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Printing a document


Modern document management is increasingly carried out in the digital space. We have to deal with paper much less often, but from time to time the need to print a document on a printer still arises. Today we will talk about how to do this in Microsoft Word.

Printing documents in Word

The process of printing text documents in the editor from Microsoft is not much different from that in any other programs that provide a similar opportunity. The nuances are perhaps in the preliminary design, preparation and some settings. Looking ahead, we note that Word allows you to print not only standard A4 pages, but also a number of other formats.

Printing standard documents

If you are dealing with a plain text file, printing it is not difficult. The situation is similar with documents in which there are graphic objects.

  1. First of all, make sure that the file you want to print is correct. The text and / or graphic data contained in it should not go beyond the printable area; the text itself should have exactly the form that you want to receive on paper later. The following article will help you avoid possible markup problems or eliminate them if found.

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  2. Open menu "File"by clicking on the name of the corresponding tab in the quick access panel.

Note: In Word versions up to 2007, inclusive, the button that you must click to go to the program menu is made in the style of the old Microsoft office suite logo.

If necessary, enable the preview of the document - this will help to double-check the correct design.

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Note: Go to section "Seal" the text editor in question can be much simpler - just press the keys "CTRL + P", which are universal for most programs endowed with similar functionality.

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  • In section "Printer" from the drop-down list, select the connected to the computer, obviously working and correctly configured printing device.

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  • In the options block "Options" (previously "Setup") Define the basic print settings. The following are available:
    • Number of pages to print - all, individual pages or a range of them,
    • Type of printing - single-sided or on both sides of the sheet (the latter is possible only manually),
    • Number of copies (optional)
    • The orientation of the page is portrait or landscape, but it’s better to do this before setting up printing,
    • Page format - A4, A5, A3, etc. As in the case of orientation, this must be determined in advance so as not to disrupt the design of the document. In addition, this feature depends primarily on the features of the printer,
    • Sizes and type of fields
    • The number of pages per sheet.

    Having finished with the setting and, focusing on the preview window, making sure that it is correct, click on the button "Seal"located at the very top.

    Note: Near the button "Seal" You can also specify the desired number of copies of the document.

    That's how simple it is to print documents in Word, but sometimes you may encounter much more serious tasks in the design and subsequent printing of text files. Their solution will be discussed later.

    Printing non-format documents

    If the text document you are printing has the standard A4 format and it is correctly formatted correctly, there should not be any problems with its printing. But Microsoft Word allows you to create text files that are different from the “standard”, and often the process of printing them is fraught with a number of difficulties. Actually, the latter can arise even at the stage of creating a document of one or another format. We wrote about the main of them, as well as about the nuances of printing, just find the topic you are interested in in the list below, read the relevant instructions, and as a result you will get a ready-made paper document of the desired type.

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    Creating formats other than A4
    Change the background of a document
    Create a background and watermark

    The following article will help to properly format a text document before printing it on a printer:

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    Solution to possible problems

    Sometimes when trying to print text documents, you may encounter all sorts of problems. Fortunately, the causes of most of them are easy to detect and eliminate.

    The printer does not print documents
    In case of printing problems, the first thing to do is check the equipment responsible for this simple process. Perhaps the point is its incorrect configuration or the lack of an up-to-date driver. Mechanical damage is not excluded. To establish the exact cause and get rid of it, the materials presented at the links below will help.

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    Doesn't print only Word
    If you are convinced of the operability and proper configuration of the printing equipment, and even checked it in other programs, it remains only the Word to blame. Sometimes this text editor itself makes it clear that it cannot print documents (typical failures, errors), but it also happens that the problem is buried much deeper - in software or system components. Identify it and probably solve it will help our detailed article on this topic.

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    Not all content is printed.
    It also happens that a document is printed, but some of the elements contained on its pages are not printed (for example, images, shapes or a changed background of a page). In this case, you just need to check the print settings and, if necessary, activate the disabled items in them.

      Open menu "File" and go to the section "Options".

    In the sidebar, go to the tab "Display" (previously this section was called "Screen") and in the block "Printing Options" check the boxes next to those items, the description of which corresponds to what you need to print in addition to the main content of the document.

    Click "OK"to save your changes and try re-initiating the print process.

    As you can see, even the most serious problems with printing documents in Word can always be detected and eliminated. A strict adherence to the instructions in the first part of the article will help to avoid them altogether.


    Printing a file in Microsoft Word is not difficult even for an inexperienced user. Moreover, this text editor allows you to create and print on a printer not only standard document formats, and now you know how to do it.

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    To open the Print panel:

    1. Click on the tab Fileto open a popup menu.
    2. Select Print. The Print panel appears, the print settings are on the left, and the panel on the right Preview document.

    1) Button "Print"

    When you are satisfied with the print settings and are ready to print the document, click the Print button.

    2) Printer

    You may need to choose which printer to use if your computer is connected to multiple printing devices.

    3) Setting (print range)

    Here you can choose to print the entire document or its part.

    4) One-sided and two-sided printing
    Here you need to choose whether to print on one or both sides of the paper.

    5) Disassemble / Do not collate

    If you print several copies of a document, you can choose whether to sort the sheets of the document into copies or not.

    6) Orientation

    Here you can select Portrait or Landscape page orientation.

    7) Paper size

    Here you can select the paper size that you want to use when printing.

    8) Fields

    Here you can customize the fields. This is useful if part of the document is cut off by the printer.

    9) Pages per sheet
    Word allows you to print more than one page on one sheet. Here you can specify the number of pages printed on the sheet.

    10) Page

    Click on the arrow to see another page in the preview panel.

    11) Preview

    Allows you to see how the printed document will look.

    12) Scale

    You can move the slider to zoom the preview. When you zoom out (away), you can see several pages at the same time.

    To print:

    1. Go to the panel Print.
    2. If you want to print specific pages, you can enter the desired page range. Otherwise, select Print All Pages.
    3. Select number of copies.
    4. Select Collateif you are printing multiple copies of a multi-page document.
    5. Select Printer from the drop down list.
    6. Press button Print.

    Fast print

    There are times when you want to print something with one click using Quick print. This function prints a document using the default settings and printer. In Word 2010, to use this feature, you need to add it to Quick Access Toolbar.

    Quick print always prints whole documenttherefore, if you want to print part of it, you will have to use the Print panel.

    Print a document in word

    Printing can be done in two ways:
    1. By going to the main menu of the program (in the latest versions it is located in the far left upper corner). After that, click on the "Print" menu. This menu item will open a small submenu consisting of three separate items.

    The “Print” submenu, like the main menu itself, calls up the main print window. In this window, you can select a printer, create the required print settings, and then send it to print.
    The “Quick Print” submenu will immediately print the document that is currently open. This will use the standard print settings, which are initially set by default.

    2. By pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P. The Ctrl key is located on the sides of the symbolic part of the keyboard, usually duplicated on the right and left. In any version of the keyboard, the key will always be the leftmost bottom. Holding it, you need to press the “P” key (in the English layout, in Russian it will be the “Z” key - it will be more convenient for anyone to find it). As a result, the same menu opens as when you click the Print menu.

    Document Preview

    Very often, before you print a document, you need to view the document - in order to understand how the individual text or pieces of text will be arranged together with other elements on the sheet.

    To do this, there is a special submenu "Preview" in the "Print" menu. By clicking on it, you can open a window where the final sheet will be clearly demonstrated as it comes out of the printer.

    In the preview window, in a simplified and more visual form, all possible settings for page formatting are presented. With their help, you can quickly adjust the desired view, in particular - to see whether all parts of the page fit on the sheet.

    How to print a brochure in Word

    Microsoft Word is a powerful application with lots of features. The program, with proper work with it, can easily replace any editor used by professionals in print agencies. For example, each user can create his own document (for example, instructions, a reference manual or a book) and print it for ease of further reading and storage in the form of a brochure.

    You can create word booklets or a brochure as follows:

    1. It is necessary to find the “Page Layout” section in the main menu at the top of the program.
    2. Find in the section a menu group devoted to formatting the sheet and the entire document.
    3. Click on the arrow in the lower right part of the menu group to open all the parameters.
    4. The page settings on the "Fields" tab should find the drop-down list "Multiple Pages" and select "Brochure".
    5. After applying the page settings to the entire document, it will become a brochure format. It should be noted that the sheet itself, on which the person is editing, will then decrease somewhat. And therefore, it will be necessary to reconsider all formatting to make sure it is correct.
    6. In the same window, you can configure all page parameters - increase or decrease the indent.
    After that, you don’t have to worry about the document being printed incorrectly. With simple printing without presets, everything will be displayed in the form of a brochure.

    Print multiple pages on one sheet

    Often, to study a document, it is worth printing it on paper. However, it is advisable to save the number of sheets without wasting excess paper on printing. In this case, you can make the pages on one sheet placed a little more compact. For example: two pages or two into two (i.e. four), a much larger number of pages is also possible.

    You can do this directly in the printer settings.
    After calling the "Print" menu, click on the "Properties" button:

    Different printers in this case will have different settings. And the location of the print options items may vary slightly. However, any printer model supports multiple pages. And you can select the desired amount in the corresponding drop-down list (in this case, “Page Layout”). It is worth noting that the sheet will fit entirely. So the text will be noticeably smaller when printed.

    In addition, you can use the opportunity of the program itself. To do this, in the "Print" window, it is enough to find the "Scale" drop-down list in the lower right part:

    Printing 2 pages per sheet

    You can also print two pages by specifying the appropriate option, similar to setting up brochure printing. Only in the drop-down list, select not “Brochure”, but “2 pages”.

    How to print a selection

    Sometimes you need to print not the entire page, but literally part of the document. In this case, you can take advantage of the fact that in Word you can select the selected fragment for printing. It is necessary to highlight the part of the text that is interesting, and then click the "Print" menu:

    Then, directly in the print settings, find and check the box "selected fragment". By the way, in Word you can also set the printing of a separate group of pages, as well as the current one - only one page will be printed. When printing the selected fragment, only the selection will be printed, no matter how many sheets it takes. However, the original formatting will be lost. This will be especially noticeable if the selection starts around the middle of the sheet.

    Two-sided printing

    In Word, through the printer properties (similar to printing multiple pages), two-sided printing is possible. In this case, the print will be denser, a large number of sheets will not be required - it will be halved.

    To print, you will need to find in the "Print" window on the right side the "Duplex Printing" checkbox and set it.

    It is worth noting that some printers have the ability to immediately print on both sides. However, most do not have such a function. And the program first prints all the even pages. After which he will ask you to shift the paper. And the user will need to shift the tray. And to do this so that the printing of odd pages is carried out on the clean side of the sheet (shift according to how the printer prints). This can be separately trained to get used to each specific printer.