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How to choose a tattoo for a man: recommendations for choosing a tattoo 40 photos


These conclusions are intended for people who first wanted to tattoo their body, and they are faced with the question of how to find the best sketch for themselves, what to start with, deciding on a choice and how to understand each other with a tattoo master if he is developing author's sketches.

Usually when choosing a picture, I find out the following questions:

Where should the tattoo be located and what size will it be?

The size and shape of the figure should be determined by the anatomical forms of the human body, repeat the shape of the body part or visible muscle groups, unless otherwise specified by the concept of the figure. Do not be afraid if the picture is slightly larger than you originally imagined, but it will look harmoniously on the body, as if the print from the sticker from the chewing gum.

In general, the larger the tattoo, the more spectacular it looks, the better it is perceived from a distance. I have not seen a single person who would regret a large, high-quality tattoo, but who made a small one and returned for revision or overlapping with the words "I had to listen to you" - dozens!

If you want to make a tattoo, for example, on the forearm, you have decided on the pattern and this pattern allows the entire forearm to be closed to them - do not insist the master that it should be 10cm, otherwise it's too big. For you, these extra 10-15 cm will not make the weather, and they won’t hit the pocket much, but the shredded picture: firstly, it’s inconvenient to do, secondly it looks loser than at least half-clogged (in the sense of completely one side) body part . Sooner or later, the empty space begins to callus eyes and you want to continue the tattoo, but it does not always work out. A person gets used to having a tattoo on his body for a maximum of two months, after which he becomes violet at all initially sort of like extra centimeters and he simply enjoys a beautiful, beautiful picture on his body. And it’s more pleasant to put a master in a portfolio.

If this is still you staying in miniature - avoid the following places: wrists (at the bend), palms, ribs of the palms, fingers, feet in their sole. In these places, the skin is very mobile, subject to friction and intensively renewed. Tattoo here presentation will lose pretty quickly.

Will the tattoo have a picture or an ornament?

If the ornament - which style do you like more? Tribal, Polynesia, Maori, Borneo, Celtic, or just a beautiful pattern. More educational program will be held by your master. Keep in mind that islanders' patterns are a little less than completely composed of well-defined symbols, so answer the question for yourself, “by concepts” do you want a Polynesian tattoo or a la polynesia will suit you. Or in general you do not find it necessary to bathe, beautifully - and okay.

If the picture is color or black and white? which style?

Are these traditional styles - Japan, old school? Or is it possible for the relatively recently formed - Newscull, Oriental, Chicano? Or realism from photography? In this case - in more detail, what will it be? Landscape, animal, plant? Or a reproduction of the work of some artist. Or want some mix of styles.

Styles such as Japan and Polynesia do not look small. Work by definition should be big.

Yes, more. Several different tattoos in different styles on one part of the body are not good, so choose one thing. You like Japan and want it on hand - continue with Japan in the future, the Haida will no longer look there. Although - your business.

Or do you really want an author's sketch of a tattoo?

Please note that not all masters draw.

About the preparation of the sketch. Here the process depends on the wizard. Some do not complex, working on other people's sketches, some tattoo exclusively on their flash, some prefer to work in freehand - without a sketch.

Here are some ways to prepare a sketch:

- a collage of drawings already available in the catalog - in Photoshop or directly on the body,

- the wizard manually draws a sketch from scratch, then edits with the client,

- an existing drawing is taken and painted with flowers in its own way,

- drawn directly on the body with markers with pens - freehand,

- a photograph is taken and reproduced on the body.

Masters have different policies about this, so check with your place of contact. I’ll share a couple of thoughts about the sketches. If the master draws a sketch by hand and the work is large, detailed and complex, the client’s phrases “but you can make your eyes a little more romantic” or “you can turn your head a little there” when the sketch is completely drawn, give rise to a desire to say goodbye to the client. The tattoo artist is not photoshop, not 3dmax, and not coreldraw. To draw by hand is a long and difficult task, to redraw a sketch due to trifles destroys the pleasure of doing the work, especially if the measurements are uncritical and unprincipled. I prefer to draw everything in the presence of the client. Let it be collective creativity, and there will be less misunderstanding, and it will positively affect the result.

Personally, I don’t find the client’s stupid phrase “I want a tattoo, but I don’t know what and where. Advise.”

If you chose a master among many, you saw his works and you sincerely like them - this tattoo artist will advise you what he likes the most and what he would like to do, which means he will do it with pleasure and the result will be better. In this case, you will most likely be offered several options, among which you select the best. Of course, if the further conversation does not turn into digging in the catalog during the afternoon, sorting through cabbage soup, nosing, they say, "I don’t know whether I like it or not, but how it will be, well, I’ll think about it.".

When I ask for creative work and know who I'm going to, I reason like this: "I want to do something like this, it should look something like this, then do as you see fit, I trust." Let the result be a pleasant surprise for you. Believe me, it is much more pleasant to work with such a client, I myself know. If this operating mode is bad for the master and he begins to frankly filon - it quickly becomes clear or the master has already spoiled his reputation. Turning to him is optional.

5. It is not good when a client brings a photo of a tattoo and asks for a copy. Firstly, plagiarism is not good, and secondly, if you really want to do just that, it’s not a fact that it’s possible to transfer the drawing to the skin from the tattoo photo as it is. Tattoos are sometimes photographed at an angle, and because of this, the image is somewhere, but distorted. Thirdly, each master still has his own handwriting and level, and copying one into one may fail. Fourthly, sometimes brought photographs are in small resolution and it is impossible to print and normally transfer to the skin. This applies to all the images you bring. The higher the resolution, the more convenient it is to work. Photos of tattoos are appropriate in combination with the phrase "I want to do something like this." And the components of the picture can be found independently in the course of the play.

And, in the end, you are not confused by the fact that this tattoo is already on someone else? It is this one that perfectly emphasizes your femininity and sexuality or brutality and the unbridled power of an alpha male in the case of a male.

If this is your first tattoo

If this is your first tattoo, and you want something small to try your hand at the presence of a foreign spot on your skin (rude, of course, but it doesn’t change the essence) - do it either where you won’t continue for sure, or choose such a drawing so that it would be possible to competently modify it or easily block it with something global. Most likely, you will like to wear a tattoo and you want to see something more on your body. And it will become very sad that the first inscription on your shoulder blade will prevent you from doing large-scale work for the whole back, because it is unsightly knocked out of the picture, but it doesn’t work out. Always think about going on.

A little about the choice of the concept of a tattoo and a place in this regard.

Do not worry that you cannot hide the tattoo when you need to. You can hammer your body according to the classical irezumi scheme, when almost the entire body and limbs are covered with a tattoo, at least to the knees and elbows, and you can easily hide all this with a shirt with a medium-length sleeve and short shorts. Yes, it may be necessary to revise the wardrobe to some extent, but in my opinion this is not very scary. Tattoos on the head, hands, neck and face can interfere with living.

Frankly trashy tattoos may lose their relevance over time, you may no longer want to keep the image of a madman, and may require overlap.

Religious views, too, oddly enough, are dynamic and can change throughout life. I try to dissuade from rash religious tattoos.

With strong significant magical symbols, one must also be careful. Even those who do not believe in all this - imagine this works. Or it may work, but not in the way you imagined it. Rethink whether you need it, double-check in several reliable sources and decide. Yes, yet, one character can not be interrupted by another. I won’t get into the details, it’s just not worth it.

Portraits of lovers - also a slippery plot. I’m not programming you for anything, but it’s not known how your life will turn out ... Well, you understand.

About miniature tattoos.

Many small drawings on the body look vulgar and stupid. One or two maximum. otherwise, either thoughts come of bad taste or a pathological fear of a mother who, God forbid, will find out and forgiveness can be implored only by the fact that she’s a little shit, well, what’s wrong with that.

The more you learn about the subject you are paying for, the more likely you are to get the best result. Therefore, do not be lazy to search, watch the works of different masters, compare and choose the best.

I hope my reasoning will help you competently approach the choice of a sketch for a tattoo that will please you all your life.

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Some basic tips for choosing a tattoo

I must admit that many do not even suspect how to choose a tattoo. Often guided by emotions and momentary desires. For example, one of the rules says that you can’t go to the master and put a picture on the body as soon as there is a desire to decorate yourself with a tattoo. Between two events - the emergence of desire and the direct impalement of the drawing - several weeks should pass. This time is necessary in order to accurately understand and realize whether you need a tattoo.

Here are some tips for choosing a tattoo for a man:

  • decide on the place of application - think about whether you want to show the picture to others or prefer it to hide under clothes,
  • think in what style you want to tattoo - there are a lot of styles, familiarize yourself with them, and if you can’t make a choice yourself, consult a master,
  • select several sketches that you like, and based on them, ask them to create a unique sketch for you,
  • Think about what colors you want to use in the tattoo - only black or different, brighter colors.

Fortunately, today there should be no problems with how to choose a tattoo for a man. Indeed, on the Internet, including on our website, there are many photos of real tattoos. After looking at such photos, each person will be able to understand on which part of the body he wants to wear the image, which style he likes more than others, and which colors will be winning.

How to choose a tattoo by character: the main meaning of the figures

If you still can’t decide, we’ll tell you how to choose a tattoo by nature - for this you should pass a simple psychological test. To do this, among the five geometric shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle, zigzags), choose two that you like more than others, and then get acquainted with their characteristics. The information obtained will allow you to understand in which direction you need to move in order not to make a mistake with the choice. We recommend that you first select the shapes, and then read their description - so testing will be as objective as possible.

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Note!It is especially important how to choose a tattoo for a man also because the underbody pattern, one way or another, has an impact on the future fate of a person. Therefore, a correctly selected sketch will become a real amulet, will help in solving life difficulties and problems.

  • Square. The choice is hardworking, those who always bring any business to the end. For people who like the square, everything happens in a timely manner.
  • Rectangle. Often it is chosen by those who are only looking for themselves and their place in life. Such people have an inquiring mind, they are brave and interested in everything that happens around.
  • Triangle. The choice of leaders. The figure is preferred by those who know how to concentrate on the goal and know how to come to it.
  • A circle. This figure is those who can empathize.
  • Zigzags. The choice of creative personalities.

How to choose a tattoo for a man by color

By the way, if you are interested in how to choose a tattoo by nature, be sure to pay attention to the colors that you want to use in the drawing. Here are brief characteristics of the primary colors:

  • red - improves mood, gives energy, but it should not be used too much,
  • yellow - activates thought processes, but its large number leads to anxiety,
  • blue - calms and relaxes,
  • green - reliability, support, fertility,
  • purple - helps relieve overexcitation.

The same characteristics apply to the shades of the listed colors.

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For example, if you want a tattoo on your entire chest, you need to choose a pattern that will exactly match its shape, emphasize its contours and be symmetrical. But there are certain points - if the image will smoothly "flow" down, then in such a situation, symmetry is not a prerequisite. It is important that the whole picture looks beautiful and harmonious.

The rest of the torso or ribs will ideally look at images unfolded in profile and looking in the same direction as the person. Full-face images in these places can look ridiculous, because they are distorted, loses its symmetry. However, for each individual tattoo it is still better to first speak with the master, and only then make a final decision.

On the back, as well as on the chest, it is worth stuffing symmetrical patterns. A good option would be images that seem to line up along the spine. Although in general, the back is almost the perfect canvas for the work of the master.

On the hands it is worthwhile to apply elongated images, because round, wide drawings will be "lost". The same rule applies to the legs.

But it’s not worth stuffing with brushes, because tattoos wear out very, very quickly in these places. If you still decide to fill the picture in this place, it is recommended to choose something that will never get tired and never get tired, because it is you who you will see most often. And in no case do not hit tattoos on the palms. On the neck, images can be applied, both along and across.

If on someone a particular drawing looks incredibly attractive, then this is far from the fact that it will look at you as well. Since it is necessary to consider a number of factors:

  • body condition
  • man’s style
  • other.

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How to choose a place for a tattoo: tips and tricks

Choosing a site for a tattoo is a responsible matter. It would seem that a place for a tattoo, where the soul asks - to apply there. But an incorrectly chosen place can distort the whole meaning of a tattoo, reduce its effectiveness and even make the image ridiculous. For example, a picture-portrait applied to a shoulder blade will also move when the owner moves, and visually the face in the portrait will become distorted and look ridiculous and ridiculous.

Hand tattoo

Hands take first place in popularity, it is on the arms, shoulders, wrist and forearm that most often get tattoos. Indeed, these areas are great for small to medium sized tattoos. It is fashionable today to apply a tattoo sleeve, creating a storyline along the entire length of the arm from the brush or even fingers to the shoulder itself. Biomechanics look no less popular and very stylish on the shoulder and forearm - a realistic picture in the form of steel muscles, plates, levers, etc.

The wrist is in demand among girls, although men are not far behind. On this site, miniature tattoos are depicted, which can be hidden from prying eyes at any time. The most popular wrist tattoos:

Fingers and the back of the palm of the hand are not often covered with tattoos, and sailors and military men usually tattoo these places.

Leg tattoos

Increasingly, tattoos are applied to the legs, to the front of the thigh, or to the palm above the knee. Бедро – идеальное место для тату, тут и холст ровный, и площадь для полета фантазии большая, и убрать от посторонних глаз просто. К тому же, правильный рисунок поможет визуально скрыть дефекты фигуры и растяжки. Лодыжка нарасхват у девушек – они наносят тату в виде цепочек или цветов, вполне привлекательно смотрится.

Татуировка на лице и голове

The head is also a canvas for tattoos. On the one hand, this seems like an extreme stretch, and on the other, a tattoo on the head is easier to hide by letting go of the hair. There is also a third party, to flaunt a tattoo you will have to regularly shave baldly.

The girl’s master’s hand is substituted for the face to change or improve the form:

This is called permanent makeup, it is usually enough for three to four years and it requires regular adjustment. Tattoos on the face in the form of paintings are also made, however it is very, very extreme, you can’t hide it in any way.

Tattoo on the back

Shovel is also a favorite place for girls, tattooing is easy, and there is a lot of space. A dream, not a place. Men also often choose a shoulder blade as a canvas for a tattoo, especially suitable for abstraction or biomechanics. The tattoo on the lower back does not look a bit fashionable, although there are people who want to put an ornament there.

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What tattoo to choose: some additional tips that many just forget about!

Talk about how to choose a tattoo can be quite a long time. The topic is so large-scale, extensive that the article may turn out to be too voluminous, and few people read it to the end.

But we have prepared you some more additional recommendations on the topic of which tattoo to choose - few people think about them, but they are really very important.

  • To get a unique sketch, sometimes it’s not at all necessary to draw it “from scratch”. You can take several individual elements from different tattoos found on your network and combine them correctly.
  • When thinking about which tattoo to choose, remember that the master is able to realize almost any of your desires. Feel free to tell what exactly you want to receive. If this is a real professional, there will be no problems with creating a sketch and transferring it to the body!
  • Do not forget to specify what this or that symbol can mean in different cultures and faiths. Perhaps he has inherent abusive characteristics.
  • Thinking about which tattoo to choose and giving preference to hieroglyphs, be sure to try to find the exact "decoding", the translation of the meaning of the hieroglyph. Otherwise, embarrassment is possible.
  • Do not choose names as a tattoo. For example, there is no need to put your name on - well, what's the point? And you definitely should not put the name of the second half - life is unpredictable and the likelihood that your relationship may end, still exists.
  • Some, lost in thought, which tattoo to choose, pay too much attention to the meaning, meaning of a possible image. However, in reality, a tattoo may not have any meaning whatsoever, nor be endowed with a deep meaning. After all, today, tattooing is a direction of art. Therefore, do not focus too much on the semantic load.
  • Do not forget that tattoos require care and not only immediately after application, but always! Of course, most of all, attention should be paid to them during the healing period of the skin. The most difficult thing is to provide care for the drawings on the face, legs and arms.

Note!If you are not completely sure that you want to go with a tattoo, you have internal blocks, then do not rush to go to the salon. Most likely, you are not yet ready for such a crucial step.

We have given you a lot of tips on how to choose a tattoo - they are all relevant and equally important. It is impossible to highlight any individual aspects - in order for you to like and suit the tattoo, you should take into account all the recommendations described.

Types of Tattoos

How to choose a tattoo style

Tattoo artists, sometimes called tinkers, usually distinguish a couple of dozen styles of these decorative drawings on the body. Keep in mind: in different tattoo parlors some styles may be called differently, combining into one, or excluding individual styles, so this list is not absolutely universal.

Ethnic Tattoo

As in many other styles of tattoos, the motives of such drawings are quite understandable from the name of this type. Thanks distinctive characteristics of this style, which usually combines traditional classical styles of various peoples of the world, ethnic style is almost impossible to confuse with any other.

How to distinguish Ethnic style tattoo from other styles?

Such tattoos are original and easily recognizable. Among them, tattoos with Celtic motifs are often the most popular, oriental tattoo (usually Chinese and Japanese characters, Indian characters), Scythian tattoos (often include animal themes), Polynesian, Slavic signs and many, many other motifs.

Quite often, people who choose the ethical style of tattoos tend to indian tattoos. It just so happened that very common sentences in tattoo parlors there are symbols of Maya, Aztecs, signs and letters of the small Indian people of Haida, and some other motifs. Many tattoo artists even single out individual styles from Ethnic - Maya, Maori, Polynesia.

Ethnic motifs of tattoos are very diverse, using the same popularity among those who want to get a tattoo. Often people pursue quite specific goal, assigning such a tattoo the meaning of a talisman or amulet. The drawings for such tattoos are selected accordingly: they have a sacred meaning and are associated with the ritual rites of various tribes and peoples.

Engraving Tattoo

The engraving technique itself, as a type of graphic art, which received its initial development in the east more than a thousand years ago, very consonant with tattooing. In fact, both in engraving and in tattooing, cutting occurs. Only in the first case, they cut out on a solid surface (wood, for example, or metal), and in the second case, the human body is "cut".

Initially, the engravings were distinguished by the simplicity of the picture and the famous primitivism. Later, when the art of engraving became directly associated with the first books, thanks to the development of woodcut, as a type of graphic for printing, engraving plots became more and more refined and diverse.

Actually, plots for tattoos performed using the Engraving technique now resemble their prototype not so much with motives, how much the technique of execution. The drawing itself looks very clear, similar to printing using the same woodcut. Large color elements or blurry outlines are usually not used in such an image.

Engraving tattoos are most often performed in black and white, although combinations of other colors are sometimes used. Motives in tune with this techniqueinclude nature views, medieval and biblical stories, mythical animals and monsters. In principle, in the Engraving style, absolutely any pattern can be made, which many clients and tattooists use.

Biomechanic Tattoo

The provocative and sometimes shocking biomechanical tattoos have become part of the tattoo culture relatively recently - about forty years ago. The founder of the cult can be considered Hans Giger, also known for his active participation in the design of the cult motion picture "Alien".

What are typical biomechanic tattoos?

A distinctive feature of tattoos in the style of Biomechanics is the emphasis on the symbiosis of the human body and technical designs. It's almost always about fantastic subjects, where the mechanical details are bizarre, but quite harmoniously combined with that part of the human body onto which these tattoos are stuffed.

The main feature of such tattoos is their amazing realism. If literally a couple of decades ago, tattoo artists were "modest", painting small monochrome technical elements on the bodies of customers, now a tattoo in the style of Biomechanics is real monumental color and black and white canvases of considerable size.

The design of modern tattoos in this style is thought out in such a way that allows the observer from the side look inside the human body with a similar pattern on the skin. And inside - realistic mechanics: from wires and fuses to all sorts of nuts, pistons, monometers and other crankshafts.

Many tattooists also share areas such as Steampunk and Cyberpunk, citing certain arguments in defense of their separate existence. However, this view is quite subjective, and the arguments look far-fetched, because both of the above directions can be safely considered part of the main style - Biomechanics.

In recent years, biomechanical tattoos have become even more realistic and, if you will, frightening thanks to a certain know-how: now different mechanical and electrical filling of drawings viewed through images of torn flesh, often it is harmoniously interwoven with whole or broken bones, internal organs.

There is a feeling of a sort of cybernetic organism. The realism of tattoos in this style is also given by the place where tattoos are stuffed. Usually (but not necessarily) is muscles of the arms and legs. Such a choice adds life and dynamism to the image. Despite the brutality of this style, such tattoos look great on a female body, although more often they are preferred, of course, by men.

Oriental Tattoo

One of the most difficult styles (according to many tattooists) is the Oriental style tattoo, which many tattoo artists call oriental or japanese. The specificity of this style lies in its recognition, which is possible, in fact, due to typical oriental motifs.

Elements of this tattoo, most often performed in color and sometimes occupying up to 75 percent of the body (or even more!), May be different. The most typical motives are mythology, religion, fauna and flora. Since Oriental tattoo is considered a classic Japanese body pattern, the most common tattoo elements are dragons, tigers, koi fish (i.e. carp), geisha, samurai, sakura, chrysanthemum and other topics.

The history of Japanese tattoos is very distinctive and rich in interesting details, however, to a potential client of a tattoo parlor who decided to fill an Oriental-style tattoo, you should know the main thing: usually the symbols, signs and images that make up the whole ensemble of such a tattoo should carry some meaning.

However, the beauty and brilliance of such tattoos, almost always stuffed in rich colors, are so fascinating that the lack of meaning can well be compensated the entertainment of such tattoos. Therefore, it is not surprising that some masters instead of the Japanese dragon stuff the Chinese dragon, which differ not only in appearance.

Ideally, of course, you should look for a tattoo specialist who could not only cope with the technical embodiment of this difficult task - stuffing Oriental tattoos, but also would understand the characters, as well as the symbolic meaning of certain elements inherent in tattoos of this style.

Oriental style tattoos are usually full of numerous background details. And the canvas itself rarely has color free items, which, in addition, differ (at least, should differ) in excellent geometry and harmonious proximity with different decorative elements.

Blackwork Tattoo

If there is any tattoo style, among the whole variety of tattoo styles, which is the easiest to learn, is Blackwork. The name of this style, which translates into Russian as "dirty work"should be understood in the most literal sense of the word. By the way, it is this style that can be quite easily described without even showing the works themselves.

Blackwork tattoos are clear contrasting tattoos, the design of which includes black elements covering a significant area of ​​the body. Essentially, if you beat on your back the black square of some Malevich - it will be a blackwork tattoo! Or any other geometric figure, silhouette, pattern, etc., "flooded" with black paint.

Blackwork tattoos look easy to apply to the body - but this is a deceptive impression. Drawings in this style are taken by people who are really deeply versed in applying tattoos to the body. It is with such "black work" that the tattoo artist takes on maximum responsibility for the health of the client’s skin

Blackwork style in tattoos is a vivid representative of, so to speak, style in style. Judge for yourself: the client can choose a tattoo in almost any style, be it Oriental or Engravingby asking to completely "paint over" several large elements. In addition, Blackwork style tattoos in terms of performance have something in common with dotwork style tattoos, which we will talk about below.

Thus, Blackwork tattoos are not just geometric shapes or silhouettes. This style can be fully revealed when performing a tattoo. in almost any other style. However, Blackwork-style tattoos are distinguished by the fact that they are filled once and for life - it is almost impossible to subsequently bring out such a tattoo.

Can a blackwork tattoo be done in other colors?

Black saturated color is Blackwork classic. Theoretically, other solid colors can be used, however classic is classic. However, sometimes red tattoos are used for tattoos in this style. Also, when tattooing in this style, halftones are often used.

It is noteworthy that this style can be used to mask previously applied tattoos, from which there was a desire to get rid, or which were misplaced. In addition, the Blackwork style allows you to mask scars, some other defects on the body. This consumes a lot of paint.

Despite the fact that Blackwork style tattoos often look extremely noir (besides they can be very expensive), they have gained high popularity among many people. If you choose this style, should be patient - Such tattoos are applied to the body for a rather long time, since it requires treating large areas of the skin.

Tattoo styles

Do-it-yourself tattoo

Another easily recognizable style of tattoos, which has already been mentioned just above, is the style of Doater. If you dream a little, then can be assumedthat it was in such a style that people filled their first tattoos even millennia ago! In fact, some ancient tribes applied their drawings to the walls of the caves in the same style.

The name of this style can be translated into Russian as "spot work." As you might guess, tattoos in this style are points of various densitiesof which the whole picture or part of it consists. In the Do-Worker style, you can fill any complexity with a drawing, usually performed in black, from the incredible beauty and realism of a portrait to the most complex patterns and forms.

The Do-It-Yourself style is not for beginners. Experienced and battle-hardened tattoo artists who prefer an original approach to each client love this style for its originality and recognition. Compliance with the proportions of the dots when applying the drawing is possible for real artists. Not every tattoo artist can do this.

As in the case of Blackwork style tattoos, Dotovok style drawings are predominantly black ink, although you can also find red tattoos of this style. Undoubtedly, other colors can also be used (including colored tattoos in the Dootork style), however, classic dot tattoos of this style are associated with black.

Tattooing in the Dootovka style is also complicated by the fact that this technology is usually not suitable for small drawings. This is not surprising - any picture made of dots It looks much more spectacularif it depicts something monumental (does someone still remember the "entertaining reproduction of" The Mona Lisa ", from the dots made by the computer from the Office Romance?)

Gothic Tattoo

If a client comes to the tattoo artist who asks to fill some abstraction on his body, one can hardly speak about the appearance in the world of a tattoo of a new style called "Abstraction." So how did it happen that the usual period in the development of medieval European art, which is also the name of the architectural style, gave the name to the whole tattoo style?

Can gothic tattoos be considered a separate style?

Not all tattooists distinguish a separate style under this name. Gothic style confirms its right to appear in a separate direction the fact of its popularity among customers. And this popularity is often ensured by the love of the latter for the Gothic font, which, due to its beautiful uniqueness, is very popular among tattoo lovers.

Often in the same style are used images of a religious orientation, fantasy motifs, images of crosses, architectural structures, the so-called Gothic roses and other gothic elements. Often, under the Gothic style in tattoos, tattoos are signed, which depict skulls, coffins, other images and symbols associated with death, although, as you will see later, this is far from always true.

Graphic Tattoo

Стиль Графика в татуировке, как считают некоторые мастера тату, является еще одним примером размытости стилей в данном виде искусства, произошедшего по причине того, что в Графике можно найти черты, характерные для других стилей. Тем не менее, стиль Графика обладает своими характерными особенностями, которые довольно несложно увидеть.

What are the characteristics of the graphic style?

Tattoos in the style of Graphics differ from the drawings on the body, made in other styles, the technique of execution. The tattoo on the body in this case is applied with dashes, which can have different lengthsbut at the same time retain their parallelism. As in the Blackwork style, the graphic style tattoo is usually done in black, which is characterized by a characteristic saturation.

There is also some similarity with the Engraving style, however, in the Graphic style there is no clear reference to the motives. In this technique (if you want, you can call it hatching) stuff animals, plants, patterns, geometric shapes and even portraits. However, the latter require a tattoo artist working in the Gothic style, incredible professionalism and, of course, time.

Newskul Tattoo

As the name implies, the Newskul style is a relatively new trend in tattoos. This style is different defiant extravagance, therefore, the presence of such a tattoo on the body indicates the desire for a kind of shocking person who filled it. It is impossible not to recognize this style because of its characteristic features.

What are the special features of newskull tattoos?

In this style, it is striking to use bright colors in drawings, which, thanks to the sometimes combination of frankly poisonous and contrasting colors, give the image a sort of artificial bulk. The drawing is served in a fanciful, fantastic, sometimes cartoony manner. It is no coincidence that the stories of tattoos in the style of Newskul sometimes overlap with the plots of cartoons, comics or computer games.

However, such stories are not a strict rule. For tattoos in the style of Newskul, any fantasy or even fantastic plot is perfect. Basically, anything can be depicted in this manner, which, in fact, is happening. In the New School style, animals, plants, various symbols, skulls, crosses and much, much more are stuffed.

Old School Tattoo

If there is a Newskul-style tattoo, then it was in the Oldskul style. This is how many remember them from childhood, given the considerable age of this style. In essence, this peculiar kitschalthough this comparison may seem offensive to the Old School style. Rather, such drawings are distinguished by straightforwardness or even primitivism - as some kind of decoration familiar from the past from the past.

Judge for yourself: in the Old School style, cards, a dagger, money, a bright red rose, a kissing couple, a flying swallow or a dove are often stuffed - and all this is sometimes “squeezed” into the thick dark lines that give the image famous artificiality. On the other hand, the Old School style is just that, from which some forgotten romance evokes, causing nostalgia.

Do you remember the bright postcards of the beginning and the middle of the last century, distinguished by rich colors, simple plot stamps and elaborate characters and symbols? There were more such cards characteristic of western culture, they look quite defiant, and the images themselves are very conservative - roses, hearts, daggers, man and woman, marine themes.

Actually, the marine theme is believed to have become fundamental in the formation of this style of tattoo, since sailors of Europe and America were "addicted" to such tattoos in the 19th century. Unlike the New School style, arising in opposition to Oldschool, tattoos in this style are usually full of symbolism - simple and emotional, expressing love, friendship, affection and other human feelings.

Tribal Tattoo

If we talk about tattoos, as about patterns on the body, then the most successful example of this approach are tribal tattoos. This style is not strictly associated with any semantic load, as it can emphasize harmony of the human body, fitting into its contours and bends with the help of intricate (or not so) patterns. Sometimes in the patterns some animal, plant or person can guess.

The Tribal style recognizes the originality of patterns surrounding the arm, leg or the whole body of a person. This can be a fairly simple pattern on the back or hip, which is usually always respected. geometry and symmetry. As a rule, it is performed in a monophonic manner, with preference being given to black or gray colors.

In the style of Tribal, there is some stencil, although ideally the pattern is selected individually, taking into account the bends of the body of a particular person. Patterns that can be quite bizarre allow you to hide some imperfection of the figure, although one should take into account the fact that with age we can expect the opposite effect in the form of symmetry breaking.

Geometry Tattoo

Even those who hated geometry at school cannot but recognize the impressive and sometimes bewitching beauty of the forms of stylish and sometimes very complex tattoos in this rather new style. These are not only patterns from geometry, but also people, animals, plants, the image of which is not always important symmetry. From such tattoos it blows freedom, which is often expressed by "wild" abstraction and freedom in the use of flowers.

What is characteristic of tattoos in the style of geometry?

Geometry style tattoos are characteristic images that, one way or another, obey certain spatial laws that are characteristic of geometry as a science. Drawings in this may be simple (ordinary circle, triangle, etc.), or represent rather complex symbols and images in which a strict geometric basis is easily guessed.

Geometry style tattoos, for all their apparent simplicity, can carry surprisingly deep semantic meaning. Another thing is that only that person can know about her who filled himself with such a tattoo. So, for example, the apparent asymmetry of the pattern may indicate a reluctance of the tattoo holder to obey the generally accepted rules. However, the importance of geometric shapes is a topic for another discussion.

Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor style is the choice of true romantics and lovers of fine art. Some believe that he is more suitable for girls - and are deeply mistaken! This style allows both sexes emphasize your romantic nature and craving for beauty. In addition, the Watercolor style opens the master wide open spaces for improvisation, which allows you to make individual tattoos.

What are the hallmarks of a watercolor tattoo?

Light and airy, reminiscent of highly artistic works embodied by talented artists on canvas or paper watercolor paints - this is exactly what Watercolor tattoos look like. Here you rarely see strict black contours - the tattoo on the body looks exactly the same as on paper, as if it were transferred to the skin with a brush.

Tattoos in this style are easily recognizable precisely because tattooists try to give the pattern on the body a hundred percent similarity to the pattern of watercolors on paper. The watercolor style is characterized by the use of full range of colors. The tattoo itself can be of any size, while the plots for the drawings can also be very different.

Lettering Tattoo

Tattoos in this style are inscriptions that look more like drawings. Such tattoos are popular among representatives of both sexes, as they allow you to choose the semantic load that will express human inner world, his desires, needs, worldviews or just a desire to emphasize his love for someone - from a person to a rock band.

What are the typical features of lettering tattoos?

The main distinguishing feature of tattoos in this style is the uniqueness of each letter, which in the inscription form, in fact, solid artwork. This happens due to various elements, different inclination of letters, penumbra and hatching. Lettering tattoos in the Lettering style often overlap with other styles - for example, Gothic or Blackwork.

Despite the final choice of fonts, a talented tattoo artist will be able to ensure the uniqueness of each tattoo in this style through the use of ligature or other means. Such tattoos are often done in order to cover the scars. The popularity of Lettering tattoos is also due to the fact that many of them can be filled in one session.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo

Beautiful and vibrant tattoos in the style of Neo-tradition - this is the prerogative of experienced craftsmen. This style can be called peculiar. the rebirth of the traditional style, which we did not consider separately due to the fact that almost all the features of this technique coincide with the Old School style described earlier.

Of course, the most pedantic and picky style fans may try to find differences between the Old School and Traditional styles, but it’s practically futile undertaking - These differences are rather far-fetched and optional. But the Neo-traditional style, being relatively new, is distinguished by characteristic and recognizable features.

How to distinguish Neo-traditional from tattoo of other styles?

If you add quite primitive pictures of the Old School style to bright colors and saturation, supplementing them with realism, detail and volume, you can get the same neo-traditional style. The storyline here is almost unchanged - plants, animals, people, daggers, crosses. However, the "assortment" of characters in this style can be very wide.

In this style, priority may be red, blue and green. The realism inherent in the style of Neo-tradition distinguishes it from the direction of New School, where mostly fictional characters. However, even here the tattoo artist can add some fantastic character to familiar images of animals and plants. The neo-traditional style is a prime example of the evolution of old-school tattoos.

Fantasy Tattoo

Fantasy motifs are clearly visible in many styles of tattoos. They can be found, for example, in the Gothic style in the style of New School and some other directions. but incredible popularity of this style in other types of arts, it led to a surge of tattoos, the distinctive features of which are so characteristic that they allow you to highlight a separate style - Fantasy.

Unlike tattoos from different centuries that depicted mythical creatures, Fantasy tattoos show us easily recognizable (thanks to the movie) characters, descended from the pages of books Tolkien, George Martin, Zhelyazny, Lewis and many other popular writers. Most often, such a tattoo is characterized by realism, which conveys the features of famous characters with photographic accuracy.

The same style can be attributed to characters from fairy tales. Fantasy style tattoos are a true style philosophy that clearly indicates the dreaminess of nature and craving for everything mysterious a person who wears a tattoo from such a series. Drawings can take a lot of time and require a lot of experience from the tattoo master. The execution is most often unique, "tailored" for an individual client.

Thrash Polka Tattoo

Repulsive in their essence and terrible in their meaning things can be attractive in their artistic embodiment, right? These are exactly what they are thrash polka tattoos - This is real chaos or garbage ("trash" in English) that starts to "play" (if you want, "dance") in a new way in the hands of tattoo artists.

What are the hallmarks of a trash polka tattoo?

Trash polka almost guarantees the individuality of tattoos in this style, which often exploits the theme of death. Typically, these tattoos are filled using combination of red and blackHowever, variations with blue are possible. Images can be defiantly vulgar and deliberately noir, which indicates a certain courage of the person who wears such a tattoo.

A trash polka tattoo is almost always a challenge. It is very difficult to take your eyes off such drawings on the body. Often images are supplemented by captions quite challenging content. Another distinguishing feature of such tattoos is that they can be completely modified by introducing new elements into a familiar picture. Actually, this destroys the familiar patterns, like the tattoos themselves.

Obviously, the style of the Thrash-polka tattoo, which is designed, in fact, to combine in one drawing what in the normal world cannot be combined, intersects with so many other styles (especially in performance technique). However, the unique absurdity of the images depicted in the tattoo in the style of Trash-polka, provided him with recognition and wide popularity.

Handpoke Tattoo

Fans of minimalism and strange eccentricities, attention: handpoke tattoos are your style. While many consider trash polka or gothic tattoos to be defiant, handpoke lovers know a priori that their tattoos will surpass any other tattoo by the number of strange and perplexed looks chained to them. Because these drawings are often quite ridiculous.

What can be considered a hallmark of a handpoke tattoo?

The simpler - the cooler. The simplest tattoos that teens who know the world themselves stuff themselves - it's a handpoke style. Some inscriptions, hastily packed birds, crosses, flags, dogs - but anything! - This is also Handpoke. The content of the picture may be frankly indecent, or seem silly, funny.

The simplicity of the embodiment of such tattoos can only be compared with the semantic load that they carry. Not surprisingly, because of this primitivism, the purity of the Handpoke style is considered manual printing. Sometimes spontaneous and not always sober. Indeed, in essence, these are trivial monochrome images that have no artistic value.

Does this mean that she will not be filled with a professional tattooist in the salon using equipment? Of course not! After all, what one sees only wretchedness and absurdity, another sincerely considers originalpaying tribute to the past. That is why a chic canvas in the style of, for example, Newschool can get along with a tattoo in the style of Handpoke. Isn't this the real challenge and the spirit of rebellion ?!

Chicano Tattoo

There has long been a persistent stereotype in society, according to which any tattoo is related to the criminal world. In the case of a Chicano tattoo, this stereotype ceases to be so, because this style really has a "criminal past" that brings us back to the Latin American gangs of the middle of the last century.

Despite the recognizability of tattoos of various styles, not every direction can boast a unique business card that distinguishes it from others. However Chicano's style has such a distinguishing feature: it is considered the images of girls, often tied to the themes of death (Santa Muerto), religion and weapons. Such tattoos are characterized by a certain picturesqueness, thanks to clear contours and an abundance of black halftones.

In addition to female images, in the Chicano style there are often other images of death - horsemen of the apocalypse, skulls, crosses. Chicano's modern tattoos have replenished with a number of other plots and characters - this non-female faces, children's faces, eagles, roses, other motifs. The theme uniting these motives is a rather gloomy or sad, but sometimes quite sexual subtext.

Mostly for Chicano style tattoos, black and gray tones are used, but you can find very interesting works in which other colors look quite harmonious (often this leads to a mix of styles). Very characteristic for Chicano inscriptions. Sometimes they play such an independent role that they blur the boundaries with the Lettering style.

Chicano's style, as already mentioned, actively exploits the female image, which is closely intertwined with the motives of death. However, this style has the most famous series (or type) of tattoos, which are called Santa Muerto tattoo. "Holy Death" - and this is how the name is translated - always portrays a girl associated with death or the afterlife.

It is quite typical for such a tattoo to depict a skull combined with a female face (which is primary - sometimes a philosophical question). Also a very common image is death. Like