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Invisible radio hobbyists or how to become invisible to others


To me (to the author of the article, Gray Wolf’s - approx. per.) often ask the question - "And who is a gray person?". Most people have a rather vague idea of gray manif at all, because they base their opinions mainly on films (which is already unhealthy). Therefore, I will go through the basics first to give you an idea of ​​how I perceive this concept.

What is included in the concept of the Gray Man?

Form gray man - This is a theory followed by tactics, techniques and procedures aimed at the following:

  • so that your foe or potential adversary remains unaware of your actions,
  • to allow you to act in non-existent, half hostile environment.

Simply put, this means arranging your activities so that other people do not pay attention to you and do not aim at you while you are busy with your affairs. Ultimately, it comes down to hiding right in front of everyone.

This is not an attempt to become invisible or to avoid detection, since it will prevent you from acting. The concept gray man just follows the concept Opsec (Operational Security) - conspiracy. It is as simple as not being selected for a call to the blackboard at school, and as difficult as meeting the source of classified information safely and successfully without betraying your acquaintance and the purpose of the meeting.

What is NOT included in the concept of the Gray Man?

Due to the fact that the idea of ​​most people about secret or secretive actions (and these are different things, and they require a different approach - but this is outside the context of this article) based on cinema, they don’t have an understanding of how it works gray man.

Application concept gray man it doesn’t necessarily come down to hiding and going unnoticed - it's relatively simple. Those guys in orange vests serving them as a badge everywhere - because no one will argue that they took the approach gray man to get into the place they need without attracting anyone’s attention, although they weren’t dressed inconspicuously, on the contrary, they dressed in such a way that no one would let them through.

So what are the secrets of a gray man? What and how to do and what to pay attention to, so that you can safely do your own thing, staying “in the shade” - without getting too much attention?

These ones 5 secrets of the Gray Manallowing you to act completely unnoticed:

1. The concept of a gray person is based on psychology

The way you are dressed definitely affects the degree of your stealth. But you need to look deeper and wider. Regardless of what you do, and how much you are able to do it, it comes down to psychology - in a particular case, the psychology of your opponent.

It’s not always good just to stagger around in a gray sweatshirt with a hood (although this approach also finds its application, and I also have a sweatshirt for outdoor monitoring), or vice versa, do not carry something with me, or behave in such a way which attracts attention. The same attention that we are trying to avoid.

Reticular activating system (Reticular Activating System, RAS), or RAS - This is part of your nervous system at the base of the brain at the apex of the spine, filtering the signals of nerve endings (except for smell) so that your consciousness is not overloaded. Here is a short (English) video with an explanation:

This is a powerful part of your brain that you can use to make conscious changes in your life, but that's another story.

We need to use an understanding of how RAS It works to achieve maximum invisibility, so that we are not evaluated either as a threat or as a target. Don't worry about how this works in detail - I don't know either. I just know a few ways that really work, and techniques that make people visible.

I have lived a substantial part of my life at air bases. If you have been there, you know that planes constantly take off and land around the clock, and make a lot of noise. If you live there a little, you stop hearing them, and pay attention only if any guest is surprised how you can live in constant noise. Here is a good example of how it works RAS - you hear them, but do not notice.

2. The way people see you is scientifically understandable

When people look in your direction, they unconsciously track how you look, and quickly articulate it. They mark the general touches of your image, not necessarily the details. You can both control and gloss over these strokes. As an illustration, I suggest watching the following video:

As you can see, sometimes you can change the details, and people will not notice them, even if the discussion is concentrated on them. And again - that’s how it works RAS. You will not be able to affect your hair color or the presence of freckles, but if you do everything right, then you do not need to worry about it. By managing the large details that are visible to people, you control how much attention these people give you.

How can this be used to avoid excessive attention? Well, if someone in a crowd of people dressed in a free style, wears something very different, like a business suit, then during a quick inspection in passing this person is immediately noticed. Instead of many indistinguishable differences, their ASD immediately switches to a major difference and transfers this information to consciousness, which leads to the fact that they consciously begin to look closely at you.

If you are trying to merge with the surroundings, you need to think not only about non-eye-catching colors, but take a closer look at what everyone else wears and take on an average look. If you are on the beach, where everyone is dressed in bright colors, wearing dull colors will make you stand out. And in the same way, if most of the people around are dressed in blue and green, and you wear clothes of the same style, but red, you stand out and attract unwanted attention.

3.1. Follow the crowd

If you wear suitable clothing in an appropriate place among similar people, but stand at full height when everyone else is sitting down, you are noticeable. If you are in the library, where everyone is cramming around, and you are sitting, eating a sandwich, you are noticeable. As is the case with your clothes - look at what is happening around, what people are doing.

3.2. Act like you should be here

At first glance, this may seem to run counter to the previous paragraph. However, this is not so, and there is something to take into account.

In the army we were always told to move around with a specific purpose. Then the reason for this was the unwillingness of the sergeants to see how we idly stagger around location. But later I discovered that it was also useful for deliberately staying in some area with completely different goals, for example, inspection, observation or surveillance.

If you move around the area, people will pay less attention to you if you look focused on some ordinary business. I also found that certain objects, such as a tablet or notepad, reinforce this image - it immediately makes others think that you should be here. It’s kind of like the aforementioned guys in orange vests behaved - not how to behave constantly, but in a number of situations it works.

4. HOW you do something is as important as WHAT you do

Having decided to wear something that allows you to stay unnoticed in a certain area, you need to work on your behavior. This part is of great importance, that is how I noticed observers when I acted as a counter-observer.

Your behavior is not what you do, but how you do it. If you go and turn your head in search of possible threats, you look suspicious. This may work as part of a preventative measure so as not to look like a victim, but it may attract some attention. In the cinema, this is shown very stupidly, especially when the actor plays the role of a trained professional and snoops left and right, as if he is going to steal pies.

Have you heard such a phrase as if someone smells like a policeman? This “smell” arises from their behavior, reminiscent of the behavior of a policeman (among other things - paramilitary clothes, haircuts, additions). The same applies to people who have long served in the army. A certain aroma is hovering around them, emanating from dressing, gait, level of confidence or vigilance, or other things common to the military. If you notice such things, you gain an advantage, and can either become invisible or mislead someone about your past.

The same when you travel. If you walk and stare like a typical tourist, you can attract the attention of criminals. They can conclude not only by your places of stay, but also by how long you stare at something and constantly look around, because you don’t know exactly where you are.

Simply put, you need to behave naturally. People have expectations about how someone stands, sits, walks, moves, acts, and so on, and if you don’t fall into their expectations, they RAS kicks them in the cerebellum, and here you are on the screen of their radar.

5. Observing People - A Great Teacher

Having an idea of ​​what to look at, go and see. Observe how people usually act in different circumstances. I pulled out cadets for shopping trips, just to observe people.

Try to find out what they are doing, what their past is - based on how they look, what they do, how they behave.

  • two are talking - what is their relationship?
  • who has military experience?
  • Are there cops out of service or undercover?
  • why did they come here today?
  • what do they do in life?
  • what are their hobbies?

Show attention when you watch a movie. Can you see where the character ends and the actor begins? Can you tell who is trained and who is not? The alleged commandos with a finger on the descent - do they not pose a danger to their comrades?

I recommend watching the movie “John Wick” - in my opinion, this is a great example of what a short fight should look like. And you can see that Keanu Reeves practiced a lot.

The more you watch people, the more you can say about what looks “normal” in different settings. And the easier it will be for you to become gray man - merge with the environment, or at least not stand out too much.