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What to do so that everyone loves and respects you?


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Show an open, loving attitude towards people. If you want everyone to love, love everyone. Be a pleasant, polite and friendly person towards everyone. No one can see the lack of the kindest of people. Show understanding. Be respectful to everyone.

Start with the basics. Personal hygiene. Appropriate clothing. If you respect yourself, people will notice it.

Confirm words with deeds! Live in accordance with your moral principles and ideals. Always learn new things.

Smile, be open and available for communication. Be full of compassion and compassion.

Surround yourself with what brings you happiness. Imagine your body with a sponge that absorbs everything around. How much happiness is inside you, so much you can share with others. The same goes for anger, sadness and envy. Keep balance in your emotions.

Give others time. The most you can share is your time and energy.

Be always yourself. Let people value you for who you are, and not for who they consider you to be.

Enjoy life and learn to relax. If in society you are constantly clamped and nervous, it will be noticeable. Let others see that you are happy and calm, not upset and full of stress. If people see a light person in you, they will be more attracted to you than seeing that you are nervous for any reason.

Be confident in yourself. People rarely want to communicate with those who suffer from low self-esteem. If people see that you are self-confident and at the same time disinterestedThey will strive to communicate with you.

Everyone wants to be loved by everyone around them, but how to make sure that all people of you fell in love and respected, not everyone knows. There are many methods and methods, but in the end, the problem for most remains unsolved. After all, no one can be forced love yourself, you can only change yourself for the better, then you will be loved.

The psychologists in this article will tell you about how to make you fall in love all people around, friends and relatives. Since love is a powerful force, if used correctly and in the right direction. And not to satisfy their needs and selfishness.

Why should people love you?

Think about this question, the time you need, and write down all the points on a piece of paper, for which people should love and respect you. Write sincerely, do not fool yourself. This will allow you to understand why many love you or not. You can begin to search in yourself and develop what you and others will like and then love will come into your life. If you have nothing to write, then this is the main reason why you are not loved.

Love yourself

If you cannot love yourself, then how other people will be able to to love? Remember how you relate to yourself, so people will relate to you. If you are not comfortable with yourself, lonely and you hate yourself, then just the same people will treat you, because they are a reflection of your inner world.

Change your thoughts and attitude towards yourself, then people will change as well. If you have problems, solve them at the level of thoughts, because otherwise you can’t solve the problem and it will appear again and again until you decide to find its root inside yourself. Find out: how to make real friends, because living with friends, in a group or group, is much more fun and exciting than being alone, which, incidentally, is sometimes necessary for awareness.

Love your neighbor as yourself

Many believe that this saying means that you need to love yourself and become an egoist, so that people love you. This is not entirely true, and this statement of the wisest people has a completely different meaning. The essence of our life is to unite all together into a single energy - the soul that exists. Selfishness does not allow us to do this, and until people begin to unite together and be in love each other, then nothing will happen, there will be no changes.

To love one’s neighbor means changing one’s opinion to the world and people, and through their thoughts and emotions to begin to wish people well and love them. When your thoughts are filled with hatred and selfishness, nobody will be able to fall in love with you; what you give is what you receive.

Do what you love

Remember that what you did or did not do, there will always be someone who will criticize and humiliate you. It makes no sense to be offended and angry at such people, since nature has granted them such properties. All you have to do is find yourself in life, your destiny, your mission, work, hobbies, your favorite business. Live the way you want, do not be afraid that you are criticized. Criticism is the result of not sitting still, but acting.

To do so so that people love youjust don’t pay attention to their opinions and continue to work on yourself and your life. Adapting to the opinions of others, you will not achieve anything in life. But do not do harm to people, remember that you need to love your neighbor as yourself, and not to harm or adapt to everyone.

Do good to people, help them

All that people need is help, not necessarily cash. Even if you don’t get a word of thanks, continue to help people. Just some brought up to say thanks, while others do not. Some were born with the properties of villains and murderers, while others with the property of kindness and love for others. We are all different, and this suggests that we are all one, because, having united together, into one soul, we will see what power we have and what we have, opportunities are revealed. Help all people, because giving something to another person will give you a hundredfold. Learn: how to learn how to live a fun, no matter what, since life is not eternal and its, you need to live not only consciously, but also in a harmony of peace and joy.

Why do you think people don’t love you

Many want make people love youbut they don’t understand and cannot realize that there are those who love them. Our thoughts are aimed at the fact that we are not loved, although the World is not the way you imagine. Try to take, and change your thoughts, directing them to what everyone loves you and respect and track the result. What we constantly think about is being realized. Negative thoughts will create only negative life and problems, positive and confident thoughts, will create a happy and successful life.

How often it happens that people treat each other disrespectfully, "get on their heads", insult and even humiliate! In every large team there is always someone who is not respected, whose opinion is not interested, they are used in their interests. At a younger age, such children become outcasts, they are openly bullied, in their youth they are the ones who are constantly sent to the store for another can of beer, and they simply ignore such a person at maturity.

If this person is you, it's time to change the situation! How to make you respected? The options that most people resort to are many. And to declare oneself, show one’s strengths, trying to arouse respect among the environment. And learn to stand up for themselves, responding with sharp remarks to their offensive phrases. And do not pay attention. But all this does not work! Why? Because several rules come into force:

  • People treat us the way we allow ourselves to relate.
  • People relate to us as we relate to ourselves.

These two rules act in unison, so it is futile to try to work only on the first. And all the options that were listed above relate specifically to attempts to prevent people from treating us like that.

Remember, if you consider yourself unworthy, others will consider you unworthy.

If you consider yourself ugly, others will see all sorts of flaws in you and will be blind to your virtues.

If you think and speak badly of yourself, constantly criticize yourself and thereby humiliate yourself, then people will think badly of you, discuss, condemn and respond unflattering.

If you hurt yourself, tormented by guilt or a sense of inferiority, then others will hurt you, giving you even more opportunities to torment yourself.

If you do not accept yourself as you are, no one will accept you, people will avoid communicating with you.

If you do not love yourself, do not value and respect, those around you will not be able to love, appreciate and respect you.

Everything that you want to receive from the outside world, you must first take from the inner world. And only when you raise your bar in your own eyes, you begin to take care of your body and soul, then you will notice changes in relationships with people. This applies to peers, and older people, and your gender and the opposite. The answer to the question: "How to make you respected?" - Start to respect yourself.

A friend of mine suffered from a relationship with a beloved guy. He was a drug addict, lived in her apartment with her money. And constantly stole something, not admitting to it. But she knew that it was him, since she had seen with her own eyes how he carried gold from the apartment. And she let him do it. “I love him, only I can help him,” she cried, “he will disappear without me.” Would a girl who respected herself endure such humiliation? Not. Would a girl who appreciates herself become a mess with a drug addict? Not. And the phrase "love of evil - love and goat" does not work here. "Goat" can only be loved by a girl with low self-esteem.

Do you want to argue? Good. Imagine that you are walking past a garbage can where a homeless person is rummaging. This homeless man is dirty, smelly, albeit young. Can you fall in love with him? Not. And why? Because it doesn’t even occur to you to look at him, to have a dialogue with him. You simply will not give life the opportunity for this meeting. This is below your dignity, this is not your level. Right? The same rule applies in other cases. When a girl respects herself, she will not look at someone who can offend her.

If we are not talking about the relationship between a man and a woman, but about a team where, for example, you are not respected, then the same rule applies. Fear is born in your soul, people feel it and you become for them a scapegoat. In a person who values ​​himself and respects himself, fear is not born. Fear is just a consequence of dislike and disrespect for oneself. But fear is what is felt at a non-verbal level.

Why are there such children who become outcasts in any groups? Because they have fear. And others feel it. Like dogs. You know that you can’t be afraid of a dog, otherwise it can attack? Even if outwardly you will not show her that you are afraid. She just feels your fear. So it is with children. They rush at the one who is afraid, and peck, peck. And here it’s not at all child crueltybut in fear.

Fear is born from self-doubt, from low self-esteem. Therefore need learn to love yourself, respect yourself and then other people will treat you completely differently.

Keep in touch

Relatives, members of the same family “automatically” should love each other - this is commonly believed. However, everyone knows that in reality the situation is much more complicated. You are tied, this is a fact. But they will be deeper and warmer only if you try to act so that your relatives feel how important it is to you. How to make relatives love you?

Be prepared to spend time with your family

Show relatives that you like their company, invite them to your place for lunch or a cup of coffee. Sister and brother offer a joint trip to a picnic, mother-in-law sometimes buy theater tickets, and take your brother’s wife with you for shopping. Always remember family events, anniversaries, anniversaries. A phone call with wishes or a short visit with a bouquet of flowers will be a trifle for you, and for a lonely aunt - a great occasion for joy. If you give someone a gift, choose it consciously to really bring joy to its addressee.

For people to love, enjoy their success

It happens that relatives compete among themselves: who has better work, more successful children, more comfortable home ... Such behavior is an inexhaustible source of conflict. Do not get involved in them, avoid comparing yourself to others. Do not emphasize your position, do not boast over others, even if your situation is much better than theirs. Praise the apartment your brother and his wife have arranged. Show the joy that the sister's son received an excellent certificate. Congratulate your cousin for losing weight. If you are concerned about how everyone likes it, you will always find a reason for a warm word or gesture.

Avoid financial disputes

Issues related to inheritance, division of property, often cause conflicts among family members. If you find yourself in such a situation, look for compromise solutions that will satisfy both sides. Sometimes it’s even worth giving up something in order to maintain good relations with loved ones and to ensure that everyone loves and respects you as a decent and unselfish person.

Take care of family consent

Are the looks of the mother-in-law annoying you, the mother-in-law driving you crazy with her good advice? It happens. Solve problems without third parties. If you want to find a good way out of the situation, contact the person who annoys you directly and try to influence his behavior diplomatically. Also note that for some things you can just close your eyes. Perhaps all this is not as important as it seemed to you at the beginning. Having earned a reputation as a tolerant and peaceful person, you significantly increase the chances that everyone will like it.

Win the sympathy of colleagues

What does it take to be loved at work? The question is not idle, because here we spend most of our lives. It is important that a pleasant atmosphere reigns there. If there are positive people around you, it will be easier and more enjoyable to work. You can avoid many stresses, and no one will "dig" under you.

Show interest and goodwill

Wanting to build good relationships with people and achieving their love and sympathy, you need to approach them. Listen carefully to what your colleagues are saying, remember the things that are important to them: the names of the children, their school successes, vacation plans. Women willingly share their experience at work, sometimes they even trust problems. When someone tells you a story, do not interrupt to insert your “five cents”. Listen to the end, ask some questions. Your interlocutor will be grateful to you for having devoted your time to him and bestowed attention.

Live in peace with everyone

Where many people work, often small communities arise that wage a quiet war between themselves. If this happens in your office, try to remain impartial and do not take part in conversations in which some condemn others. Moreover, do not initiate such discussions yourself. Sooner or later, this can negatively affect your relationships with other people, and then it will be difficult to get loved. Try to speak well about all, find and voice their strengths. Do not refuse to help colleagues if they cannot cope with something. Of course, this does not mean that you allow yourself to be exploited. If you see someone trying to do everything with your hands, respond.

Try to mitigate conflicts

Another answer to the question of how everyone likes it is to be an “arbiter”. The role of an intermediary is not easy, but you should take it upon yourself if you want everyone to love and respect you as a colleague and just a person. If you see that some kind of conflict is brewing in your workplace, try to resolve it. If you succeed, you will receive gratitude and approval from others. Mediate between colleagues, and do not try to condemn them, do not criticize, do not try to seem smarter. Listen to the arguments of both parties, offer a solution. Say, for example: “I understand your position and position, but maybe we should still settle this dispute?” In such an atmosphere, it will be difficult for us all to work. ”

All of the above applies not only to the work collective, but also to any other social community. Indeed, many are worried about how to like all the neighbors, what to do to be loved in a club of interests, in a fitness room, etc.

Protect time-tested friendship

Some friends are closer to family members. But in order for this to be so, they cannot be neglected. You need to be in constant contact with them: often call them, offer a meeting, be interested in their life. In friendship there is no concept of “I do not want”, and if a loved one needs your help, do everything to provide it. Does a friend have a crisis in a love relationship? Despite the sheer number of responsibilities, it’s worth taking the time to listen to her. Is any of her loved ones sick? Stay with her, help in resolving petty issues to which she now does not reach her hands.

Keep these promises

It breeds and builds trust. Bet on sincerity. Чтобы отношения с другим человеком были глубокими и истинными, в них не должно быть лицемерия. Когда вы видите, что подруга делает то, что, по вашему мнению, для нее не хорошо, у вас есть право и даже обязанность об этом сказать. Конечно, вы не можете навязывать ей своего мнения, ведь это не ваша жизнь.However, hiding behind a fake smile, when everything is boiling inside you, is the wrong way. In turn, you should also take into account the opinion of your friends: in the end, these are people who wish you well. Therefore, it is worth at least considering their point of view.

Make a good impression

How do you like all the people you meet on your way? When we find ourselves in a new environment, we usually worry about how well they will receive us. Your chances for this will be much greater if you position yourself as a natural, smiling, calm person. If you broadcast “I accept myself as I am / as I am,” then others will perceive you in the same way. When talking with new friends, try not to complain about anything. Everyone who begins new social contacts with a stream of complaints, grievances, any negativity is doomed to failure, and it will be difficult for him to establish closer relations with others and, moreover, to win universal love.