika said that her parents told her about the presence of a certain Fan Spots Travel three-month visa, which would allow her to come to me at least every 3 months. What kind of visa is this, I don’t know anything about it.

If anyone knows whether this can be done, who knows Thai (or even Russian) legislation, and what it can threaten me with, I will be glad to hear any feedback.