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Internet for your iPad


iPad can be connected to the Internet both through a wireless Wi-Fi network and through a cellular data network. When connecting to the Internet via a wireless network, you will not be charged for the use of the Internet (unless the access point itself charges a connection fee). When using a cellular data network, you will be charged, but you can connect to it anywhere where there is a cellular network signal.

How to connect the Internet to iPad: two options

You can connect iPad to the Internet using one of two methods, which are:

  • Connection via Wi-Fi technology.
  • Use of 3G / 4G networks provided by operators.

The first method is more rational, since it is absolutely free and has a large radius of action. In addition, Wi-Fi networks are stable, which almost completely eliminates the possibility of disconnecting the device from the Internet at the most inopportune moment (for example, when watching a streaming video or while downloading a file). Today, Wi-Fi access points are used not only at home, but also in various public institutions.

Wi-Fi connection to the Internet supports any iPad model. In order to use such Internet at home, you just need to purchase a Wi-Fi router and configure it properly, which can be done independently or with the help of a specialist provider.

In order for iPad to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you must:

  • go to the device’s settings and select “Wi-Fi”,
  • turn on wifi
  • choose your own from the list of attached networks (when setting up the network, it can be given any name, so finding it in the list offered by iPad is not difficult),
  • when choosing a network, the device will prompt you to enter a password, which is also set during the configuration of the router (although the password can not be set, it is recommended to do this for security reasons),

It remains only to enter the password correctly and check the network with a browser.
In order to connect the tablet to a new Wi-Fi network, for example, in a cafe or at a friend’s house, you need to do the above procedure again, and in order not to reconnect manually every time in a frequently visited place, you can save the password for connection. Thus, the device will independently connect to the Network when it falls within its radius of action. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time.
The iPad, connected to the Wi-Fi network, makes it possible to experience all the advantages of a modern tablet, make the device more functional, and also refuse to use a computer for solving insignificant tasks.

If the iPad is necessary for solving work or business tasks, for example, for navigation, communication with colleagues (it is used constantly and not permanently), then it is better to connect the device to the Internet using 3G / 4G technology. This will make it possible to use the Network wherever there is coverage for the selected mobile operator, and not only in the immediate vicinity of access points. Note that this method of connecting to the Internet is available only in those tablet models that have a 3G or 4G communication module.

To use the 3G / 4G network on the iPad, first of all, you need to purchase Micro-SIM, which is released by every mobile operator today, and insert it into the device. Before purchasing a SIM card, it is recommended that you select the most suitable tariff in order to be able to use all the advantages of the Internet at the best price. If the Internet will be used constantly, then the best solution would be an unlimited offer. Connecting your gadget to a 3G or 4G mobile network is easy. To do this, just go to the device’s settings, select “Cellular data” and turn on the settings section of the same name. After that, the operator’s inscription and signal indicator will appear in the upper left corner of the tablet. It remains only to check the connection using a browser.

In some cases, in order to connect the gadget to a mobile Internet network, you will have to do additional configuration. You can get the necessary data in the service center of any operator or on its website.

Using a local operator’s SIM card

When registering a cellular tariff plan in the cabin of a local operator, the SIM card will be activated. Just open the SIM card tray and install the operator card.

If you cannot connect to the cellular data network, go to Settings> Cellular Data and make sure that cellular communication is turned on.

Register a tariff plan on iPad

You can register a tariff plan of a partner operator from any country in the world.

  1. For the first time registering a tariff plan on the iPad, go to Settings> Cellular Data> Configure Cellular Data. When registering another tariff plan on the iPad, go to Settings> Cellular Data> Add New Tariff.
  2. Select an operator. If the desired operator does not appear, contact him to get a SIM card or eSIM card. * If you need help, find out what to do.
  3. Select a plan and create an account or add your iPad to an existing plan.
  4. Click the Confirm button.

The plan should be activated within a few minutes.

Residents of some countries and regions will not be able to subscribe to local cellular tariff plans. You can obtain additional information from your operator.

* IPad eSIM cards are not available in mainland China.

QR code scanning

  1. Go to Settings> Cellular Data.
  2. Click Add Cellular Rate.
  3. Use the iPad to scan the QR code provided by your carrier.

If you are prompted to enter a confirmation code to activate your eSIM card, enter the number provided by your carrier.

Tariff Plan Change

To change the tariff plan or check its status, go to Settings> Cellular Data. If the mobile operator’s tariff plan was registered by the operator, you may need to contact him directly to change the plan.

On the iPad, you can use several tariff plans, registering them with several operators using the device, adding various tariff plans for the eSIM card and inserting the SIM card into the nano-SIM card tray. To switch from one existing tariff plan to another, go to Settings> Cellular Data and select the option you want in the Cellular Tariffs section.

Deactivation of the tariff plan

For a tariff plan, prepayment or postpay may apply. To deactivate a prepaid tariff plan for which no contracts are concluded, do not renew it at the end of the month.

Postpaid plans are renewed monthly. To deactivate a post-paid plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Cellular Data.
  2. Click the operator’s name and select opt ​​out of plan renewal.

If a message appears stating that the type of account is not supported, or if the “View” button is missing if the operator has a SIM card, contact the operator and ask him to deactivate your account.

Transfer plan between iPad devices

If you have a SIM card for your plan, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off both devices: press and hold the Sleep / Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide it.
  2. Open the SIM card tray on your old iPad using the tool to remove the SIM card that came with the iPad.
  3. Open the SIM card tray on the new iPad. If there is a SIM card in the SIM card tray, remove it.
  4. Insert the SIM card from the old iPad into the new SIM card tray.
  5. Insert the tray all the way and in the same direction as before removing it (it is inserted in only one position).
  6. Turn on both devices.

Activation may take several minutes. If you need help transferring the plan or you are the owner of a corporate or post-paid account, you may need to contact your operator *.

If you’re using an eSIM card or an integrated Apple SIM card for your plan, follow these steps:

  1. On the new iPad, go to Settings> Cellular Data> Configure Cellular Data.
  2. If there is a “Transfer” button next to the name of the operator you need, click it. Then follow the instructions for migrating your plan. Activation may take several minutes.

If the “Transfer” button is missing or you cannot transfer the tariff plan, you may need to contact the operator *.

* All policies of your mobile operator apply to the iPad, including possible restrictions on transferring your data plan. Contact your operator for more information. If you do not know which operator you need to contact, go to Settings> Operator on the iPad or remove the SIM card. It should indicate the name of the mobile operator or its logo.