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Taking a real Kalashnikov assault rifle and combining it with an MP-654K pistol, the designers of the legendary Izhevsk factory turned the AK into a pneumatic gas balloon weapon, with a capacity of three joules, for which you do not need a permit. They called their offspring a rifle of four and a half millimeter caliber “Junker”.

Junker Air Rifle Overview

The first test model, which later received the name "Junker-1" and was not produced for long (from 1998 to 2001), was equipped with an Izh-671 Cornet pistol inside. Due to the peculiarities of its design, the fuse was not used at all and served only as an ornament. And it was necessary to shoot not from an automatic barrel, but from a ramrod empty inside. So that the bullet would not hit the flame arrester, the ramrod had to be even slightly bent.

Engineers decided to correct the shortcomings by taking the MP-654K valve pistol as a firing device. He allowed the use of an automatic barrel for firing, as well as the use of a fuse. These are the models of Junker-2 (based on AK-105) and Junker-3 (based on AKS-74M), differing in total length and weight.

Ajnj rifles Junker-1 (bottom) and Junker-3 (top)

And the Junker-4 model (the most modern, created on the basis of the AK-74M) boasts a more capacious magazine with 30 bullets (instead of 18, as before), located in the gun’s horn. In addition, the valve mechanism is integrated into the breech of the rifle, which reduced gas leaks.

All modifications are designed for firing iron balls of explosives, which pushes the energy of compressed carbon dioxide in the can (12 or 8 grams) out of the barrel.

Photo air rifle Junker-4

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive qualities of rifles Junker:

  • Rifles are created on the basis of this Kalashnikov, and are not copies. Outwardly similar to military weapons, all hallmarks are preserved. And permission to own and carry is not necessary.
  • The device for transferring fire and the shutter frame can move, the device can be disassembled.
  • The possibility of not very complicated tuning that increases the rate of fire.
  • The valve mechanism, especially in the latest versions, is quite reliable.

Negative qualities:

  • The barrel is not rifled, but smooth - as a result, the accuracy is low.
  • Large weight and bulkiness, inconvenient charging of balls.
  • Power is rather weak.
  • The presence of carbon dioxide leaks during shots that reduce speed.
  • Tight and long descent.


Technical characteristics of air rifles Junker:

SpecificationsIndicatorsUnits measuring
Common parameters:
Device typegas balloon
Barrel typesteel smooth composite
Colourthe black
Descentdouble action, self-cocking
Aimwith adjustment, sector type
Uses for shootingsteel balls BB
the firesingle shots
Feeding with CO2 cans12g
Energy (muzzle)3J
The charge takes off at a speedfrom 70 to 130m / s
The trunk has a length44cm
For model Junker-2:
Length (full)81cm
Balls in the store18PC.
For model Junker-3:
Length (full)94,3cm
Balls in the store18PC.
For model Junker-4:
Length (full)94,3cm
Balls in the store30PC.


We describe the newest model - Junker-4. She has a folding butt made of durable black plastic. The handle, magazine and forend are made of the same material. The smooth barrel and body are made of metal, they are oxidized and have a black color.

The stock develops, going to the left (for this you need to press the button on the side). A tool case is inserted in the back of the stock. On the left side of the barrel box is a device with which you can install optics.

The trigger mechanism here is double, which involves only single shots - there will be no way to release bursts. Sector type sight. The base AK fuse lever is used to put the rifle in the firing position and vice versa.

Air rifle diagram Juncker

1 - barrel with a receiver, sights and stock, forend and handle, 2 - muzzle brake, 3 - gas tube with a receiver pad, 4 - receiver cover, 5 - return mechanism, 6 - bolt frame with a rod, 7 - shop , 8 - pencil case with accessories, 9 - ramrod.


The manufacturer supplies the device in a long box of unpainted cardboard. Opening it, you can see:

  • the rifle itself, packed in a plastic bag,
  • another dense plastic bag with a passport and a set of gaskets (rings and locking elements),
  • third plastic bag with a store.

From the toolkit, a ramrod and a screwdriver are attached to the weapon.

Principle of operation

Taking the feeder all the way down and securing it with a turn, fill the store with steel balls. Then equip the rifle and lower the flag at the translator to the lower position. You can shoot.

By pressing the trigger of an air gun, the shooter sets the trigger in motion. He strikes the rod of the shut-off valve, resulting in a stream of gas, carrying a bullet ball.
On the video, shooting with an air rifle Junker-2:

Disassembly of rifles Junker occurs in the following order:

  1. We remove the submachine gun in which the store is located.
  2. Having removed the cover from the receiver, we take out the return spring.
  3. Now the shutter can be removed.
  4. We remove the gas pipe, for which we have to use the key.
  5. That's it - now you can do the necessary procedures (lubrication, cleaning), and then reassemble in exactly the same way.

In the video, the disassembly of the air rifle Junker:

Optics: which is better

There are different opinions on this score. Some experienced owners of such rifles claim that optics are not very suitable for them. A more practical option may be a collimator type sight. For example, Taiga-2U.

Others believe that the best optical sight for this type of weapon is PSO-1M2 (a domestic-made sniper scope mounted on a standard “dovetail” and featuring a good reticle for aiming).

We’ll warn you right away that you won’t be able to remake a real Kalashnikov rifle (and it’s illegal too). The manufacturers took too many precautionary measures: they even made a hole three times, and put a plug in the breech block tightly. That there was no temptation.

But to increase the speed of the outgoing steel ball is quite possible. To do this, just change the spring at the angled hammer of the valve stem. And to eliminate carbon dioxide leaks, you can seal the weak points with silicone.

It is also possible to order a ready-made kit for the modernization of the rifle from professionals who grind all the details on the machines (which there is no way to do at home). This kit increases the speed of bullets to more than 200 meters per second. It includes: a chamber expander with a gasket, an insert with a sleeve inserted into the breech of the barrel, a locking sleeve with an enlarged section.

In the video, the sighting and upgrade of the Junker air rifle:

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