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How to download videos from YouTube to Android


If you received the message “Invalid file format” when trying to download, then you are trying to upload a video with an extension that is not supported by the service. Youtube allows you to add video files in the following formats:

All other formats must be converted to one of the above using special programs.

Handy YouTube Download Apps

In addition, you will appreciate the feature set. This is not found in any other bootloader. With the help of Videoder, you can not only download a video, but also select a format and quality of a video before downloading it. Moreover, the application can also be used as a video player for videos.

Instructions for downloading videos on android:

  1. Run the program from the shortcut on one of the screens,
  2. In the search, enter the name of the video that you need,

Tap on it once and select the format in which we will save the video, as well as quality.

As you can see, there really is nothing complicated here - just a couple of tapes and the video is already in the memory of your device, now you can find it in the gallery or in the application itself (the “Download” tab).

TubeMate is another way to download YouTube videos

I would also like to introduce you to the TubeMate program for Android. We are very deceiving if we call it an ordinary bootloader. Everything is much more interesting here - this is a whole browser, sharpened for viewing videos from well-known services: YouTube, Facebook, Google and others.

Thanks to internal tips, it’s easy to deal with the interface - even a child can handle it. Although ... children are clearly better than us versed in technology.

TubeMate has tons of settings. And this is really a whole browser: in it you can clear the cache, share with friends, view downloads, etc.

Using a finger slide from the left edge of the screen to the right, you will call up a menu where you can go to the most popular video services or set the address of any other site to download video from it.

Video upload instructions:

  1. We’ll go to YouTube using a slide from the left edge of the screen to the right,
  2. We log into your account by entering Google mail and a password to it,

  • Find the desired video and click on the green arrow next to it,
  • A small window with a choice of quality pops up,

    Getting to know the app

    One of the simplest, and most importantly, absolutely free programs for downloading videos is VideoFrom. It does not show ads and does not require money, it allows you to download videos in webm, 3gp, mp4 formats from to a computer or directly to the device’s memory using the telegram messenger bot (instructions and address of the bot on the developer's website). But before talking about direct download to the gadget, we will understand the computer version of the program. To get started, install and run it.

    Preparing to Download

    To get started, find your favorite video on YouTube using the search bar and a little imagination. Now you need to copy the link to the clipboard with the right button or through the combination Ctrl + C. Since the program automatically intercepts all copied addresses in the background, it will itself offer to start downloading.

    If you didn’t see a similar picture, enter the url manually (in 99% of cases everything works as it should). The next step will be the choice of quality. Remember, the higher the resolution of the video, the more space it takes, so choose the best one from the available options. Practice shows that 480p is enough for a smartphone running Android, and 720 for a tablet 9-11 inches. Download will begin after clicking on the appropriate button.

    Copy to SD card

    Wait until the download is complete and open the folder with the file as shown in the screenshot. On the story tab, you can also delete unwanted videos. Now the downloaded video can be copied to the flash drive of the smartphone in the standard way - through the explorer and USB cable. If you want to save the video directly to the device, use the instructions from the developers, a link to which is available in the program. It is understandable and requires no clarification.

    Service benefits

    SaveFrom.Net is an extension and website of the same name designed for downloading video and audio from various resources. After installing the add-on for the browser, a new button will appear on the page with the clip - just press the green arrow to save. There is another way - we copy the address bar and paste the copied address into the corresponding field on the website and click the "Download" button. The service supports many sites, social networks, registration does not need to work, login / password is entered, but there is an opportunity to choose the video quality!


    We recommend saving video in mp4 720p format. This is the best option for displays of modern flagship smartphones and tablets. The file can be immediately transferred to the Android device, however, to view the video, you will need a powerful full-fledged player and as much free space as possible in the device’s memory. The converter described below will help optimize the video for the screen of a particular gadget model in order to reduce the load on the processor, battery, reduce the amount of space used on a flash drive.