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Download videos from Flash Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox


Often we come across sites with Flash animation: games, videos, animated cards that we would like to save on our computer in order to later share these files with friends or with other Internet users.

There are a lot of ways to download and save flash-animation to your computer on the Internet. Most often, you need to get into the site code and find a link to the flash file in it. Then download.

But there are ways more interesting and easier.

Service Save2GO

I want to bring to your attention the simplest way downloadflash-animation and save it to your computer using the online service.

Save2GO - An online service with which you can download media files from sites: flash-animation (files in .swf format), video in flv format and more.

Using this service is very simple, as in principle, with similar services for downloading videos from social networks.

To download the flash movie .swf you need to follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Copy the URL link of the page where there is a flash animation that you are going to download to your computer. For example, on the page there is a flash animation that can be downloaded as a workout.

Step 2. Paste the copied URL into the special field of the Save2GO service. Click on the button “Save from site”.

Step 3. We get as a result a list of flash files in .swf format. We click on the link, and the process of downloading files to a computer that is familiar to everyone begins.

In this way, you can easily download the flash file (in swf format) to your computer and use it offline or put it on your website without much labor and knowledge of the html code.

Download Flash Animation (SWF) via Mozilla Firefox Browser

Flash animations (SWFs) can be easily downloaded through the Mozilla Firefox browser. Who does not have it, respectively, download and install. We tear off through the Mazil browser the page of the site where the flash animation you want to download is located, and anywhere on this page we press the right mouse button, calling the context menu. Select the menu item - Page Information.

If you right-click on the video itself, you will not see the option Page Information.

In the window Page Information select tab Multimedia. A list of the multimedia objects that are present on this page is displayed. In this list you need to find a line with the extension .SWF. This will be the flash file. Select this line (by clicking on it with the mouse pointer) and click on the button Save as.

Download Flash animation to your computer.

Download Flash Animation (SWF) via Google Chrome

You can also download flash animations or games through the Google Chrome browser. Who does not have it, respectively, download and install. Open the site page through the Chrome browser where the flash movie is located and right-click on the site pages by calling the context menu. Select item - View Page Code.

You can also use the hot keys - Ctrl+U.

Next, find the line in the code with the extension .SWF. To do this, call the search string (Ctrl+F) and enter .swf into it and find, thus, the line of code we need.

It will look like this:

Here it must be copied to the clipboard. Select all the contents of the code inside the quotation marks, but do not copy the quotation marks themselves and click Ctrl + C - copy.

After that, paste the copied code (line) at the end of the main URL of the site, like this: and click Enter. The file will automatically download to your computer. If the automatic download did not happen, then save it yourself by clicking Save Page As.

This principle is valid in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others.

If there are other ways to download flash-files, write in the comments as a supplement to this article.

How to install Flash Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox?

You can download Flash Video Downloader either immediately by the link at the end of the article, or find it yourself through the add-ons store.

To do this, in the upper right corner of the browser, click on the menu button and in the window that appears, open the section "Additions".

In the upper right corner of the window that appears, in the search box, enter the name of our add-on - Flash video downloader.

The first item on the list displays the add-on we are looking for. Click the Install button to the right of it to add it to Firefox.

Once the installation is complete, for the add-on to work correctly, you will be prompted to restart Firefox.

How to use Flash Video Downloader?

Despite the name, this add-on is capable of loading not only flash-videos.

Take the same Youtube site that has long gone from Flash to HTML5. When you open the video you wanted to download, an add-on icon will appear in the upper area of ​​the browser, which you must click on.

For the first time, a window appears prompting you to activate Flash Video Downloader promotional offers. If necessary, you can refuse this attractive offer by clicking on the button "Disabled".

By clicking on the icon again, the video download menu will expand on the screen. Here you will need to determine the format of the video, as well as its quality, on which the size of the downloaded file directly depends.

Hovering over the appropriate file, select the button that appears next to it. "Download". Next, Windows Explorer opens, in which you need to specify the location on the computer where your video will be saved.

Flash Video Downloader is a great addition for comfortable downloading videos from the Internet. This add-on easily copes not only with YouTube videos, but also with many other sites where previously videos could only be played through a browser in online mode.

Looking for the address of the SWF movie in the code

To do this, turn on the search using hot keys Ctrl + F , and in the search field enter .swf . Then click Enter .

Find the address itself, which will look like:

http: //
or this view:


If you have the second option, then the address is relative, not absolute. It must be put on the left to the address of the main page of the site.

Make the address a link

If the video appears, copy the address into a notebook, and make a link, that is, add the corresponding code to it.

As a result, the inscription in the notebook will look like this:

Choose File - Save As , and save this file with the extension .html .

Other options

Although the option described above seems to me the most interesting, I’ll give you other ways to save the flash on your computer.

  • Using site Enter the address of the page on which your flash movie is located, and click Save from site . A link to the video will appear below. Right click and select Save link as. or Save by link. .
  • Using a browser plugin, for example, Downloadhelper for Firefox .
  • Using downloaders, for example, Download Master. First you need to find the address of the flash movie, and then insert it into the bootloader.

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I did everything according to the first example, until the moment when you need to save by reference, it saves me only as an html document, but not as a gif or swf

the second method also did not work, the site did not help (

Can I somehow save the movie in gif format?

Ara thanks yes, it helped.

Why so mock people? You go to the page with flash, right-click on an empty place, select "save as" then "web page completely", one html file is created and a folder with page files is next. In this folder you will find your flash.swf. Good luck

How to download an online magazine, and how to install a virtual printer to save pages from the INTERNET (not from a computer) to PDF or with another extension?

for example this one:

Printing - and then specify the virtual printer. doPDF is fine, and it installs in the usual way.

Install doPDF from off. site failed. Managed portable doPDF. Either he (doPDF) changed something, or this helped:

Now I can virtually print PDF only one sheet at a time, but this is good. How did I get it? I won’t know. What worked? I don’t know, but I would like to know. Also included in Services Print Spooler.

Maybe someone will come in handy.

Who doesn’t work through the site, insert the link not to the page with the video itself, but to the parameter for the player from the javascriipt code, like this:

This can be seen if you open the page code.

I can’t write this address correctly in a notebook

to form a link

checked in a flash movie it works

It just downloads from me even if I click on your link in the comment.

Thanks for the answer! The link really works, but it didn’t work out using your method, since opening this link through the mobile device gives the warning “this .swf file may harm the device”, it loads, but it doesn’t open. After digging around, I found this file on the Flippinf Book and pasted it on my website uktsii-herbalife

And if not on a mobile, but on a computer? If it is downloaded, it should open.