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Hollywood, move over: 7 stunning Indian movie stars


We travel by ourselves!

There was 2 hours before the bus and we decided to drop into a cafe. They chose a "European place". The signboard is decorated with neon signs. In the night, she shone in the same way as the millions of her sisters in Moscow and St. Petersburg shine - invitingly, habitually, foolishly. We expected to see the familiar picture and inside.

We entered a barely illuminated room and were somehow depressed. There are many tables. All are covered with white tablecloths. There are about 15 workers, all men. And not a single visitor. Hangout, we thought.

Features of the acting game of Indian waiters

Several waiters ran up to us. Suddenly. With a fright, we could not count how many notebooks helpfully bowed over us. I remembered the eyes. Attentive, studying, expressing one, as it were, soothing thought: “We are not surprised at anything, even to two white women who went to the cafe at night.” Persons, not to say that they are affable, rather workers. Those. the guys obviously worked on the expression in front of the mirror, achieving equanimity and consistency. For some reason, they corresponded, but just what, I did not understand.

We had doubts that the waiters knew how to use a pencil and hand, but they wrote down the order. I suspect that they remembered, and drove with a pen in a notebook - all for the same correspondence.

We sat at a table and waited. Before us a bright space-forming Feng Shui TV gaped. The flickering channels stopped, the bartender put down the remote control and, everyone who was not busy with our order, i.e. everyone - stared at the show, which was just unfolding in front of us.

What kind of television shows do Indians watch

We still looked around, realized that this was not a hangout, but a European-style night cafe, and, following those around us, began to watch events on TV.

“This seems to be one of the favorite shows of the Indians,” we decided, looking at people frozen in front of the screen. This is interesting - what the inhabitants of India ruin late in the evening, joining the whole family in front of a blue light.

For some time we could not understand what was the point of the show, but we watched. Girls and boys alternately introduced themselves and told something to the camera, we saw them in the recording, now in the show. Apparently they were selected. But for what? A long table, people are sitting at it. Mostly men. Yeah, this is the jury. Dominated by a middle-aged, but immediately obvious - an experienced man. His whole appearance said that he was an expert, a master of his craft.

Until they understood which one. We look further. The girls are saying something. And finally, we guessed: boys and girls are selected for a role in an Indian film. These are young actors or those who want to become actor in indian film.

I am sure that both boys and girls took part in the show. Boys are vaguely remembered, but girls. apparently because some roared. Tears, like the gems of the Persian throne, shimmered with a rainbow (excellent work of illuminators) and flowed heavily on skillfully applied makeup. Horror! Poor girls. I myself almost burst into tears, watching how they suffer.

Somewhere deep in the skull, I realized that many would be cut off right away, because there are no such samples of faces and figures in Indian films. In any case, in those brought to Russia. The thin girl shuddered with her whole body, but the gray-haired expert was implacable. And I understand him. In the movies you have to take the best.

Who is the best? Here she is - a large girl, with perfectly crafted forms. Here, all with her, nothing to complain about. But the chairman did find what. It’s not enough that the girl is a beauty and type, he wants the girl to show a passage. Now I know for sure, - fable I.A. Krylova is not included in the Indian exam. But in vain. The Crow and the Fox performed by Indian actors would be unforgettable. I'm serious.

Indian actress and gray-haired teacher

The girl diligently and, in my opinion, decently showed herself in the passage. But the gray-haired expert was shocked. He clearly did not expect that this talented beauty in all parts of the figure would enter the image so poorly. What a pity that I do not know Hindi! How I would like to hear the words with which he abundantly sprinkled the black hair of a beautiful woman. She didn’t listen. She inhaled with his whole chest every pause. By the way, there were very few pauses.

Take 2. The girl began the passage again. Now she was replaying and chewing more. But she did it with dignity and very feminine. The Indian "Stanislavsky" rudely interrupted the game with the usual cry "I DO NOT BELIEVE!" Here we believe with Galka, but he does not!

Then the expert chairman switched to sign language, apparently making sure that the words of the young beauty did not understand. He wriggled, slammed his eyes and made gestures that surprise me so much in the game of actors from Indian films. What does he want ?! Credibility! True Indian authenticity.

The girl understood. She began to portray an expert who showed how the heroine of the passage should really worry. We even stopped chewing. It turns out we have been absorbing our order for a long time and do not even notice it. Here is some kind of power in Indian cinema. Two hungry women did not notice what they were eating;

And on the screen it was hard to imagine: “Stanislavsky” nodded quite a bit, jumped up and began to clap his stared eyes, as if trying for centuries to grab the lid of a beer bottle in order to pinch it and pull it off sharply. The girl understood the subtle course of his director's ideas and, waving her eyelashes, rolled out the squirrels.

“Here! Here! ”- Stanislavsky happily clapped his hands on the table -“ you can, when you listen carefully to me! ”

The auditorium exhaled deeply. All the waiters and bartenders proudly looked around the hall. And in the cafe, it turns out not to push around! All tables are busy, feast mount. During the show, we were so carried away that we were almost late for the bus. They quickly finished eating the ice cream and rushed.

While running, - discussed what they saw. We thought that the actors of Indian films do not know how to play. And it - you see how it happened - they are taught in this way. Special school. Expressive game.

Seriously speaking, this evening I realized how different our theatrical tastes were. The European school is like the Snow Queen before a sultry demonstratively emotional dancer. In Indian cinema, expression and dance. The movements of the body, hands, fingers - they speak, accompanying speech, or maybe not accompanying, but lead their personal monologue. Body language and words. What a pity that I will never know and never understand.

I climbed into Yandex keyword statistics - the number of requests was “Indian films” - 759,236 requests per month (!) Russians love Indian passions. No wonder the young actress tried, learned to speak with her body correctly.

I could not resist. For those who have seen and have not seen: one of the favorite films of three generations of Russians “Zita and Gita”.

Pay attention to how skillfully the doctor plays at the beginning of the film - “there are no small roles. "

Observe the expressiveness of the aunt. That's how the girl from the show learned to play about.

Priyanka Chopra

The shares of the Bollywood actress soared noticeably in 2017 after the whole world found out that the woman was a close friend of the new Windsor bride (and now her daughter-in-law), Meghan Markle (read: “Princess's retinue: Meghan Markle and her closest friends”). Friendship this actress can not be monetized in numerous interviews. But, in truth, Priyanka Chopra herself has something to brag about.

In the same 2017, for example, one of the most beautiful actresses in India and part-time Miss World in 2000 presented a remake of the famous “Rescuers Malibu”, which became the 50th (!) Picture in the piggy bank of the girl. Titanic disability, coupled with classic Indian beauty, allowed Priyanka to stand on a par with Aishwarya Rai and appear before the whole world as a real ambassador of Bollywood and the South Asian traditions of self-care.

Like any Indian woman, Priyanka emphasizes her natural beauty with bright make-up and easy styling (it’s not necessary for the natives of this country to have more: their hair is naturally thick and shiny). Not only designer clothes, but also various services to society (mainly charity) help to complement the image of Bollywood actresses. It is not surprising: most Indian stars come from poor families, and therefore they are supposed to be philanthropists almost without fail. Priyanka, for example, became the Goodwill Ambassador of the CAF Charity Fund and the Confederation of Indian Industry (oversees literacy programs). In addition, the girl works not only as an actress, but also as a model and singer. Such versatility, of course, is typical of many world celebrities, but for the stars of Bollywood - this is a must.

Aishvaria Rai

Aishwarya Rai is perhaps the most famous native of India. At one time, like Priyanka Chopra, she received the coveted title "Miss World" and, leaving her studies at the Faculty of Architecture, began to earn money as a model. Even in her youth, the girl managed to collaborate with Vogue magazine and Pepsi.

As an actress, Aishwarya started, incidentally, not in Bollywood, but in Collywood (another famous movie district in southern India). Now the actress is 44 years old, she has over 45 films behind her, and she is still in demand not only in her native country, but also in Hollywood. Aishwarya mainly plays in Hindi films, but we know her from such films as The Spice Princess and Pink Panther 2. In addition, the actress is actively involved in charity work: she supports the organization for the protection of animals PETA, helps the visually impaired in India, and in 2004 founded her own foundation Aishwarya Rai Foundation, which helps the poor.

Anushka Sharma

30-year-old Anushka Sharma is one of the most famous and highly paid actresses in India. The girl has not yet managed to prove herself on the world stage, but in her homeland she confidently takes one award after another (including nominations from the Filmfare Awards - a film award comparable in India with an Oscar). Anushka was born into a military family, and unlike many of her colleagues, she, although she worked part time as a model (somehow the girl even appeared on the cover of the American Maxim), but still managed to get an education. Her career as an actress lasts only 9 years, and during this time she tried herself in a variety of genres: from romantic comedies to psychological thrillers. Like Aishwarya Rai, Anushka is actively involved in PETA initiatives, for which the organization solemnly awarded her the title of “Person of the Year” in 2017.

Deepika Padukone

After Deepika Padukone received her first Filmfare Awards award in 2008 (Best Debut nomination), the number of various statuettes on her shelf began to grow exponentially. Originally from Denmark, Deepika moved to India as a child, and from the age of 20 she began to work as a model (the girl worked with magazines such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, GQ and many others). The list of her films in Hindi is huge, but we know her, first of all, from the film “Three X: World Domination”, where Deepika played in tandem with Vin Diesel.

At the end of 2017, the actress was also supposed to present the film “Padmavati”, created based on the legend of King Ratna Sinha and his wife, who fell in love with Sultan Delhi Alauddin Muhammad Shah, but, alas, the film was mixed in India. Local radicals saw in Katya an insult to the Indians (some even announced a reward for Deepika’s head). In a word, the effect turned out to be akin to what was before the rental of Matilda in Russia. The premiere of the film in India has been postponed indefinitely, but Deepika herself continues to insist that the film still be released as soon as possible.

Of course, this Bollywood star also has its own charitable foundation - The Live Love Laugh Foundation, which helps people fight depression.

Frida Pinto

Perhaps the most “Hollywood” of Bollywood actresses, Frida Pinto so far can not boast a list of 50 films, like her colleagues. But in her small portfolio there are such world-famous paintings as “Slumdog Millionaire” (this, incidentally, is the actress’s debut), “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, “War of the Gods: Immortals”, and in 2018 there will also be work in the Mowgli project. The girl is fluent in English and has a bachelor of arts degree in English literature.