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In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, there are 15 Daedric artifacts that can be obtained from completing Daedric Prince quests. These are unique items that have a variety of powerful effects. To find Daedric artifacts in Skyrim we suggest you read our guide - The location of all 15 Daedric artifacts in the Skyrim game.

↑ Quest Black Star - Azura Star
To start this quest, go to the top of the mountain in the temple of Azura.

All you need to do is complete the quest to get this artifact.

↑ Quest Crazy Mind - Wabbajek Wand
Find a child named Derevin, who roams somewhere along the streets of Solitude. Now you need to transfer the message to its owner. To do this, in fact, you need to find the owner and complete the quest to get this artifact. To do this, you need to kill Pelgia with the Wabbajack rod, kill the wolf, kill the goat, kill the bandit, kill Pelagius, kill Hagraven, kill Pelagius, kill the Flame Atronach, and then kill the dragon priest. For the sequence of Paranoia you need to kill the king. First you need to kill Pelagius twice, and then strengthen anger with Wabbajack once.

↑ Dawn Dawn Quest - Sword of the Dawn
This quest is located west of Solitude, near the statue of Merida. Complete the quest to receive an artifact.

↑ Quest Call of Boethiah - Ebonite Mail
Head to the east side of Windhelm and look for the Sanctuary of Boethiah (Sacellum of Boethiah). Start the quest. You need to find Bee and Brab in Riften and ask him to touch the fire. To offer a sacrifice, you will have to close someone in this room to receive an artifact.

↑ Quest The House of Horrors in Markarth - Mace of the Moal Ball
Near the old haunted house, someone will ask you to go with him. You need to find the priest of Boethius and complete the quest in order to get the artifact.

↑ Quest Dog - Daedra's Friend - Clavicus Vile Mask
In Falkrit, the guard will tell you the story of the missing dog. To complete this quest, you need to find the Shame of Hamar (Haemar’s Shame) in the south of a large mountain (or east of Helgen). Now get the “ax” and bring it back to the guard to get another artifact.

↑ Quest Shards of Former Glory - Razor of Merunes
In Dunstar, go to the museum and start the quest. Now you need to find 3 pieces of the sword to get this artifact.

↑ Quest Beyond the Ordinary - Ogma Infinium
Quest Beyond the Ordinary - Ogma Infinium When you start the main quest and talk with Septimius Segony, he will ask you to find an ancient scroll. Now start the second quest, make an imprint of the Lexicon scrolls and take the collected blood of the Dark Elf, Wolf Elf, High Elf, Falmer and Orc and kill one to get blood. Now go to the bandit camp for the blood of an elf and an orc, you can visit Mzulf to find the Falmer.

↑ Quest Taste of Death - Ring of Namira
Quest Taste of Death - The Ring of Namira In Marcart, look for Verul. Now start the quest - you need to clear the Necropolis. Now that Eola is talking about cannibalism, respond positively. Then remove the undead from the altar of Namir. Agree to lure Verul to the altar. Beat and kill Verul and eat his flesh. Coluo Namira will appear in your inventory.

↑ Quest Unforgettable Night - Rosa Sanguina
In Aivarstead, head to the Vilemyr Inn and look for Sam Guevenne. He wants to drink with you, do it to get another artifact.

↑ Quest Call of the Moon - Skin of the Savior
At Falkrita Prison you will find a child. He will give you a damned ring. After that, the quest will begin. Complete it to get an artifact.

↑ Quest The Walking Nightmare - Skull of Corruption
First you need to complete the Walking Nightmare quest in Donstara. Now speak with the priest in the tavern to receive the artifact. At the end of the quest you will have to kill him.

↑ Quest The Only Cure - Spellbreaker
Find the path to the Peryite Temple somewhere in the mountains between Markarth and Solitude. Complete the quest to get an artifact.

↑ Quest The Cursed Tribe - Volendrang
To get this wonderful hammer, you need to complete the quest The Cursed Tribe, which begins in the location Largashbur.

Volendrang, also known as Hammer of Might, absorbs 50% of energy per hit.

↑ Blindsighted Quest - Skeleton Key
Blindsighted is a thieves guild quest. During this quest, the Skeleton Key must be returned to Twilight Sepulcher. The skeleton key is nothing more than a beautiful unbreakable master key. You can keep it for yourself, but then you cannot complete all the missions of the thieves guild. The choice is yours.


  • Obtained through the quest Discerning the Transmundane given by Septimus Signus, who is found at his outpost north of the College of Winterhold. To gain access to the book, you will need to get a blood sample from each of the Mer races: Orsimer, Bosmer, Dunmer, Altmer, and Falmer using the Essence Extractor. This mixture will approximate the blood of the Dwemer.

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