Useful Tips

How to use cheats in Minecraft


If upon entering the code you receive a message:
You do not have permission to use this command.
Or in Russian: You do not have permission to use this command.
- cheats are disabled in your world, here is a very detailed article on how to enable cheats in the world of minecraft. (with video)

All given cheat codes work in single player and on primitive servers.
These commands work on non-configured servers, in the network game mode with friends, on most large servers these commands can only be used by admins or moderators.

To enter a command open chat - key T

  • / gamemode survival or creative or adventure - allows you to turn on another game mode, survival - Survival, creative - Creative, adventure - adventure.
    In creative mode, you are immortal, you can fly, and in the inventory you have all the existing blocks.
  • / time set day - turn on the day
  • / time set night - turn on the night
  • / xp 100 - get 100 experience (the number can be changed).
  • / xp Player 100 - give the player 100 experience.
  • / weather set clear - turns off the rain snow.
  • / weather set rain - includes rain / snow.
  • / toggledownfal - switches the weather from one to another, from clear to rainy for example.
  • / tp [player nickname 1] [player nickname 2] - allows you to teleport player 1 to player 2
  • / tp [player] [x] [y] [z] - teleport the player at the coordinates x, y, z
  • / spawnpoint [player name] [x] [y] [z] - allows you to specify the spawn point of the player in the world, if the x, y, z coordinates are not specified, then the point where you are standing will become the point.
  • / setworldspawn - set the spawn point for all players
  • / effect [player name] [effect] [duration] [level] - allows you to impose a certain effect on the player.
    Example: / effect Anton 25 100 5 - imposes a levitation effect on player Anton for 100 seconds with a power of 5.

For any reservation:
0 - protection
1 - refractoriness
3 - explosion resistance
4 - protection against shells
7 - spikes
70 - fix
34 - strength
For boots:
2 - weightlessness
For helmet:
5 - underwater breathing
6 - submariner
7 - underwater walking
9 - ice tread

For weapons:
16 - sharpness (sword, ax)
17 - heavenly punishment (sword, ax)
18 - arthropod scourge (sword, ax)
19 - recoil (sword)
20 - conspiracy of fire (sword)
21 - prey (sword)
22 - Blade (sword)
34 - strength
48 - power (bow)
49 - reclining (bow)
50 - burning arrow (bow)
51 - infinity (bow)


32 - efficiency
33 - silk touch
34 - strength
35 - good luck
61 - Lucky Fisherman
62 - bait


By including NoSeeEffects in the cheat, you will be protected from all kinds of poisoning and effects in Minecraft, with this function you will not be afraid of various poisoning potions, spider bites and everything that has a negative effect

By the name, it’s clear that AutoFish is automatic fishing, a cool thing, when the Minecraft server has a tough survival, you can quickly replenish your food supply so as not to get damage from hunger

ChestESP is something like XRay, it shows all the chests in the area of ​​visibility, often noobs do not know how to lock a house in Minecraft and hide the chests underground, with ChestESP you will always know the location of their chests


Exploring hell in Minecraft, everyone knows walking in the sand of souls is a slowdown, but with NoSlowDown nothing like this will happen, you can eat, drink, walk and even run in the sand of souls without any slowdowns

Many Minecraft players are annoyed by the rain, which causes game lags, the NoWeather cheat function turns off rain and snow on the launcher side and does not affect the operation of the Minecraft server, which means it is not prohibited

The PlayerESP cheat function shows all players on the map, they will not be able to hide from you, neither in the mines, nor at home, nor under water, you will always know where they are

Tracers is the same as PlayerESP, but it only detects the players closest to you

NameTags, will show you all the nicknames of players that will be visible from far away, thanks to it you will be aware of the location of your enemies and friends

XRay is the most popular cheat in Minecraft, there is no player who does not know him and yet: XRay is a kind of X-ray that shines through the map, using it you can find deposits of diamonds in the mine, coal, iron, gold, etc., in general, all available ores, finds resources from any mod perfectly, turning on XRay the whole underground world will be at a glance. Cheat XRay can be downloaded as a separate mod

Fly - flight

Fly is popular in Minecraft no less than Aimbot, with the Fly cheat enabled, you can fly all over the map, build tall houses and castles, and of course have an advantage in PVP, just don't get caught by admins, because a flying player is an obvious fawn. By the way, there is always a Donat Fly on the servers and it costs a mere penny, so it's up to you to read, cheat or donate


Inveterate PVPshniks in Minecraft will definitely appreciate this cheat, as is known with PVP on the server, when you strike a powerful blow with an enchanted sword at the enemy, both of you are thrown away, and turning on the AntiKnockBack cheat will only drop it, because it reduces the return to PVP

Turn on the AutoBlock cheat and become virtually not vulnerable. AutoBlock is an automatic defense, i.e. when you are hit with a sword, they fall into the block

LeftClick is an auxiliary cheat function, when you click on the LMB [left mouse click], a double, triple click is triggered, which means you dig three times faster, cut a tree or deliver quick hits to the head of a noob.

KillAura - Killaura for Minecraft

Killaura cheat for Minecraft is the most famous and popular cheat among cheaters on minecraft servers. You can defeat the enemy with killaura only having a similar weapon and a cheat. For those who are still unfamiliar with the Killaura cheat I explain
- Cheat KillAura automatically strikes the enemy when he is in range. Do you want to win in the PVP, you need to download Killauru for Minecraft, although I am a supporter of a fair fight, but it will not work otherwise

The AuraWalls cheat is insidious that its owner can strike an unsuspecting victim through the wall, in combination with the PlayerESP cheat, becomes a formidable weapon that will get any noob in his house


There are times when you dig in a mine with such enthusiasm that you didn’t even notice that someone got to you from the back and started hitting, you start to spin in a panic, but you can’t see how evil you can see it by turning on the ClickAimbot cheat in the hole, he will instantly turn you face to the player who hit you

When with PVP you have very little HP left, the Criticals cheat will deliver a powerful blow to the enemy, knocking it on the spot


Turning on and setting the AutoSoup cheat correctly will not let you die if you fall from a height, lose in PVP combat, you are attacked by a mob, etc., the Minecraft AutoSoup cheat function will immediately take out the golden enchanted apple and lower it, and you will eat it, everything happens in auto mode, in the cheat, instead of an apple, you can configure any potion, for example, a health potion


Using the Killaura cheat, do not forget to turn on the NoInvisibleAura cheat as well, its function is that KillAura will not strike invisibles, it will save you from the ban if the administrator is watching you, and even the noobs, after drinking invisibility potions, will not knock admins that you beat them without seeing

Keep the AutoSword cheat-free cheat always on, the first time you hit AutoSword it will automatically insert the sword into your hand, and when combined with the ClickAimbot cheat, you will react in time and kill the enemy

Cheat BowAimbot aimbot for onions in Minecraft, find the target, take the bow in your hand and use the BowAimbot precision auto-lay down the noob

FastBow cheat Minecraft for fast archery and the best addition to BowAimbot, just imagine what you can do on the server!


ArrowBlock cheat that protects you from arrows, of course it does not work 100% auto protection against arrows 50/50 is provided to you

Cheat MobAura is the same as KillAura only for mobs, with the MobAura cheat turned on, you need to go to hell and wet the pigs with mobs in crowds, gaining experience points

NoHurtCam will turn off camera shake, which causes many Minecraft players to feel dizzy

The AntiFire cheat will protect you from any type of fire, plus the AntiFire cheat is that visually you will burn, only there will be no damage from it, AntiFire is an excellent fire protection

Regen will restore your HP health if it drops to a critical point almost instantly

QuakeAura cheat is AimBot for Quake mini-game in Minecraft, urine everyone and win

The EnemyAura cheat will not allow Cheat Killaura to hit the players from your team, EnemyAura cheat for Minecraft mini-games such as Bed Wars - Bedwars, TeamFortess2, TDM, etc.

Options for solving the problem:

There are several options to solve this problem:

  1. We can open the world to the web, thereby allowing yourself to execute many commands. This option is the simplest, and if you need to urgently do this, you can safely perform this step! The disadvantage of this method is that it will not be possible to open the world for the network on all versions of the game, then you will have to download the world in the new version of minecraft.
  2. Edit World Files. For this method, you will need a special program called NBTExplorer. It will allow us to change the files of the world. This step will take you more time, unlike the first, but it will provide you with a ready-made world with cheats on, which you can use wherever you want.
  3. The third option is installing the mod in the game client, which is the most difficult option, and possibly impossible, if you have never installed mods in minecraft and hardly understand what it is. But still it takes place, and it is called JEI or TMI. These mods work almost the same, but they give you far from a full range of commands, but they have a convenient interface.

1 - Opening the world to the network

  1. Go to the pause menu (ESC button) and press the "open for network" button
  2. Click on the button to use cheats (so that it is On, not Off), Apply.
  3. The chat displays information that the local server has been started successfully. Trying to switch the mode, great! The problem is solved!

2 - Editing the world

  1. We will close minecraft in order to free the world and prevent overwriting in the process of manipulating it.
  2. Download NBTExplorer to work with the internal files of the world. Download here (portable, does not require installation) or Download the installation option (installation is needed). If the links don't work, check out the project page on GitHub.
  3. Unzip / install the program in any convenient folder, you can even on the desktop to quickly remove it later, then finally run the program (NBTExplorer.exe).
  4. Click on the second (left) icon, "Open Folder", and then select the map with our saved worlds, that is, the "saves" folder, which is located in the game folder.
  5. Further, after successfully selecting the folder with maps, we see a list of loaded worlds and determine the world we need. I have three of them, and I have already discovered the right world (it is the last in the list).
  6. With the next step, we open the directories as shown in the screenshot and delve into the hierarchy. Follow in

Our world> level.dat> Data

and dwell on the allowCommands item, with the value 0 (now highlighted).

  • Click on the parameter with the left button two times, in the field that opens, enter "1" instead of "0", click Ok.
  • We see that the parameter has changed, so we save our changes. Press the floppy disk (the third item on the left) or the Ctrl + S button.
  • We turn on the game and go into the right world. Trying to enter a command. The method is working, the result suits us!
  • 3 - Installation of modifications for switching mode

    To control the game mode, weather, time, interaction between objects and the like, I recommend using modifications: JEI, TMI, NEI. All of them are similar in functionality and in appearance, so you can choose one of them.


    For miners and cheaters Minecraft, a special InstantMine cheat was created, with it you can quickly break blocks in the mine, extracting resources or break someone’s house if it’s not privatized, but in order not to break your house with or without InstantMine cheat know How to lock a house in Minecraft, knowing how to privatize, your house will always be safe and sound