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Halloween pumpkin decor and crafts


Thousands of years ago, pumpkins were used to create all kinds of household utensils.

Today they are also popular, but instead of dishes, they make different decorations and crafts.

Usually pumpkins make crafts for Halloween, but on other days you can make ordinary crafts for school or kindergarten, home or to the country.

Pumpkins come in different shapes, sizes and colors, which means they are an excellent material for all kinds of crafts.

Kids Pumpkin Crafts: Halloween Head

- pumpkin of any size

- spoon (if necessary).

1. Cut the bottom of the pumpkin if the pumpkin is wide or the crown, if it is elongated, and remove the insides from it with a spoon.

2. Use a felt-tip pen to draw a mug, which you will cut out of the pumpkin. It’s better to draw something simple to make it easier to cut.

3. Take a thin kitchen knife and begin to carefully cut the face. You may need a large and small knife to cut out some details from the pumpkin more clearly, such as teeth and eyes. You can also print a muzzle on paper in advance, attach it to a pumpkin and make the necessary marks.

Cutting is not at all difficult, the main thing is to have patience.

* When the muzzle is cut out, you can insert a candle in the pumpkin, and you will have one festive detail.

DIY do-it-yourself pumpkin crafts: pumpkin with sparkles

You don’t have to cut anything out of such a pumpkin. You can make a beautiful craft using only sparkles and simple acrylic paints.

1. Take brushes and apply PVA glue to some sections of the pumpkin.

2. Using sponges, glue on the glue.

* Experiment with patterns - apply glue so that you get different lines and shapes, then just sprinkle sparkles on the glue application area.

* Instead of glue and sparkles, you can simply paint the white pumpkin with acrylic paints, drawing different patterns and shapes.

Autumn Pumpkin Crafts: Pumpkin Vase

- plastic or glass cup

1. Cut the top of the pumpkin and remove its contents. It is advisable that the hole from the cut-off crown be a little more than a cup.

2. If possible, cut out a small depression for the cup.

3. Insert a plastic or glass cup into the pumpkin and pour water into it.

* Make sure the glass is standing firmly in the pumpkin. If necessary, make a little deeper hole in the bottom of the pumpkin so that the glass fits well into it.

Here is another version of such a vase, only a larger size:

How to make a pumpkin craft: candlestick

- thick tall candle

- autumn leaves (artificial and / or real)

- twigs with berries (mountain ash, for example)

1. Remove the ponytail. Put the Candle on top and circle it with a felt-tip pen - so you will know how much to cut from the crown.

2. Cut the crown of the pumpkin so that the candle is held tightly inside the pumpkin. If desired, the insides can be removed.

* You may need to use glue to better attach the candle.

3. Use glue to attach decorations to your candlestick (autumn leaves, twigs with berries, small cones, etc.).

* The candle should be high enough to rise a few centimeters above the decorations so that they do not light up.

Crafts from pumpkins to the garden: funny little men

- pumpkins of different sizes (preferably white)

- PVA glue (preferably superglue) or a hot glue gun

- various accessories (glasses, hats, wigs)

- artificial flowers and other decorations (optional).

1. From felt, cut out bows, mustaches and other details that your little men may need.

2. Bows and mustaches can then be glued to the pumpkin.

3. You can use old glasses or make glasses from felt or cardboard and also stick them.

4. Add a hat, flowers and other accessories.

Crafts from pumpkin to kindergarten: owl

- superglue or hot glue.

1. From the felt, cut out the necessary details (eyes, feathers, beak, ears and wings).

2. Using glue, gently glue all cut parts. Start with the “feathers” of different colors: glue the first row at the bottom of the pumpkin, then the second row (in a checkerboard pattern), and so on, until you cover the desired part of the pumpkin.

* Do not glue the whole pumpkin, just partially stick the feathers.

3. On top of the feathers, stick the eyes of an owl, ears and wings.

Crafts from a pumpkin (master class): decorating a pumpkin with wax crayons

- white or orange pumpkin

- scissors or knife

- PVA glue (thick)

1. Remove the crayons and cut them in half.

2. Use glue to glue the crayons (about 16 pieces of different colors) to the top of the pumpkin.

3. When the glue has dried, use a hair dryer to melt the crayons and so that the top of the pumpkin is covered with different bright colors. Do not turn on the hair dryer at full power, it is better to slowly and accurately melt the crayons.

Pumpkin Crafts for School: Emoticons

- a few small pumpkins

1. Cut the top of each pumpkin and remove the insides.

2. Using a felt-tip pen or pencil, draw a circle on one side of the pumpkin - this will be the head of the emoticon. It’s not necessary to make the circle perfect.

3. Inside the circle, draw any facial expression to make a funny emoticon.

4. Think about what parts you will cut. Some emoticons can have their eyes cut out, some have their mouths, and some have both.

5. When you have cut out the parts you need, paint the entire circle yellow. You will need to paint in several layers to make the color more saturated.

Leave the paint to dry. If you want the drying process to go faster, use a hairdryer.

6. You can add other colors, depending on the emoticon. You can draw a red heart, pink tongue and / or white eyes.

7. When the paint dries, circle all lines with a black marker.

Autumn pumpkin crafts

- autumn leaves (artificial or natural)

- floristic sponge (flower oasis)

- wire (preferably floristic) or scotch tape

- floristic sticks or skewers.

1. Cut the pumpkin in half and remove the entrails.

2. Cut the floristic sponge so that it fits into the pumpkin.

3. Using a wire or scotch tape, glue several leaves into a bundle to make a lush branch.

4. Insert the branch into the sponge.

5. Make a few more branches and insert them into the sponge to get a lush bouquet of leaves.

* If desired, you can attach cones, berries, twigs and other decorations.

Autumn crafts "Pumpkin Carriage"

- small pumpkins (for wheels) or wire or cardboard

- marker or pen

1. Cut the top of the pumpkin, remove the inside with a tablespoon and cut out the windows and door of the future carriage. Previously, you can use a marker to draw places where doors and windows will be.

* If desired, you can draw an ornament on a carriage and cut it out.

2. To make the carriage wheels you can use several materials:

Draw 4 circles of the same size on a thick cardboard sheet and cut them out. A marker can draw knitting needles. Cardboard wheels can also be painted.

In addition to pumpkins, you can use other hard vegetables and fruits. Such wheels look beautiful, but quickly deteriorate.

Making wheels made of wire is more difficult, but they are durable and will last a long time. After you have twisted the wheels from the wire, you can wrap it with foil for beauty.

3. To connect all 4 wheels use thick wire, skewers or straight branches. Make one hole in the center of each wheel and thread a skewer into it. Outside, you can fix the stick with plasticine, clay or put on a bead or nut so that the wheel does not fly off.

4. It's time to put the carriage on wheels. If there are several ways to do this:

BUT) Skewer the bottom of the carriage, and then insert the wheels.

B) Two pairs of wheels can be fastened with skewers or thick wire crosswise. It will turn out the basis on which you can put the carriage.

AT) As a basis for a carriage, you can use a base with a similar design from an old toy.

* If you want the pumpkin to last a long time and not dry inside, you can stuff it with a crumpled newspaper or paper towels.

A pumpkin full of newspaper can be dried at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.

* A pumpkin that has already dried can be dyed and decorate with beads, rhinestones or other elements.

* You can insert a small doll inside the carriage, which will play the role of a princess. Instead of a doll, you can put a small candle and light it - the carriage will glow beautifully in the dark.

Decor pumpkin without a knife

A pumpkin with geometric or floral patterns will create a positive mood on the eve of All Saints Day. Using stencils and your own artistic abilities, you can easily add variety to the festive interior.

Alisa Burke, Fastory, Plaid

Tip: Do not forget that after coloring the pumpkin becomes inedible.

Silver or gold colors will make the pumpkin a glamorous element of the festive interior. For painting, it will be most convenient to use aerosol cans.

Call it a Day, Megan Morris

Lace pumpkins are moderately gloomy, but surprisingly beautiful. Wrapping the fruit in a capron or gluing individual delicate patterns, you will turn Halloween into an elegant and feminine holiday.

Stylissim, Livingsweetliving

Rhinestones and marbles will look festive and mysterious on a pumpkin painted black.

Phunu, Huffingtonpost

Also do not forget about sequins, with their help you can also easily and quickly turn a banal vegetable into an art object.

Familyholiday, Paisagismo

In addition to stones, wire can become a material for decoration.

Good Housekeeping, The Magic Brushinc

The pumpkin stalk can be tied with a beautiful bow, and the fruit itself will be decorated with an inscription or a pattern of buttons. And from small pumpkins with bandages and stickers you can make a whole family.

Diva de Plantao, Memetales

Cut pumpkins

Pumpkin can be a great decoration. You can make a flower vase out of it or just cut out a pretty face.

Eileen Goodall, Cutedresss

Show your imagination and use old things to make the character of Halloween even more creepy.

The Fox 94.1, Dom in Vrt

There are many patterns for carving pumpkins, we can make your fruit unique by placing frightening rats in the holes.

Motley News and Photos, My Halloween ideas

A backlit pumpkin can delight not only children, but also real aesthetes. To do this, you will need interesting templates or your own imagination.

Dump a day, Nisagra Designs

Autumn leaves, simple flowers. Literally anything can inspire you to decorate pumpkins.

Home Display, Sovyatnik

Crafts in the form of pumpkins

Sew the pumpkin with your own hands, then the decor element will look according to your tastes and will last more than one season.

Ruchkodelki, Masters Fair

Even velvet can serve as material for pumpkins, and it will be convenient to make a stalk, for example, of felt.


Handy materials will come in handy. Wrap the ball with thread or connect metal plates together.

Designer MacGyver, Digsdigs

Decorate the pumpkin with fresh flowers, then a spring mood will appear on your holiday.

Crafts ’n Coffee, Noinetcafe

Paper or even a washcloth: everything can become material for creating crafts in the shape of a pumpkin.

Sand and Sisal, Etsy

Do not forget that the festive table can also convey the atmosphere of the holiday. Use characteristic color products and little tricks to make every meal look like a Halloween.

Buvdevskaya, Eventoclick