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HootSuite: twitter boss and facebook commander


Dear readers of the blog!

If you have several accounts on social networks, and you like to sit on these networks, write posts or tweets, look for news, watch the activity of your friends, then for you there is a great way to do all this in one place, on one web page of a special service. It is called Hootsuite (translated something like “Wow-set”) and is actually a web application.

By opening the HootSuite website, you can immediately see what it is and what it is main functions.

Here you can register in two accounts by entering your email, name and selecting a password. In this case, you will be asked to select tariff planbut no one forbids you to choose and completely free account. If you want to expand the functionality of the application, you can choose paid options.

It seems to me personally that $ 9 a month is a little expensive, and I have enough free features for my eyes. Immediately you get access to 7 social networks (their icons are circled by an ellipse in the first screenshot just above). But with the help of numerous extensions you can additionally access several more, for example, YouTube or even In contact with.

It should be noted that there are also mobile apps foriOS andAndroid.

After registration, you log in to your social networks accounts (including several accounts on the same network) and get in the tabs a complete picture of your activity and your friends and the ability to not only read posts and tweets, but also reply to them, create new ones, search, etc. Here is an example of an application running on one of my networks - Twitter.

And you can send one message immediately in parallel to several networks of your choice. You can make scheduled messages and pending messages.

Moreover, you can also arrange cross-sharing news fromRSS feeds to various social networks. As you can see, the capabilities of the service are quite large.

I recommend trying HootSuite in business and making sure of its merits.

See also video clip About this application:

And yet, already from the category of hohmochek. If you do not use the application for a long time, then the HootSuite symbol is a cute owl Owly from children's comics - falls asleep and has to be woken up. :))

Good luck, see you on the pages of my site.

Working with HootSuite

Getting started with HootSuite is not unlike many other services. Sufficient quick and easy registration. You can enter through social networks, which greatly simplifies the whole process.

And then the more unique setup work begins. First of all, we catch the so-called "flows". Stream (Stream) is a certain source of information, in our case it will be social networks, which HootSuite will keep for us in a separate tab and vigilantly monitor changes in it. The free tariff of the service connect up to five accounts of various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, MySpace, foursquare, etc.) and create any number of streams for them. Paid tariffs allows you to connect more than 5 social network accounts.

By default, the tab for each stream looks different (depending on the features of the social network itself), but you can get a general idea from the picture below of my Facebook stream.

On the left is the window of those I “read” (latest news), in the center is what my “readers” see, on the right, as I understand it, the selection from my news channels of only messages with photos. Since everyone I read is pasting photos into messages, the left and right flanks of the stream turned out to be almost the same. The slider in the upper right corner of the screen allows you to quickly adjust the number of columns in the stream.

You can add new threads to track the mentions of your product on social networks. For example, you can set a keyword phrase for Twitter. The stream will display all references to your product (brand) in this social network in real time. This allows you to timely respond to consumer reviews. This way you can set a few key phrases and monitor how consumers respond about your product online.

There is a convenient author card that occurs when you click on an avatar. It contains information about the profile of the author of the message, which is provided by the social network.

The service is quite popular among companies and users who have accounts in most networks. Forty of the hundred most advanced companies use this service to manage their social leverage. For paid users, the service provides many tools that help plan the publication of information in social media flows (by date, time, etc.), receive reports on attendance, readability, and other characteristics (access to Google Analytics). What options for managing their accounts on social networks provided by the HootSuite service can free users use?

First of all, these are two RSS feeds that can be automatically forced to be published on our twitter or facebook. This is configured in the properties of the HootSuite account.

In the account settings, you can choose the interface language, but the “smart owl” reports that the Russian interface is not completely ready. In a single source (somewhere on twitter) I came across a message that the service interface has been translated by 20%. It is important that people work!

Free of charge is Message Sheduling, a service that allows you to program the sending of messages in social networks at a specific time and date.

Also promised “quick reports” for free. Indeed, some reports in HootSuite are free, but most of the truly valuable information is provided for money.

The developers of the HootSuite service did everything so that the “smart owl” made it as easy as possible for us to send tweets and other short messages to social networks. On the extensions page you will be offered a number of extensions and tools for various browsers. In the extension for Google Chrome in the corner there is a button with an owl, clicking on which, we immediately send a link to the page you are viewing to the selected social network. In this tweet comes out pretty funny. Even the picture in the message is selected from the content of the page being viewed.

The HootSuite service also allows you to use applications that are developed by various photo storage services and other services.


If you have more than two social network accounts, you already understand the meaning of combining managing them in one place. It may also be useful to be able to broadcast your RSS feeds in social networks. network and message posting planning.

Of course, you can’t feel all the power of HootSuite on a free account, but everyone does not need such power.

I recommend trying this service in work.

1. How to create an account

Before you start using Hootsuite, you need to create an account (account). Head to and click on the “Sign up” link. You can register through your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ accounts or you can use an e-mail and password.

If you prefer to use one of your social network profiles, you will be shown an authorization window for this particular network. Click on Authorize and then Hootsuite will give you the opportunity to add additional profiles. With a free tariff, you can add only three accounts, while with a paid tariff you can add up to 10 accounts in social networks.

For this walkthrough, I selected my Twitter account. After logging in to Twitter, he will ask you to enter your email address and password and give you the opportunity to add more of your profiles or go directly to the toolbar.

If you decide to skip this step, Hootsuite will present you with an empty toolbar and Wise Guide, which will show you how to connect your accounts, control your networks or explore them yourself.

Wise Guide at Hootsuite.

Since we will guide you through this process, you can safely click on I’ll explore on my own. The Wise Guide Assistant will clear away by showing you links to short tutorials that you can contact at any time.

2. Connect your profiles in social networks

Connecting social media profiles to Hootsuite is pretty straightforward. All settings for Hootsuite are located in the small sidebar menu on the left. By clicking on your profile picture, you will be taken to a page where you can add your profiles on social networks. Just click on the blue button and specify the profile you want to add.

Easy connection of social media profiles.

As you can see from the screenshot below, you can connect Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and WordPress accounts.

Hootsuite works with all popular social networks.

Facebook lets you choose between pages, groups or personal profiles. Keep in mind that you can only add pages and groups in which you have the administrator role, or you personally own that account. Similarly, Google+ and LinkedIn can only import your personal profile, pages, and companies.

With LinkedIn and Google+, you can import profiles, pages and companies.

No matter which network you choose, the process is relatively the same: you will be prompted to enter the network and click Authorize Hootsuite to access your profile. Just repeat this process for all the accounts you want to manage through Hootsuite.

3. How to configure the settings

Before considering other options, let's quickly look at the settings. Clicking on the gear on the side panel will direct you to the settings page, where you can set up your profile, enter your email address and company information.

You can also manage billing and set up two-factor authentication to make your account more secure. Other options allow you to specify your RSS feeds, select the desired URL shortening service, manage notifications, and choose the time during which your status updates should appear if you select the automatic scheduling feature. Go ahead and adjust the settings as you like.

4. Sending and scheduling multiple messages

Now that you have connected all your profiles and set up your account, let's look at how to use Hootsuite to send and schedule your social messages. To send your first message using Hootsuite, simply click on the bar at the top. You will see that she has two parts.

The first part controls which account the message will be sent from, and the second part is where you can enter your message, download images, add links and set the publication time.

You have many options for scheduling messages in Hootsuite.

The best thing about this is the ability to enter your links in the URL field, which will automatically shorten them. So a link like this:

You can also specify your location and set privacy settings for your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles.

As soon as you finish composing your message, you have two options.

  1. You can immediately send it to all or several profiles.
  2. Or you can schedule it to exit at a specified time.

The date and time can be set manually or you can enable auto-scheduling. This will open the settings screen, in which you can select the number of messages to exit on certain hours or certain days of the week.

AutoSchedule helps you automate the message distribution process a bit.

The same field will show you the number of valid characters for each social network.

5. How to configure streams

One of the best features of Hootsuite is the ability to configure almost any thread so that you stay up to date with all the things that are most important to you. To configure the stream, just click chat icon on the panel. Click Add your first tab, to add your first tab, and then select the social network account that you want to track. As part of the training, for this lesson, as the first tab, I chose Twitter.

You can customize the contents of the stream by customizing the first tab.

Adding different types of streams

As you can see, you can add threads for mentions, posts, retweets, subscribers, lists, and more. Selecting one of these will instantly add a stream to your tab. To make it easier to distinguish tabs from each other, you can double-click on New on the panel and you can rename it.

Setting up your threads

The most powerful option is finding a stream, with which you can tailor the stream to your needs. Using this option, you can track tweets containing the name of your business, your URL, a special hashtag, or even individual users. This is especially useful if you want to find an approach to influential people in your industry or to keep abreast of your competitors.

Work with multiple tabs

You can add as many threads as you like, but keep in mind that adding more than three threads to a tab will cause the scroll bar to appear at the bottom of the window and you will have to scroll left and right to catch it. However, you can add many tabs so that you can create a tab for each social network or, for example, create a tab to track a particular set of hashtags or lists on Twitter.

Order updates to team members

It is worth mentioning that if you are working with a team or your social network account is part of a team, you can assign updates to both other users and members of our team. This can come in handy when you notice a topic that you want to discuss on your blog, in your news feed, or you want to create a set of your own social media updates for that topic.

If we are talking about teams, then remember that this function is available only on a paid tariff, tariffs start from five people per team. However, you can still charge updates to yourself or as a reminder.

Now, when we covered the basics, let's look at some of the more advanced features of Hootsuite.

1. Analytics and reports

The analytics feature can be accessed by clicking on Analytics in the sidebar.

Analytics is a special feature of Hootsuite.

Here you can create several reports using one of their templates or you can customize the report yourself, including only characteristics that are interesting to you. Free available: basic Twitter profile overview, Facebook page overview or click summary ( their link shortening service).

More detailed reports require the purchase of “points” to run them. Upgrade to tariff Pro will give you access to one of the extended reports “for free”.

Although advanced and customizable reports are only available for a fee, basic reports are quite useful for monitoring the overall impact of your messages on social networks.

To create a report, simply select the type of report that you need, enter the name of the owner (in most cases it will be you) and click Generate report. Once the report is generated, you can see the growth of your subscribers and popular links for this particular account.

2. Content Tips

Getting great content to distribute can be a little tricky. Hootsuite has a convenient function that allows you to enter up to three keywords related to your industry and based on these keywords, Hootsuite will get content from the Internet.

Then you can choose which links you want to plan and your feed will automatically fill in the selected social network accounts at the time that you specified in your settings.

You can also add an RSS feed to your blog so that every time you post a new post, it is automatically added to the scheduled queue.

3. Application Catalog

Another notable feature is the App Directory, which allows you to add various applications to your Hootsuite toolbar. Some applications are free, and some are paid. Among the various options, you can add integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, JIRA service desk, Pocket, Storify, DailyMotion, Gmail, SoundCloud and others.

This feature is especially useful if you want easy access to photos for updates on social networks, track your mail or questions from customers, share your campaigns in MailChimp and much more.

Essentially, this allows you to stay updated on important tasks throughout the day, without having to switch between multiple browser tabs.

4. Hootsuite applications

Last but not least, let's move on to other Hootsuite apps. Hootsuite is accessible through a browser, but there is also a mobile application, so you will stay updated on all things, even on the go. Applications are available for two platforms - Android and iOS and are distributed free of charge on their sites.

Hootsuite also offers browser extensions that allow you to share content while you surf the internet. If you use the Pro tariff, you can even add RSS feeds of your favorite blogs by clicking on their RSS icon, so new content will be sent from them to pre-selected accounts. Вы также можете настроить для них новую вкладку, без указания профиля, если вы просто желаете оставаться в курсе их материалов и вручную их распланировать.

Hootsuite прост в использовании и оснащён мощным функционалом

Hootsuite предлагает мощный набор инструментов, облегчающих вам исследование в соц.медиа. Это один из трех лучших претендентов, когда дело доходит до управления социальными сетями и позволяет вам адаптировать рабочий процесс в социальных сетях под ваши потребности.

Теперь, когда вы знаете, как использовать Hootsuite, учитывая, что он предлагает бесплатный тариф для начинающих, мы рекомендуем вам попробовать его, если вы хотите управлять не только своим аккаунтом Twitter.

If you need more options or tutorials on how to run social media marketing for your small business, then go to our large and comprehensive social media beginners guide.