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How to become a rapper (rapper)


In 2013, the line between a popular artist and a meme is thin to indistinguishability.

New stars are now baked on the Internet. And here are your own rules.

In 2013, we ceased to understand who is the bigger star: KRS-1 or Sharp Fox? Wiz Khalifa or MC Anyuta? The old method of “long and hard to work, with time to become famous” still works, but the new generation chooses the way to “learn something and instantly become famous”.

A short career of a man named Trinidad James is a ready-made guide on the topic “How to become a rap star in the era of the“ tenths ”. Repeat its steps in the exact sequence. The result is 100%.

1. Born in the Caribbean

Everyone is tired of artists representing Compton or Harlem. The small island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is a fresh solution. But do not stay too long and move to the States as soon as possible. Yearn for home. Make a bandage in the colors of the Trinidad flag as part of the corporate identity.

2. Live hard

As a child, fall from the stone and forget everything that was with you until the age of seven. Suffer. But do not get carried away.

3. Do a hustle

Be adventurous. Tell the following in an interview: “In the elementary grades I sold Pokemon cards, in the older grades I already sold jackets and CDs. I was looking for my niche. I traded everything. I would not want to go into too much detail. ”

4. Listen to father

When choosing an image, prefer gypsy chic - curls, gold, leopard. Write off everything for education: “Dad wore a lot of gold, I also like it. For me, it means this: work hard and you will be in first place. ”

5. Do not rap. Then start

If someone told you that 1000 songs and 20 mixtapes will help to become famous, then this is a lie. To become famous, just write one song. Trinidad James received a contract when his “rapper experience” was 1 (one) year.

Live interestingly, accumulate impressions, and one day begin to “talk about life under a beat”. Following Trinidad’s example, disarm critics with the phrase “you can understand what I'm talking about, or not at all close - in any case, you have no doubt that this is all true.”

6. Read simply

They will say about you: “The songs are simple, but it’s not the simplicity that the skilled master achieves. He’s not able to do it harder, as he reads rap all year. ” Fuck it.

Those who will listen to your simple, intelligible song do not read reviews of any clever people, who, as a rule, are entirely composed of narcissism and great ideas.

7. Find a beatmaker at a construction site

So what? A cool bit can now write a 14-year-old student. Or, as in the case of Trinidad, a 28-year-old builder, the father of three children, who works as a forklift operator and, in his spare time, starts Fruity Loops.

Actually, “All Gold Everything” is written on a bit of a layman, freely lying on the Datpiff website.

8. Compose the hit “All Gold Everything”

Do not reinvent the wheel - tell us about yourself. Give fireworks to everyone from the district, to everyone in the strip club and to everyone in the hostel. Take your time, read clearly. Don't be afraid to seem funny. Insert the line “I ate a pill, now I sweat, (woo)”, which they will sing along and quote. Repeat it twice.

9. Remove the clip everyone wants to review

Do not trust lovers. Find a specialist who will put a glossy picture. No need for self-irony - enjoy yourself, show chains, teeth, machine guns. Gilt the bike.

Let critics write: “He's a cross between the ODB of the Nigga Please era and Andre 3000 funky in mushroom trip.”

10. Need Charisma

Do not listen to those who teach that the path to success is through fast flow and all that. This is for nerds. Keep in mind that the press and industry (and the public even more so) today are more willing to respond to a catchy image - be it A $ AP Rocky, Kreayshawn or Chief Keef. Anyone can rap, not everyone has charisma.

11. Publish a mixtape, go to New York

Record the mixtape. The name “Don’t Be Safe” will do. Go to New York - the money is there. You do not need a producer, you need management. Find it in the face of a team of fake DJs from New York radio stations who know all the moves and exits. Let them organize a concert. Call A $ AP Mob - let them suddenly appear on the scene. Feel free to sing “All Gold Everything” twice. Invite people from major labels. If he sees each other, it will create a sense of competition.

Sell ​​all the tickets. If all are not for sale. It’s not for us to teach you - you need a crowded room.

However, most likely, you will not have to cheat. Fader explains why: “Today, this is a normal New York reaction to hype. After the incident with A $ AP Rocky, after the incident with Joey Bada $$, after the incident with Odd Future, everyone wants to catch a new one right on takeoff. ”

12. Sign a contract with Def Jam

After the concert, listen to the suggestions of the majors and select Def Jam. Do not disclose the amount of the transaction, but hint that it is $ 2 million. Count the money without leaving the cash register.

What you need to become a rapper (rapper)

First of all, you need to be well versed in rap (rap) art, to know the existing trends and internal genres. Of course, for this you need to just listen to rap. Lot. Different. Constantly. In addition, constant listening will allow you to develop a sense of tact in you, will allow you to hear and fall into a beat.

How to become a rapper (rapper) at home

At the first stage, you need to find your suitable style of "reading" and constantly hone it.

Where to start in this direction?

  • Try, try and try again.
  • Read in unison with the track playing in the headphones, include songs close to you in style in any free time and read them, trying to get perfectly in time.
  • Further, you can try to "read" under the net minus, "trying to taste" the sound of your voice in various variations.
  • To develop your technique, you can also use various tongue twisters, trying to pronounce them as quickly as possible.
  • Oratory exercises, such as reading tongue twisters with a mouth filled with something to capacity, will also help.
  • Next, the texts. Do not forget, rapper (rapper) is a performer who writes his own lyrics to himself. At the initial stage, you should learn to rhyme well in two ways.

The first method is called adjacent. Rhyme is put on every line. That is, each next line rhymes the previous one. A small quatrain for example:

Each rhyme hits exactly the brain, / 1st line /
You forget about show-offs and gloss, / 2nd closes the rhyme /
The new MS is entering the scene, / 3rd line /
Old I will put all on treason! / 4th closes the rhyme /
and so on.

The second way is a cross rhyme. Here the line closing the rhyme goes through one. Example:

I will write this track, / line 1 /
I will release the customizer, / line 2 /
If you're human - / line 3 closes the rhyme of line 1 /
Check out the album! / line 4 closes the rhyme of line 2 /

Wrote everything for you, / line 5 /
Rate, mates, / line 6 /
Very complex wireframe / line 7 closes the rhyme of line 5 /
This riddle has! / line 8 closes the rhyme of line 6 /
and so on.

Having mastered these two methods, you can easily write texts and further experiment with rhyming using more complex methods.